New Poll Suggests 40% of People Use CBD for Pain Relief

According to a brand new research study by Gallup Polls, 14% of Americans use CBD Products in general, and around 40% of people use CBD for pain relief. These numbers correlate to 1 in 7, and 2 in 5 people respectively. Which is a definite increase from 1 year ago, with a survey from February stating that 7% of Americans Use CBD Products. 

This is likely due to more mainstream methods of acquiring CBD, with larger retail locations starting to provide CBD products on their shelves. Such as CVS, Sephora, Walgreens, as well as dedicated CBD stores popping up. Additionally, increased marketing tactics by growing companies and higher virality is likely spreading CBD quicker and more effective than previous years. Especially because of the booming market for CBD products. 

Companies like CBDistillery, with new social marketing campaigns in Times Square, as well as their "No Gimmick" CBD products marketing strategy is growing consumer awareness of CBD products. Additionally, this also includes more places being open and willing to publicly market CBD products. Especially after the 2018 Farm Bill was passed by President Donald Trump, officially legalizing the growing of Hemp.

   14% of americans use CBD oil products in america

One interesting point to notice from the graphic, is the less people who use CBD products the higher the age demographic goes. With people ages 18-29 using CBD products the most compared to 19% for people over the age of 50 in total. As well, the older people get, the higher percentage of those who are not familiar with CBD products. This seems counter-intuitive, as many of the symptoms people use CBD products for is generally more profound or worse in older generations.

This is likely caused by media marketing efforts on social media platforms, with organic Facebook and Instagram users being mostly younger generations, but more possibilities of exposure to CBD products. As paid advertising is limited in this space, it would be assumed that virality of marketing efforts may be the cause of this.

Additionally, looking at the regions in which CBD is more popular, namely the West, makes sense as the West Coast is usually more progressive about finding new trends and ways of Wellness and Health Management. CBD is growing all over the United States, but it does not surprise that the West is where it is the most popular currently. 

 why do people take CBD - chart shows for pain, anxiety, and sleep system new gallup poll

In terms of the main reasons why people use CBD, the order of conditions is fairly logical. However, the percentage gap differences is where it gets interesting. From the chart, pain relief is the highest at 40%, then Anxiety at 20%, and Sleep Insomnia at 11%. Pain relief makes sense as the #1 reason for CBD product use, as just by pure numbers pain is one of the most common symptoms people have. But just by the numbers the percentage is double the next popular option of anxiety relief, and almost four times Sleep Insomnia aid. 

Pain relief is one of the many benefits of CBD, with 31 official CBD benefits. Additional benefits may include reducing depression, PTSD, and helping relieve seizures. CBD was approved in the first Cannabis FDA-approved drug called Epidiolex in Summer 2018.

Overall, this growth is a great sign for CBD, as well as consumers who take CBD products. The increased use will bring more national attention to the products, which should lead to an increase in Cannabidiol and Cannabis studies as well as innovative new CBD products. 

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