The Best CBD Oil For Skin Inflammation & Pain In 2020

Before we get into how CBD can help your inflammation, we first need to understand why inflammation occurs in the first place. According to webmd, inflammation occurs when white blood cells are released into the affected areas, tissues, or blood as a defense mechanism against foreign substances. This process, in which there is increased blood flowing to that area of the injury or infection results in a redness, and warmth. Thereby becoming inflamed.

On the other hand, CBD oil and other CBD products have been growing popularity in helping many symptoms including fibromyalgia, nerve pain, and of course in related to this article, inflammation and inflammatory issues. There is evidence that gives reasoning for why this occurs, but there is a lot that is still in the dark and unknown.

The Quick CBD backstory:

What is known, is that CBD works with our CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brain, as well as other neuroreceptors, our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and our Central Nervous System (CNS).

The Endocannabinoid System is a fairly new discovery, being found in the 1990s, but studies have shown that the Endocannabinoid System is a connecting mechanism of homeostasis throughout our entire body and other systems. This is why CBD has been found to help so many different functions. Including severe anxiety, pains, sleep insomnia, and 26 other CBD oil benefits.

how to use CBD for skin bruises and inflammation

What do CBD studies say for inflammation relief?

Although human studies on inflammation and CBD inflammation relief have been limited, there are a few documents that give introductory information on the possibilities of CBD to help inflamed parts of the body. We fully expect there to be more information within the coming years, that will be added factual evidence on top of these current studies. There are two points of studies within CBD for inflammation. One is how CBD oils and other products help the redness and inflammation itself, then the second is how CBD helps the feeling of pain through our brain and receptors.

The first study from 2015 for redness and inflammation analyzes rats that had inflammation and inflammatory pain, that were given an oral treatment of 20mg of CBD daily, for around 7-14 after receiving the pain and inflammation. This study found that CBD oil did in fact reduce the pain response and sensitivity to heat and physical stimulus. Including touch.

Thereby decreasing the rats overall pain threshold, and the inflammation itself decreased. This means that the CBD oil appears to inhibit or stop the pain, and gives therapeutic neuropathic benefits to inflammatory pain.

A more recent, second study from 2017 that studied CBD for the feeling of pain coming from inflammation. OsteoArthritis (OA), but also inflammation as a secondary byproduct of helping OA.

This study involves male rats that were injected with OsteoArthritis (OA), finding that the CBD helped decrease the neuropathic pain associated with the inflammation. The reason that was suggest was because CBD, either administered through oral drops or other routes, are a neuroprotective agent against the pain caused by inflammation. As in, it prevents us from feeling the pain, due to its connection with our Endocannabinoid System and sensory neurons.

How to use CBD creams oils salves for pain and fibromyalgia

What are the best CBD products for inflammation?

This begs the question about which CBD products would be best for inflammation. This lends to two different products, because of the two different functions needed to help inflammation. We’ll break this down below:

Best CBD product for the skin and body inflammation and pain

1. CBD Lotions:

CBD Lotions are a type of topical that is meant to be rubbed in more general or broad areas. They come in either medium sized containers, or an “air pump” push down container. The lotion is not as thick as CBD Creams and Salves, and therefore can be spread out over a larger service area. Additionally, lotions can be characterized as having less overall CBD amount per container than other CBD topicals. Therefore, Cannabidiol lotions would not be very effective for intense or severe inflammation, redness, or pain.

CBD Lotions are best for:

  • This makes topical CBD lotions great for general redness and inflammation.
  • For larger and very broad areas of pain, discomfort or inflammation.
  • Sore or twisted ankles
  • Large bruises
  • Minor shoulder
  • Minor Joint problems/injuries/arthritis
  • Minor skin pain or inflammation

CBD Lotions are not good for: On the other hand, there are many things CBD lotions are not good for. This is due to their lack of CBD concentration, and how thin the lotion is.

  • CBD lotions are not great for targeting specific areas of pain or discomfort
  • Deep tissues injuries or pain
  • Small points of inflammation
  • Small and intense bruises
  • Neck stiffness

How to take CBD Lotions: Since CBD Lotions are for general areas, you would rub the lotion on your body 2-3 times a day, or every 3-4 hours. The increased number of times is due to the lack of a high CBD concentration.

How to use cbd creams for skin pain and inflammation

2. CBD Creams:

CBD Creams are a great standard for CBD aid for inflamed skin. Ingredients in the creams such as white willow bark amongst others specifically target areas of inflammation to help relieve it.

CBD Creams are best for:

  • General extremity and body pains
  • Muscle soreness and muscle recovery (Shoulders, legs, glutes arms)
  • Back and spinal pains
  • More deep issue pains
  • Moderate skin inflammation and pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Gym and fitness soreness
  • Moderate Arthritis

CBD Creams are not good for:

  • Small and intense bruises
  • Major/Severe pains and skin inflammation
  • Broken bones or major injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Spinal or major back pains

How to take CBD Creams: CBD creams are a great middle of the ground topical option. As it is thin enough to spread to a more broad area of your body, but also concentrated enough to target general areas. For optimal pain and inflammation relief, rub the Cannabidiol Cream no needed areas at least twice a day, or every 4-6 hours.

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3. CBD Salves:

CBD Salves are the highest concentrated, and “thickest” CBD topical available today. They are usually smaller than creams, and come in containers. Cannabidiol Salves also have many more ingredients compared to the lotions and creams. Ingredients such as peppermint, aloe, as well as beeswax is a common ingredient to salves. All of these natural ingredients and herbs all compound to give you the most effective components for CBD relief.

CBD Salves are best for:

  • Intense pains and injuries
  • Severe skin inflammation, redness and irritation
  • Deep tissue soreness and fibromyalgia
  • Deep and small bruises
  • Severe Arthritis

CBD Salves are not good for:

  • Anything minor or not intensive
  • Broad and general areas of pain

How to take CBD Salves: Since CBD Salves are more concentrated and are more intensive. Therefore, we suggest taking them consistently for maximum relief of your symptoms. Each person is different, but we suggest using a salve every 6 hours. Especially before bed.

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