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How To Take CBD Creams For Pain & Inflammation

The world of CBD topicals clearly isn’t going anywhere, as the submarket continues to dominate the wellness industry.  One reason why this is the case is because of the unique effects of applying CBD topically rather than consuming it internally.  Plus, it’s a great introduction to hemp’s effects for those who are wary of how it may make them feel.

There are many different types of CBD products. The most popular include CBD oil drops, CBD Gummies, and CBD Topicals. To learn how to take CBD Gummies for Beginner’s read this article. Now, you can have great results with CBD topical products as long as you know how to use them, when to take them and how to buy the best ones for your needs.

CBD Topicals: What Makes Them Different from Other Kinds of Hemp Products

Maybe you’ve already tried other CBD products that are widely available on the market, like tinctures, edibles, vape oils and so on.  So, what makes topicals so unique?  Well, like we said, they’re the only type of CBD product that’s not consumed internally.  When we consume CBD internally, the endocannabinoid system disperses the CBD widely throughout the body.  When we apply CBD to our bodies, however, we’re giving the area of application a concentrated dose of hemp.  This is why topicals are ideal for those who are dealing with a specific problem area.

CBD topicals are known for being both fast-acting and long-lasting in terms of their effects.  This means that many people can apply a dose to their skin in the morning and enjoy a long period of time during which the compounds are fully active.

CBD topicals come in a wide range of formulas, including salves, balms, creams, lotions, oils, bath products, skincare products, haircare products and even adhesive patches.  The type of formula you choose really doesn’t matter, as this is about personal preference.  

What CBD Topicals Can Be Used for

So, what are CBD topicals most commonly used for?  Let’s take a look.

Common Use #1: Pain Relief

Easily, the most common reason for using CBD topicals is for pain.  Because CBD topicals are great at giving a particular area of the body a concentration of hemp compounds, it’s natural that people dealing with some form of pain will want to use a topical regularly.  The compounds in the hemp plant absorb quickly through the skin, allowing them to reach the joint and muscle tissue within minutes.  

Common Use #2: Inflammation Relief

Inflammation relief is closely related to pain relief. However, more often than not inflammation is the cause for pain. Especially with muscles and joints. Inflammation of the skin or the muscle and joint themselves can cause extreme pain. Therefore, a CBD cream that targets inflammation is one that will be very effective for helping relieve your pain. 

Common Use #3: Relaxation

CBD topicals can also be relaxing, especially when combined with other calming ingredients like lavender and chamomile.  While the compounds in hemp mostly remain in the area of application, CBD’s calming properties can be so profound that they offer this effect as well.  Further, we know that we tend to hold tension in the body when we are stressed, and so the potential that topicals have to relieve this tension can help enhance our feeling of overall well-being.

Common Use #4: Fitness 

Many workout lovers use CBD topicals for fitness purposes.  Applying CBD topicals to the body may help loosen up and simultaneously energize the muscles, which can take one’s workout routines to the next level.  Besides that, many fitness enthusiasts like to apply CBD following a tough workout to aid in the recovery process during which the muscles repair themselves.

What to Look for in a CBD Topical

As you may know, not all CBD topicals are created equally.  For one thing, they can vary tremendously in terms of quality.  Further, topicals can come in all kinds of concentrations, formulas and more.  Let’s discuss what you should look for in a CBD topical before settling on a formula to purchase.


Quality is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to the hemp itself.  There is currently no strict set of standards from the FDA regarding how hemp products may be manufactured, which means that companies must do what they can to prove their legitimacy and quality to consumers.  The best way to know that a CBD topical contains real, high-quality hemp is to seek out lab reports on a company’s website.  The lab reports come from a third-party testing facility, meaning that you can trust that the information is unbiased.

Clean Ingredients

You definitely want to make sure that the additional ingredients in the formula are also high in quality.  Ideally, you want a formula that contains plant-based ingredients rather than a bunch of synthetic fillers.  Many plant-based ingredients have beneficial properties of their own, and some can even better facilitate the absorption of CBD through the skin.

That is why we used many natural plant-based ingredients in our Binoid Healing Cream. Our powerful ingredients include Jojoba Oil, Peppermint and Citrus Essential Oils, Clove, and Avocado Extract. These ingredients not only help reduce inflammation, they also moisturize, clean and protect your skin. 

Additional Active Ingredients

Many topicals contain other active ingredients that further enhance the usefulness of the product.  For example, many CBD products intended for pain relief contain other natural pain-fighting extracts like camphor and menthol.  This is something to consider when choosing a topical that will most help you accomplish your goals.

For example, our Healing Creams contain both camphor and menthol, which both help provide a natural cooling and numbing feeling to the parts of your body that hurt. This is because they attack your receptors on your skin that affect pain. Compound this with CBD, that naturally heals pains and inflammation is a powerful combination for relief. 

Fast Absorption

You’re going to want a formula that absorbs as quickly as possible.  For one thing, no one wants to deal with a greasy residue on their skin throughout the day.  More importantly, however, you want to make sure that all of those compounds sink beneath the skin rather than sitting on the skin and potentially evaporating. 

Our Binoid Healing Cream comes in two strengths – 250mg and 500mg CBD. We had to encapsulate and shrink the CBD molecules in order to absorb into your skin better, and therefore making our cream more effective for your body. 

A Non-Irritating Formula

Also, when looking at the ingredients in a formula, make sure that there aren’t any that are known to irritate the skin, as this can make using the topical unpleasant.

Correct Milligram Strength

CBD topicals come in a wide range of milligram strengths.  Choose one that reflects your unique circumstances for the best results.  The higher the strength, the more potent the formula.

Any product that is within the 250mg-500mg range is great for most symptoms CBD will heal. That is exactly why we chose these strengths ourselves. 

Right Type of Hemp Extract

Choose whether you wish to use a topical containing Broad Spectrum CBD, Full Spectrum, or CBD Isolate. This is because not all CBD is the same and created equal. We use Broad Spectrum, because it contains all of the compounds and benefits of Full Spectrum, however it contains ZERO THC. Full Spectrum does contain THC, and therefore might trigger a drug test.

Meanwhile CBD Isolate is a purified form of CBD. However, it is also a lesser version of Hemp Extract because of the amount of processing that goes into creating it. Therefore decreasing its potency. 

That is why we use Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract in all of our Binoid Products, including both of our healing creams!

How to Use CBD Topicals Properly for the Best Results

Now, let’s get into the ways in which to use topicals properly.

Tip #1: Use Them Consistently

We encourage you to use a topical daily rather than as-needed.  This better supports the endocannabinoid system so that it may use the cannabinoids as effectively as possible.

Tip #2: Time Your Usage Properly

As we said, CBD topicals can work within minutes.  It’s wise to time your usage properly so that the compounds peak in the system when you most need them.  For instance, if you struggle with pain that keeps you up at night, you’ll want to use your topicals right as you’re going to bed.  If you’re using a topical to enhance your workout regimen, you’ll want to apply the formula right before you start exercising.  

Tip #3: Experiment with the Milligram Strength as Needed

From time to time, we hear someone say that CBD topicals don’t work, and it’s almost always because they weren’t using the right milligram strength.  The endocannabinoid system is a complex bodily system, and what we know is that the idea milligram strength for one person is too much or too little for another.  So, be open to playing around with different milligram strengths until you find one that best helps you achieve what it is that you’re trying to get out of your hemp usage. 

For example, you may try our 250mg High Strength CBD Healing Cream and love it, or you may feel you need to step it up to our 500mg Extra Strength CBD Healing Cream to get the benefits you are looking for. It is usually up to trial and error to see what is right for you. The higher the needs and symptoms, the stronger the cream you will need. 

More Than Just a Daily Application Product 

If you want to enjoy what the world of CBD topicals has to offer, this guide is the perfect resource for you.  You’ll be able to choose the right product and use it in a way that can bring the best potential results.  At Binoid CBD, we carry a wide range of CBD topical products that are sure to meet your needs.

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