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Best Delta 8 THC For Pain

Many of us find that our bodies become more prone to chronic pain as we get older, which can be enormously disruptive to our daily lives to say the least.  Nowadays, a lot of people are turning to the hemp plant in an effort to seek relief in a natural and holistic way.  Most of us are familiar with the properties of cannabidiol (CBD), but there is another hemp-derived compound on the market that’s also showing enormous promise.

Delta 8 THC is quickly becoming a go-to for pain relief among hemp enthusiasts.  And, as you’ll see, delta 8 is a compound that’s quite unique from others that exist in hemp and there are now plenty of the best delta 8 THC products out there that have particular capability to offer some level of relief from all kinds of pain.

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Can Delta 8 THC Offer Pain Relief?

To properly answer that question, we need to understand what delta 8 is, and how it works in the body.  Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid from the hemp plant, and the delta 8 products that are on the market contain a concentrated extract of the compound.  As a cannabinoid, delta 8 has the fascinating ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body to trigger the regulation of specific bodily processes.

While cannabidiol divides itself between CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors in the body, delta 8 fixates solely on the former.  This is particularly important because CB1 receptors are located in the nervous system and brain, where our pain receptors and pain signals exist.  CB2 receptors pertain more to functions of digestion and immunity.  By sticking to CB1 receptors, delta-8 may offer more pronounced effects on pain specifically.

On top of that, delta 8 is a psychoactive compound, although its intoxicating properties are notably milder than those of delta 9 THC, the major cannabinoid in the marijuana plant.  But, its psychoactive properties, although temporary, may serve as a means for providing noticeable relief while active.

Delta 8 THC is so new to the hemp scene that the research on its effects are currently quite limited.  However, the studies that have taken place so far, while few and far between, show a strong delta-8 potential benefits for pain relief.

One particularly crucial study noted that the cannabinoid offers both analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity that can be quite useful to those dealing with various forms of pain, and again this has to do with the compound’s unique behavior as a cannabinoid that interacts directly with the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

Delta 8 THC For Pain Dosage Chart & Guide

  1. Minor Pain Delta 8 THC dosing (low tolerance): 5mg-15mg per use
  2. Intermediate Pain Delta 8 THC dosing (medium tolerance): 15mg-50mg per use
  3. High Pain Delta 8 THC dosing (high tolerance): 50mg-100mg+ per use

For Delta 8 and Pain and minor pains, you likely need a medium dose of Delta-8 on the spectrum. We always suggest starting small and increasing slowly until you feel the relief you need. For most, a medium amount or dose does the trick to get for pain or intermediate body pains. Even still, you may need higher Delta 8 THC dosing for high chronic pain specific benefits. 

This applies to all types of Delta 8 THC products. Delta 8 THC is around 50-70% of the high regular Delta 9 THC will create, but it is not something to mess with. It will hit you if you take too much. However, for pain, a stronger dose is likely a better option to get the proper benefits. 

Best Delta 8 THC Brands For Pain

  1. Binoid CBD
  2. 3Chi
  3. CBD Pharm
  4. Koi
  5. Delta Effex

Above are the best Delta 8 THC brands for pain relief. These amazing Delta 8 THC brands create Delta-8 products tailored for pain with products such as gummiessoftgel capsules, tinctures, vape cartridgeswax dab concentrates and more! We will go over the best of each of the top three brands below.

This is based off of product quality, product potency, options available to users, as well as how clean their Delta 8 THC Distillate used in their products is. You cannot go wrong with any of these Delta 8 brands for body pain, however, there are specific products that would be best to use. 

The Best Delta 8 THC Products for Pain

Of course, not all delta 8 THC products on the market are created equally.  And, if your primary goal is pain relief, it’s important to choose only the best formulas from the most top-rated companies to ensure that you’re as likely to get the results that you’re looking for as possible. 

#4: Delta 8 Dabs – Blue Widow by CBD Pharm 

Dabs offer a highly concentrated form of delta 8 THC that’s extremely potent, and because of that, this product is likely more suitable for experienced users who have some level of a tolerance to the intoxicating properties of the compound.  CBD Pharm’s Blue Widow Delta 8 Dabs in offer a dab-ready concentrate in a strain particularly renowned for its potential pain-relieving properties. 

The hemp is completely organic, and the product is non-GMO, while the package provides you with a full gram of high-quality, lab-tested delta 8 THC wax.  Blue Widow is an indica that, aside from its potential pain-relieving properties, may enhance feelings of relaxation and inner calm.

#3: Delta 8 THC Tincture by Binoid

Binoid has released an ample variety of quality delta 8 products, and as a result has quickly risen to the top of the market.  If you’re looking for a form of relief that acts within an hour and provides effects for a generous chunk of the day, then tinctures are your friend. Binoid’s Delta 8 THC Tincture is one of the finest delta-8 tinctures that you can find. 

Absorbed through the sublingual tissue, it provides a highly bioavailable form of the compound that quickly interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and nervous system.  Available in high-strength concentrations, it’s a great product to have on hand if you’re dealing with pain.

#2: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge: OG Kush by 3Chi

3Chi is a leader in the delta 8 industry, and their vape cartridges are among the most sought-after for their exceptional quality and reliability.  Vaping delta 8 promotes fast-acting and potent effects, making cartridges great for on-demand relief.  Their OG Kush cart may offer the most relief in this area because that’s what the strain is known for.  OG Kush is a hybrid strain commonly prescribed to patients dealing with chronic pain.

The 3Chi Delta-8 OG Kush vape cartridge offers a full milliliter of distillate free of fillers, additives, and cutting agents.  Only supplying you with nothing but pure delta 8 extract carefully blended with expertly extracted terpenes that work together synergistically with the delta-8 to offer maximum bioavailability.  The cartridge is compatible with any standard low-wattage vape pen device.

#1: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Mango Kush by Binoid

Looking for a fast-acting, potent, clean, and consistent vaping product for pain relief?  Binoid’s Mango Kush Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge is one of the best options you will find.  Mango Kush is another strain noted for its potential effects on pain and is fast-becoming the most popular choice on the market today. 

This vape cartridge is completely clean in terms of its formula, containing no unwanted ingredients as it simply allows the delta 8 THC and terpene extracts to do all the work.  Mango Kush is an indica that not only has the potential to provide relief from pain but may also offer calming properties while boasting an absolutely delectable mango flavor.  Plus, the price just can’t be beat.

Where To Buy Delta 8 THC For Pain Online?

Online CBD & Delta 8 THC Stores

If you wish to give delta 8 THC products a try for chronic pain, body pain, or anything in between we suggest buying online at trusted Delta 8 and CBD stores such as Binoid CBD. They carry the best Delta 8 THC products and brands out there for pains for an amazing price. 

Because Delta 8 THC is legal in most states, you don’t need to leave the house in order to buy what you are looking for. We ship directly to your doorstep using discreet packaging. Many people buy delta 8 products built for improving pain relief on our online Delta 8 and CBD store, and for good reason. The prices are the best online, shipping is quick and easy, and we give great discounts on our delta 8 THC product lines. 

You also know you are getting the best Delta 8 brands, and not just the brands that offer the cheapest prices to the seller. The best Delta 8 THC brands for pain such as Binoid, Koi, Delta Effex3ChiHempire Direct, Urb and CBD Pharm can be purchased online. You also know the products are fresh because of how quickly we turn over our inventory. You won’t be stuck with old outdated products. 

Delta 8 THC may have unique properties for body and chronic pains. We recommend trying the three products above, as they all have what it takes to promote a successful experience.

Your Next Go-To Solution For Pain May Have Arrived With Delta 8 THC!

Delta 8 THC is still new to the scene, but already, many users are finding that it offers distinctive properties pertaining to pain.  If pain relief is your number one goal when using delta 8 THC, you will want to check out these exceptional products that thoughtfully maximize these noted delta 8 effects to promote as much relief as possible.

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