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Aurora Indica Strain Review

Those of you who are always eager to get their hands on a true indica experience will want to give Aurora Indica a try – after all, the name tells you everything you need to know.  This classic strain comes from some legendary indica cultivars, and has even been bred to perfection to offer everything you could ask for out of a nice, late-night strain that promises a strong body high and a feeling of absolute ease throughout the mind. You can get Aurora Indica strain vapes here

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Basic Profile

Aurora Indica is a hybrid that leans heavy on the indica side, as you might have guessed – 90% indica/10% sativa.  Meaning, the sativa’s influence is there, but very slight.  It’s a cross between Northern Lights and Afghan, two absolute superstars known for their dreamy effects and body highs.  Aurora Indica yields about 14-19% THC on average, making it actually quite mild.  A fantastic option for beginners ready for a true indica experience that’s still manageable.

Physical Characteristics 

Aurora Indica buds are known for being very large and thick, with densely packed leaves.  They are spade-shaped, and also have a greasy appearance to them.  Their dark olive-green color is quite distinctive, and even more unique is the gorgeous splattering of purple hairs throughout, which influence its hue.  A layer of thick crystals coats the buds to make them shimmery, while sticky resin adds to the creaminess, giving them a very syrupy feel to the touch.

Aroma and Flavor

Aurora Indica offers a beautiful fragrance and taste that alone makes it worthwhile.  

  • Notes of aromatic lavender, sweet mango, and earthiness work together to intrigue you as soon as you open a jar of fresh buds.  
  • The flavor is that of spicy mango that becomes sweeter and sweeter, with just the subtlest hints of earthiness and herbs to add a boost of freshness.  Then, it becomes increasingly sweeter as you prepare to exhale.

Aurora Indica Effects and Benefits

With Aurora Indica, count on a very traditional-feeling indica-like high.  It’s known as a creeper, taking its time to slowly make its way throughout the body and mind.  This is actually something that people love about it, since they can enjoy the journey as much as the ultimate result. 

Little by little, your muscles will feel a little heavier, and your mind a little hazier.  It’s definitely a traditional ‘stoney high’ in which you can have a hard time paying attention to what’s around you, or even following your own trains of thought before completely forgetting what it is that you were thinking about.

That being said, Aurora Indica is probably not the best choice for social activities, since you may not be able to engage in conversation much at all. The high is very cerebral, in the sense that you’ll feel your mind tingling with pure pleasure as you forget what it is that you were bothered by earlier on in the day.  The body high is intense, and can totally knock you out, as it’s almost definitely going to give you a deep couchlock feeling.

Because of all of this, clearly, Aurora Indica is a nighttime strain.  Having this one in the afternoon can basically shut off your productivity for a few hours, and unless that is the desired effect, and you’re okay taking a long, deep nap in the midday, save it for later on.  Not surprisingly, it’s most commonly used as a bedtime strain, since it can totally deliver on that front, acting like a soothing lullaby and a warm blanket at the same time.  And, it’s not associated with any paranoia, so that’s always a plus.

Growing Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica is a light-loving cultivar, so if you can’t give it lots of bright sunshine during the day, you’ll want to keep it inside.  It grows as well in soil as it does hydroponically, which is always a helpful plus.  The strain stays pretty short and compact, so indoor growing doesn’t require a ton of space.

Flowering time can be up to 11 weeks, and it does offer quite a nice yield, so your efforts will be rewarded.  Generally, making sure the climate remains warm is the best way to get the results that you want.

Aurora Indica: Powerful Indica Effects for Beginners and Seasoned Users Alike

Aurora Indica is an incredibly effective near 100% indica strain that anyone who enjoys late-night effects will absolutely adore.  Great for bedtime, it can really come in handy thanks to the many properties that set it apart.  If you want experience this sensational breed, then Binoid’s THC-P Vape Cartridge in Aurora Indica will light up your hemp vaping life.  It takes these beautiful terpenes and blends them with tetrahydrocannabiphorol, the most potent psychoactive cannabinoid in the hemp plant for an unforgettable high.

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