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HHC for Pain

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a unique cannabinoid that differs from the other hemp derivatives we’re used to in many ways.  Being federally compliant, it’s also a cannabinoid that enthusiasts can freely purchase in all kinds of product types. 

While our understanding of hexahydrocannabinol is somewhat limited, we do know that a number of our customers have found that HHC products helps with pain, which isn’t surprising considering the distinctive nature of its chemical structure.

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What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a cannabinoid that naturally exists in the hemp plant and is found in the seeds and pollen of the plant as opposed to the flowering buds from where we derive every other known cannabinoid thus far.  It’s extremely unique from other cannabinoids in a number of ways, in fact. 

The cannabinoid is the only known hydrogenated form of THC, which gives it chemical stability that’s unrivaled, and may improve its bioavailability as a result.  Further, experts continue to suggest that HHC behaves identically to delta 9.

Both hemp researchers and HHC enthusiasts have shared that the high that comes from the compound’s psychoactive effects feels just like that of delta 9 THC.  But, that’s not all.  It seems that in general, its profile of properties are basically the same, including effects on appetite, nausea, pain, mood and more.

Can HHC Help with Pain?

As of now, there are no studies on hexahydrocannabinol’s impact on pain specifically.  HHC just hasn’t been given a lot of attention by cannabis researchers yet, since it’s too new to the market.  Hopefully, that will change in the near future.

However, we know enough about HHC to draw some of our own conclusions, especially when we combine our knowledge of the cannabinoid with what we’ve heard from many people who have taken it themselves.  HHC products are so similar to delta 9 THC that it’s safe to believe that the pain-relieving properties are extremely comparable.  And, delta 9 THC is widely used specifically for its effects on pain, which have been confirmed in studies for some time.

These properties are actually a combination of the cannabinoid’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.  The former helps make the body more tolerant to pain by regulating the sensitivity of pain receptors in the nervous system, while the latter minimizes inflammation throughout the body through its binding to cannabinoid receptors involved in the inflammation response that comes from the immune system.

What Should You Know About Taking HHC for Pain?

If you’re specifically seeking out the potential pain-relieving properties of HHC products, you will need to be very selective when it comes to the product that you’ll buy, as some products may be more capable of providing relief than others.

#1: Lab Reports and Brand Reputation Matter

It’s important to choose only a brand that has a good reputation for the quality of their products such as Binoid, and has all of their HHC lab-tested by a third party.  Quality can vary tremendously between products, in ways that are hard to detect such as the extraction methods used or how fresh the product is.

#2: Choose an Adequate Strength

If you’re buying an HHC-based product that comes in different milligram strengths, consider going with a product that gives you between 20mg and 35mg per serving, as this allows for enough potency to increase the likelihood of experiencing potential pain-relieving properties associated with this compound

#3: Select the Right Strain

If you’re buying an HHC product that comes in a variety of strains, such as HHC vape cartridges explore each strain to figure out which one is most associated with pain relief.

Best HHC Products for Pain at Binoid

As we await more studies showing the specific properties of hexahydrocannabinol, what we can say is that there’s good reason to believe that it can aid in relief from physical discomfort throughout the body.  The good news is that it’s available on the market so that you can try it out for yourself.  If you’re going to give HHC a try, we recommend buying it from a trusted brand like Binoid, so that you can count on only pure, lab-tested and fresh HHC-infused products for maximum results.

  • HHC Tincture 1000mg: The HHC Tincture from Binoid offers effects that both come on relatively soon and last for several hours.  This ultra-clean formula consists solely of pure, lab-tested HHC extract and MCT oil as a carrier oil.  And, the included dropper makes dosing very easy to maintain.
  • HHC Capsules: A lot of people enjoy our HHC capsules since they offer the longest-lasting effects (up to 8 hours) and can be felt more strongly in the body for head-to-toe ease.  Each capsule contains 25 milligrams of pure HHC extract. 
  • HHC Vape Cartridge in Sunset Sherbert: Our HHC vape cartridge in Sunset Sherbet offers a sativa strain that many people find helps them manage daily aches and tension.  It consists of 100% pure hemp, with only HHC extract and plant-derived terpenes in the formula, for an ultra-clean vaping experience.  HHC vape cartridges also provide the fastest-acting and most potent, yet most short-lived effects.

Best HHC Product Types for Pain?

HHC comes in a variety of delivery methods, and some may be more suitable for memory-related issues than others.

HHC for Pain Dosage Chart and Guide

#1: Minor Pain HHC Dosing (Low Tolerance): 5mg-12mg per use (1-2 hits)

#2: Intermediate Pain HHC Dosing (Medium Tolerance): 12mg-30mg per use (3-4 hits)

#3: Severe Pain HHC Dosing (High Tolerance): 30mg-60mg+ per use (5 hits +)

It’s important to go with a high-quality HHC for pain, like any of the products available at Binoid, to minimize the potential for unwanted HHC side effects like fatigue, dizziness, or headache.

Binoid: The Best HHC Brand For Pain

Overall, Binoid is one of the best HHC brands for pain and sleep with a multitude of products for you to enjoy and love. They have something for everyone, with HHC vape cartridges and more.

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