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Delta 9o Benefits List

Another cannabinoid has come out for us hemp enthusiasts to enjoy, called Δ9 THC-o or D9-THC-O-Acetate, more famously being known as “delta 9o”.  What’s unique about this one compared to the others is that structurally, it’s the same as delta 9 THC after it’s entered the body, but it’s produced by attaching an acetate molecule that metabolizes almost instantaneously when we consume it. 

What this means is that in theory, delta 9o is no different from delta 9 products once it is absorbed into the bloodstream.  And so, the potential benefits of delta 9o are the same as those of delta 9 THC.

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What Is Delta 9o And How Does Delta 9o Work?

Δ9 THC-o was produced only extremely recently.  It’s considered a semi-synthesized cannabinoid, meaning that it is naturally derived (from hemp) but chemically modified to change its chemical structure and thus its effects and properties.  Delta 9o was intentionally made to mimic delta 9 THC as identically as possible, and from what we understand, those efforts really paid off.  

But, what is it, exactly?  Delta 9o acetate is simply delta 9 THC extracted from hemp which has been treated with an acetate – something you may be familiar with if you’ve read up on THC-O and HHC-O.  The addition of an acetate to the delta 9 creates an entirely new way in which the body metabolizes it, known as deacetylation, in which the acetate molecule is metabolized quickly so that all that remains in the body is delta 9, ready to absorb into the bloodstream and behave just like the more well-known cannabis compound.

Delta 9o Benefits List:

  • Euphoria
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Fun and happiness
  • Described as partly psychedelic
  • Mental and Physical Experience
  • Heavy Hit
  • Body Relief
  • Strong mental and body experience
  • Chilled
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Anxiolytic properties
  • Relief

Can You Get High From Delta 9o?

In theory, delta 9o’s high is no different from delta 9 THC’s.  In fact, users are already reporting anecdotal information that backs this up entirely.  Delta 9o’s high seems to be uplifting, euphoric and soothing all at the same time, while also introducing a body high that is described as deeply relaxing for the muscles. 

Again, the high is said to be identical to delta 9’s, so basically, whatever you feel when you take delta 9 THC, is what you can expect from delta 9o.

How Long Do Delta 9o Effects Last?

Additionally, the effects of Delta 9o last longer than Delta 9 THC so be aware of that when timing your use of Delta 9o. Many describe the effects of Delta 9o vapes to last 2-3 hours, with the effects of Delta 9o gummies lasting all the way up to 6 hours!

Therefore, be careful with your dosing of Delta 9o, because it might hit harder and last longer than expected. We always say to start small, and increase your dosage until you hit your perfect amount. 

What Is Delta 9o Good For?

Currently, no studies have yet been done on delta 9o, since the cannabinoid is brand new, but based on what we know about delta 9o, we can say that its potential benefits are likely the ones below, that are the benefits we associate with delta 9 THC.

#1: Delta 9o May Boost Appetite

It’s well-known that delta 9 THC causes “the munchies”, and no snack in the house is safe.  It’s a known fact that delta 9, like many psychoactive cannabinoids, can boost appetite, and this can be a good thing in many clinical circumstances, as certain conditions can interfere with a person’s desire or ability to eat.  One study found that delta 9 THC boosted the appetite of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, so likely, delta 9o offers the same potential benefit.

#2: Delta 9o May Help with Nausea

Delta 9o may also play a role in managing nausea, a symptom that can be extremely disruptive, especially if it’s chronic.  Over the years, various studies have shown that delta 9 THC acts on receptors that regulate serotonin, and many don’t know that nausea is actually mediated by serotonin.  This is why the cannabinoid has been used for years as a treatment for nausea.

#3: Delta 9o THC May Improve Mood

Delta 9o likely shares the mood-improving effects of delta 9 THC, and in fact that’s something that we’ve already been hearing from those who have actually tried the cannabinoid.  Delta 9’s mood-regulating properties are well known, and that’s one of the key reasons people use it. 

Research has shown that delta 9 THC works on neurotransmitters in the brain that affect our mood and stress levels, potentially offering uplifting properties that can be antidepressant in nature, along with stress-reducing properties that can help a person feel mentally calmer.

#4: Delta 9o May Improve Sleep

It’s not surprising that delta 9o is reported to offer a desirable effect at bedtime, for those looking for a little help in the sleep department.  Delta 9 THC famously makes people sleepy when taken at night, due to a combination of its body high and soothing cerebral effects that slow down the nervous system and stop negative thoughts that keep us lying awake at night.  Cannabinoids interact with melatonin, serotonin and cortisol, three critical neurotransmitters involved in our sleep process.

#5: Delta 9o May Produce Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Cannabinoids are largely known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and the same goes for delta 9 THC.  Delta 9 is prescribed in marijuana form to chronic pain patients around the country who are part of their state’s medical marijuana program.  Given delta 9o’s similarities, it’s not surprising that it also shares these anti-inflammatory qualities, which can be incredibly useful to anyone who is struggling with an inflammatory condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or certain inflammatory digestive ailments.  

#6: Delta 9o THC May Have Analgesic Properties

Another effect delta 9o likely borrows from delta 9 THC is its potential analgesic properties, which affect the way in which the nervous system experiences pain.  Analgesics disrupt the brain’s ability to receive strong pain signals from the nervous system’s pain receptors, essentially raising our sensitivity to pain so that we’re less likely to be affected by it.

#7: Delta 9o May Offer Neurological Effects

One of the most exciting areas of cannabis research is delta 9 THC’s influence on neurological function, which may play an amazing role in managing symptoms related to neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.  Delta 9o has no reason to not mimic these effects, since again, delta 9o becomes delta-9 once absorbed in the body.  

Delta 9o Has Some Real Promise

Again, delta 9 THC is a cannabinoid that’s been researched extensively for decades, so we know a lot about its potential benefits.  With delta 9o, there are no published papers about its effects, but we know that delta 9o breaks down into delta 9 THC when it’s absorbed, and so we can safely assume that the above properties are what we can get out of the new delta 9o that’s making its way onto the market. 

Best of all, because delta 9o is legal, we can take higher doses of the cannabinoid legally than we can with delta 9 THC, letting us derive these potential benefits more potently than ever, especially here at Binoid!

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