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Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Benefits & Effects

Delta 6a10A, also known as delta 6a, d6a, or delta 3 THC, is yet another THC isomer that is entering the hemp universe, and its notable in that its high is actually milder than that of delta 8 THC – something that may surprise you if you’re used to the ultra-potent cannabinoids that have taken over the hemp market over the last couple of years. 

Not only does its subtle high, known already to be favorable for those who prefer a mellower buzz, early research shows a lot of promise when it comes to what this cannabinoid may be capable of.  While there isn’t yet a lot of information out there on the cannabinoid or Delta 3 THC products, let’s share what we do know so far.

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What Are Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Benefits?

Essentially, research on delta 6a10A’s benefits is quite limited, since it’s a synthesized form of THC, making it harder to compare it to naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp, like delta 8 THC or even delta 9 THC.  We also don’t know with better certainty how delta 3 THC attaches to different cannabinoid receptors in the body.  Hopefully, research will emerge in the near future to display more data.  

In the meantime, here’s what we do know about this cannabinoid.

#1: Delta 6a10A Has a High That May Offer Feelings of Euphoria and Focus  

Delta 6a10A is known for its “sativa-like” high, meaning that its high seems to feel like you just enjoyed a sativa strain.  This mild high is more like a buzz than a feeling of being intoxicated, according to researchers, and seems to offer an uplifting, euphoric effect for mood paired with a boost in cognitive functions like euphoria and focus.  Naturally, that can be hugely beneficial to your day-to-day life if you’re struggling with mood, brain fog, fatigue, etc. 

#2: Delta 6a10A Could Be an Anticonvulsant 

The most conclusive information we have about this cannabinoid newbie is its potential use for seizure-related disordersA decades-old study showed that when canines were administered doses of delta 6a10A while having seizures, their seizures stopped.  This has yet to be tested on humans, but still shows enormous promise.  Of course, many cannabinoids seem to have impressive anticonvulsant properties, but this particular cannabinoid may be uniquely profound in that area.  

Worth pointing out, too, that anticonvulsant properties derived from cannabis has been an area of particular interest for decades, so much so that the only cannabis-based drug approved by the FDA to date has been Epidiolex, a CBD-based medication for pediatric epilepsy.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is another isomer of delta 6a10A.

#3: Delta 6a10A Might Help with Physical Discomfort 

We haven’t yet seen any studies on the link between this new cannabinoid in particular and pain relief, but we have reason to believe studies will show a positive relationship in the future.

That’s because so far, all THC-based cannabinoids seem to offer a combination of anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, due to structural similarities that affect how these compounds interact with cannabinoid receptors that regulate both inflammation levels and pain tolerance as a mechanism within the nervous system.

#4: Delta 6a10A Has the Potential to Help with Nausea and Poor Appetite 

Another thing that is very likely about delta 6a10A is that it can offer antiemetic (anti-nausea) effects, along with effects related to appetite – likely appetite-boosting properties.  Again, this comes from what we know about all other THC isomers thus far – they all seem to carry these two effects.  Why?  Because of how they regulate serotonin uptake, in turn, impacting both nausea and appetite.  

Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC): A Cannabinoid Already Showing Impressive Potential 

Even though delta 6a10A isn’t widely available yet, we reckon that it’ll be.  Afterall, delta 3 THC is clearly a very useful cannabinoid.  Besides the fact that it provides a mellow, euphoric buzz, which is good reason alone to want to explore it, it’s clear that its anticonvulsant properties may be phenomenally helpful to countless individuals.  And, that’s only getting started in terms of potential benefits associated with this new cannabinoid.  

Stay tuned as we learn more about delta 6a10A, along with this remarkable cannabinoid making its way into Binoid’s already awesome hemp collection hopefully very soon.

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