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10 Key Tips to Using CBD Oil For Anxiety

Cannabidiol has shown to work wonders for many people. One symptom with tons of anecdotal and new study information demonstrating CBD’s benefits for is Anxiety. Millions of people have already spoken out and affirmed their Anxiety relief using CBD, and newer studies have confirmed this information with the ability to affect and relax your Endocannabinoid system. The system that has a lot of sensory control over your body. By helping regulate this system, CBD has helped people relieve stress and anxiety, and become more relaxed. 

But many of you may be asking, well if CBD is helping so many people with Anxiety how do I do it too. Without further ado, here are 10 tips for using CBD to help your Anxiety. 

Prelude: Discuss with your doctor or physician before using any CBD products. 

1. The Precautions:

    DO NOT take CBD if you have have liver function issues or take medications for liver function without consulting your doctor and doing your own research. This is because CBD causes an inhibition or stopping of liver-helping medication, and in reverse promotes worsening liver function.  I would first read more on how CBD affects the liver, and other CBD side effects

    Also, do not take if your medications have a grapefruit warning. From our CBD side effects article, “CBD has been found to affect the same medications that have restrictions on grapefruit because it interacts with the same enzymes of the body that grapefruit does. According to Forbes, grapefruit and CBD both contain compounds that bind and basically neutralize enzymes in the gut (CYP450 enzymes), which help destroy and remove the drug from the body.

    Because the enzymes are restricted, the drug would enter the liver and flow at higher levels because it is not being removed from the body. This may make a low dosage of the drug to be a very high dosage. CBD is possibly even more dangerous, by binding to enzymes in the liver and gut. It can take a few days for normal enzyme function to return”.

    2. Use a CBD tincture: 

      This one seems obvious, but using a CBD oil or Water-Soluble CBD tincture provides the highest dosage and most effective amount of CBD. If you want real results taking CBD for your Anxiety, you should be taking one of these two products. CBD gummies are great to use for sleep before bedtime, but for anxiety you will likely need a product that packs a larger punch.

      CBD oil and Water-soluble will do the trick. The rest of these tips will be based on the assumption of using these two CBD products, CBD oil and Water-soluble CBD. 

      3. Use a higher dosage: 

        Now that you know what to take, it’s time to go over how much to take. Because anxiety is a little more intense than just “wellness” you should take a higher dosage of CBD. In terms of total MG, which is the current standard (this will change soon) you should buy 1000mg+ CBD oils, or 500mg+ Water Soluble CBD tinctures. This is because Water-Soluble is more effective for you and therefore need less to do the same results. 

        For a per-use MG dosage, you should use 33mg-50mg to start with normal CBD oil. Or use 17mg per for Water-soluble. For both options, this is one or two full droppers. As 1000mg divided by 30 droppers, is 33mg per dropper. We suggest starting at this dosage before increasing to a higher dosage CBD tincture, or taking more than one dropper. See how one CBD dropper feels for you anxiety, and adjust from there. 

        For more CBD tincture dosage click here.

        CBD oil dosage chart and sizing

        4. Use sublingually:

        The correct way to take CBD tinctures is to drop under your tongue, and hold for 40 seconds to 1 minute if it is CBD oil and 20 seconds if Water-Soluble. 

        By holding the CBD under your tongue, you allow the CBD to enter your body and blood stream in an efficient manner that does not allow the breaking down of the CBD that would occur from digestion. You would skip this process, and therefore preserve the beneficial parts of the extract. 

        For more information on how to take CBD, click here.

        5. Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD oil is most effective.

          Technically speaking, a CBD tincture that has additional cannabinoids on top of CBD would be more effective than Pure CBD (99+% CBD) oil. This is because all of the cannabinoids (components) of the hemp plant together in a Broad Spectrum (THC-less) and Full Spectrum hemp extract all help your anxiety together. CBN, CBG, and CBC, the three main cannabinoids other than CBD, all help different functions and feelings within your endocannabinoid system.

          One may help sleep, depression, pain etc… Meanwhile Pure CBD oil contains only CBD, and therefore does not help other symptoms. All evidence is preliminary on what each cannabinoid helps specifically, but studies show that they are more effective together. Therefore, for anxiety, it would be more effective to take either a Full Spectrum CBD product or Broad Spectrum. Most people do not know this yet, but evidence suggests this as true.

          6. Use often and consistently: 

          Do not expect same day results. Take CBD consistently, everyday for at least two weeks before re-assessing your anxiety and results. Taking CBD is much like going to the gym, if you use it once, you are not going to see results the next day. It may at least 1-2 weeks before you notice any results. Like anything, taking CBD products requires patience, discipline, and trial to get anxiety, pain or any symptom relief. Especially anxiety.

          7. Take CBD after an anxiety event:

            Studies have shown that taking CBD has given immense benefit right after an anxiety attack, nervous/anxious breakdown or anything of the sort. In our article about all of the benefits of CBD (there are 30+ of them) “A study tested subjects who were given a task of a “Simulated Public Speaking” test to test if CBD helps with Public Speaking anxiety. The study gave the subjects 300mg of CBD, which was tested against four other “drugs” in a double-blind test.”

            “After the testing was complete, they analyzed the subjects and found that CBD “decreased anxiety after the SPS test.” This means that the CBD helped reduce anxiety caused by the simulated public speaking test. The test concludes suggesting that CBD has anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) properties in human volunteers submitted to a stressful situation.”

            Therefore, after you have an event that causes anxiety. Such as meetings, interviews etc… taking CBD may help you recover and not be stressed over the results. 

            For more CBD tincture benefits, click here

            8. Relief is not instantaneous: 

              CBD does not work as if you take it and the next second you are relieved. In terms of the timeline itself, CBD can take 30 minutes up to 2 hours to feel the full effects. This is due to your body’s bio-available and absorption rate. 

              9. Your anxiety is not going to magically go away: 

                Say what! I thought the whole point of using CBD oil is for it to get rid of anxiety. If it was only that easy. CBD oil helps restrain and put a blockage on your anxiety, but it is not a full-day relief. With needing to take a CBD tincture every 8-12 hours to maintain the anti-anxiety effects. 

                10. The results will come over time: Re-evaluate

                Taking CBD oil can be described as, you don’t know the relief it is doing for you until you stop taking it. Then you notice more. It will not “hit” you, per se, like how alcohol does.  CBD takes time to kick in, and kicks in slowly. One minute you’re sober, the next your head is spinning and you’re looking for the nearing toilet. In contrast, CBD is a much more slower transition once taking. 

                Every two weeks you should check and evaluate your health, anxiety, and how you’ve been handling stressful situations. This would give you a better idea of how the CBD tincture is helping you. 

                Conclusion and New CBD Discount:

                We hope this article answered a few of your questions, and successfully helps guide you to taking CBD products for your anxiety. This has helped us, and we hope it helps you as well. 

                In order to make it easier for you to help your anxidety, feel free to use the coupon code BINOID5 for 5% off ALL CBD products on our store! Shop Now!

                These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Please consult your doctor before considering CBD products. 
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