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Unmatched cbd purity

The Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract used in our products is sourced from fresh Hemp grown on the safest, sun-fed soil in Oregon. We utilize Ethanol extraction, an environmentally friendly, natural, and safe technique to create CBD-rich Hemp Extract. Binoid operates under the highest standards to create the most beneficial cannabinoid blend possible.

Exceeding expectations since 2017.

How our Wellness Drops Work

Unlike traditional CBD oils, our Wellness Drops can be mixed into any drink, beverage, or juice with no clumping, oily texture or bitter after-tastes. The perfect combination of beneficial cannabinoids from Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract paired with your favorite drink of choice - Your morning coffee, night-time tea, or your mid-day juices, you can use any flavor for any time. 

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We enjoy going above and beyond for our customers by ensuring they get a superior product with a service staff of experts to answer any question you may have about CBD or our products. 

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