THCV for Sleep Insomnia

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) may seem like a new cannabinoid to many of us, but it’s actually been studied by scientists since 1973 when it was first discovered.  This federally compliant, hemp-derived compound is already becoming quite well-known for its distinctive properties that pertain to its relationship to the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS)

Since so many hemp users are looking for a cannabinoid that can aid in sleep, it’s important to know whether or not THCV products is a good choice for bedtime use.

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What is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is no new discovery, and in fact, researchers have been analyzing its potential for decades.  The cannabinoid’s psychoactive potential is unique, as low doses are completely non-intoxicating, and high doses only mildly so, with a high that lasts for about half as long as that of delta 9 THC.  Even more interestingly, THCV has been found to show potentially significant influence over blood sugar and insulin levels in the body, while playing a role in weight management and possibly decreasing appetite.  

THCV is a cannabinoid that may or may not get you high based on how much you take, but many people have found that the mild psychoactive experience it can potentially provide is quite calming to the body and mind.

Can THCV Help with Insomnia?

The main focus of most research done on tetrahydrocannabivarin relates to its unique effects on insulin and blood sugar, as this is something that stands out about the cannabinoid.  However, a smaller body of research suggests that THCV may be very useful to those struggling with sleep, which isn’t surprising as the cannabinoid interacts with CB1 receptors in the nervous system that, among other things, can regulate neurotransmitters like melatonin, cortisol and serotonin, which all play a large role in our sleep.  THCV also seems to offer a general anxiolytic effect that can be very helpful if a person’s sleep is disrupted by stress or anxiety that stimulates the nervous system.

This should come as no surprise to people who have explored the variety of THC compounds available on today’s hemp market.  Many people take them for sleep, as they all seem to offer this type of effect.  It’s worth pointing out that the cannabinoid’s psychoactive properties can also play a role in sleep, as THC is known for offering sedative-like qualities while a person is high.  Of course, as we explained earlier, the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabivarin can be a bit more elusive than those of other cannabinoids.

What Should You Know About Taking THCV for Insomnia?

THCV may be useful for sleep-related reasons, but how effective the cannabinoid is, depends largely on the product that you choose.  Here’s what to focus on when shopping for THCV products specifically for sleep.

#1: Lab Reports and Brand Reputation Matter

Always make sure that you choose a THCV product that comes with lab reports from a third-party facility, as this indicates that the product was tested thoroughly according to strict criteria to ensure maximum purity and quality.  Further, it’s important to choose your brand wisely, as not all companies use the finest extraction methods, plant material and other manufacturing methods.  Choose a company with a strong reputation such as Binoid, that preferably sells online as online brands tend to maintain stricter standards overall.

#2: Select an Indica Strain

THCV alone may be able to offer the effects that you’re looking for that relate to sleep.  But, a THCV cartridge in an indica strain may maximize these effects.  Each strain of hemp has a distinctive terpene profile, and some terpenes are more powerful in their mellowing effects than others.  We recommend an indica or indica-dominant hybrid, which is more likely to offer that blissful nighttime experience you’re looking for.

Best THCV Products for Insomnia at Binoid

While there aren’t yet loads of studies pertaining to tetrahydrocannabivarin and sleep, the research that has been performed thus far gives us good reason to believe that it may be useful to certain individuals who are dealing with insomnia.  That being said, THCV is a relatively gentle cannabinoid that you can feel free to explore for yourself, to see if it offers you the help you’re looking for.  We recommend choosing a THCV product at Binoid, so that you can rest easy knowing you’re getting only top-shelf, lab-tested THCV for nightly use.

  • Delta Effex THCV Disposable Vape in Unwind Indica: The THCV disposable vape from Delta Effex in Unwind Indica is the ultimate choice for those looking to get more sleep-related effects out of their tetrahydrocannabivarin experience.  This formula combines indica strains known specifically for their ability to help the body and mind unwind and prepare for bedtime.  The soothing properties found within this combination of hemp derivatives, combined with the fast-acting and potent effects of vaping, give it a good chance of providing you with what you’re looking for each night.

Best THCV Product Types for Insomnia?

THCV comes in a variety of delivery methods, and some may be more suitable for memory-related issues than others.

  • THCV Capsules
  • THCV Gummies
  • THCV Tinctures
  • THCV Flower
  • THCV Vapes
  • THCV Dabs or Concentrate

While all of these different THCV products are useful, we believe that THCV tincture are the best choice because they promote effects that can last for up to 8 hours at a time, which may be helpful for those who are affected by poor memory throughout the day.  Because THCV vape carts offer comparably short-lived effects, they are at the bottom of the list. And are not suggested for those with affected memory. 

THCV for Insomnia Dosage Chart and Guide

#1: Minor Insomnia THCV Dosing (Low Tolerance): 5-10mg (1-2 hits)

#2: Intermediate Insomnia THCV Dosing (Medium Tolerance): 15-20mg (3-4 hits)

#3: Severe Insomnia THCV Dosing (High Tolerance): 25mg+ (5 hits +)

While it’s yet to be determined officially whether or not THCV can play an active role in treating memory loss, you can take it in various forms in order to see whether or not it can provide the level of results you’re looking for. However, these are the THCV dosages for insomnia that we suggest.

We recommend that beginners start with the low dose as referenced above, as it can take time to build up a tolerance to its psychoactive effects and benefits. 

It’s important to go with a high-quality THCV for insomnia, like any of the products available at Binoid, to minimize the potential for unwanted THCV side effects like fatigue, dizziness, or headache.

Binoid: The Best THC-V Brand For Insomnia

Overall, Binoid is one of the best THCV brands for anxiety and sleep with a multitude of products for you to enjoy and love. They have something for everyone, with THCV vape cartridges and more.

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