THC-O Acetate for Pain

THC-O (tetrahydrocannabinol-O-acetate or THC-O-acetate) is a cannabinoid that you’ve probably been hearing quite a bit about lately, as it’s mostly known for being an extremely potent psychoactive that may get users about 3x as high as delta 9 THC. 

It’s so new to the market in fact, that our understanding of it is pretty limited, but already, many of its most devoted users are sharing their experiences with using THC-O products for pain relief.  

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What is THC-O?

Although THC-O-acetate is a cannabinoid that’s very new to the market, it has actually been around since the middle of the 20th Century, as it was invented by the U.S. military specifically to be as psychoactive as possible.  It’s not a naturally occurring compound derived from the hemp plant, but rather a cannabinoid that’s produced in lab through a process that exposes tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the raw predecessor of THC to acetic anhydride. 

Ultimately, this creates a chemical compound that’s about 3x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, meaning that its high can be extremely potent.  In particularly high doses, it may even cause psychedelic effects. THC-O-acetate is not a compound that we know much about beyond its psychoactive properties.  Basically, up until very recently, it was a cannabinoid that had become obsolete only shortly after its development. 

But, because it is a cannabinoid once again, we know that it does interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which would imply that it offers certain regulatory effects to the processes of the body, as is the case with all cannabinoids.

Can THC-O Help with Pain?

As of now, there have been no studies published that show that THC-O plays a role in pain management.  But, that doesn’t mean that the cannabinoid doesn’t inherently possess these qualities.  If we take a look at delta 9 THC, which shares a lot in common with THC-O, we find that like many cannabinoids, it offers a blend of anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity which can play a role in pain relief. 

We also know that THC-O is associated with a powerful body high, and this type of high may relax the muscles of the body to aid in the release of tension.  Further, anecdotally, users have reported that THC-O products helps them achieve a soothing effect throughout the physical body.

We do hope that in the coming months, clinical researchers will take THC-O seriously and begin studying its potential effects beyond its psychoactive status.  Since THC-O is a cannabinoid, it has a good chance of interacting with pain receptors and inflammation levels in the same way that is associated with many cannabinoids like CBD, delta 9 and delta 8.

What Should You Know About Taking THC-O for Pain?

While THC-O-acetate certainly has potential to help put the body at ease, the reality is that not all THC-O products are made to yield the best pain-fighting capabilities.  Here are the things to look for when you’re shopping for THC-O specifically to address physical discomfort.

#1: Lab Reports and Brand Reputation Matter

Yes, it is very important to choose THC-O only from a trusted brand that sells premium THC-O products with good online reviews, as not all companies utilize the best extraction methods, formulation processes and other steps of developing products.  Furthermore, always look for third-party lab reports, which show that a product was tested by a third party for quality and purity.

#2: Select the Right Strain

Many THC-O products come in a generous variety of strains, and some strains are more pain-relieving than others based on the prominence of specific terpenes. Examples of this would be Sour Diesel, AC/DC, Blueberry, Northern Lights, etc.

#3: Pay Attention to the Strength

If you’re going with a THC-O edible or tincture, make sure that the milligram strength per serving is strong enough for you to feel the cannabinoid’s effects.  We suggest anywhere from 20 to 35mg per serving for the best THC-O dosage.

Best THC-O Products for Pain at Binoid

So, while we have yet to see studies on THC-O-acetate’s effects on pain specifically, we do know that this cannabinoid has been associated with a uniquely powerful body high which can certainly help the body feel more at ease.  Therefore, if you are looking for a way to experience head-to-toe bliss, THC-O is absolutely worth a shot.  Especially, if you’re intrigued by the compound’s potent psychoactive properties.  

At Binoid, you can choose from a nice variety of THC-O products like the ones below that might be helpful in your quest for holistic-minded relief from pain.

  • THC-O Tincture: Many of our customers enjoy our THC-O Tincture for pain in particular, as its effects are both relatively fast-acting and long-lasting, and because dosing is easy with the included dropper.  Available in different milligram strengths, it offers an ultra-clean formula of pure THC-O-acetate and MCT oil.
  • THC-O Recharge Disposable Vape in Do Si Dos: Our THC-O Recharge Disposable Vape in Do Si Dos in this awesome indica strain is known for its soothing effects on the body, and the effects are both very potent and fast-acting.  This device contains nothing but 100% hemp, with zero added ingredients.
  • THC-O Vape Cartridge in Do Si Dos: Our THC-O Vape Cartridge in Do Si Dos offers a beloved indica strain particularly known for its soothing effects on the body, and the effects are both very potent and fast-acting.  This vape cart contains nothing but 100% hemp, with zero added ingredients.

    • THC-O Wax Dabs in Grape Ape: Our dabs are concentrates that are best for experienced users due to their extremely high potency levels as they contain Premium 92% THC-O.  Named for its distinct grape-like smell, this indica is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety.
    • THC-O Gummies: Our THC-O Gummies are ideal for those desiring up to 8 hours of THC-O-acetate effects in the system to get them through the day.  Made with only the most carefully selected ingredients, they come in a variety of enticing flavors, with 25mg THC-O per piece.

    Best THCO Product Types for Anxiety?

    THC-O comes in a variety of delivery methods, and some may be more suitable for memory-related issues than others.

    While all of these different THC-O products are useful, we believe that THC-O capsules and THC-O gummies are the best choice because they promote effects that can last for up to 8 hours at a time, which may be helpful for those who are affected by poor memory throughout the day.  Because THCo vape carts and THCo dabs offer comparably short-lived effects, they are at the bottom of the list. And are not suggested for those with affected memory. 

    THC-O for Anxiety Dosage Chart and Guide

    #1: Minor Pain THC-O Dosing (Low Tolerance): 5-10mg per use

    #2: Intermediate Pain THC-O Dosing (Medium Tolerance): 10-20mg per use

    #3: Severe Pain THC-O Dosing (High Tolerance): 20-40mg+ per use

    While it’s yet to be determined officially whether or not THC-O can play an active role in treating memory loss, you can take it in various forms in order to see whether or not it can provide the level of results you’re looking for. However, these are the THC-O dosages for pain that we suggest. We recommend that beginners start with the low dose as referenced above, as it can take time to build up a tolerance to its psychoactive effects and benefits. 

    It’s important to go with a high-quality THC-O for pain, like any of the products available at Binoid, to minimize the potential for unwanted THC-O side effects like fatigue, dizziness, or headache.

    Binoid: The Best THC-O Brand For Anxiety

    Overall, Binoid is one of the best THC-O brands for pain and sleep with a multitude of products for you to enjoy and love. They have something for everyone, with THCO vape cartridgesTHCO gummiesTHCO tincturesTHCO Capsules and more.

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