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Banana Kush Strain Review

Few strains are as nighttime-oriented as Banana Kush, a famously heavy and lazy strain that can make it nearly impossible to keep your eyes open for very long.  It’s an absolutely blissful cultivar that can get the job done when nothing else can, and many consider it an essential part of their nightly ritual.  Besides that, its flavor, which unsurprisingly tastes like fresh bananas, instantly satisfies you and makes you feel like you’re treating yourself to something truly special. You can get Banana Kush strain wax dab here.

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Basic Profile

Banana Kush is a 60% indica/40% sativa hybrid.  It comes from a cross between the iconic OG Kush and Skunk Haze.  This strain yields somewhere between 18-25% THC, usually on the higher end since more and more people favor the strain in its most potent form.  Also has about 1% CBN, and a nearly non-existent 0.1% CBD.

Physical Characteristics 

Banana Kush has a fluffy, lumpy, and conical appearance, and the buds are actually particularly large – very large, in fact.  The green is almost sage-like, being muted and soft, and the orange hairs are very dense and fine, coloring the flower to make it look like it has a golden-amber hue to it.  A nicely thick and dense layer of resinous trichomes coats the buds, offering a frosty appearance.

Aroma and Flavor

Banana Kush has an amazing aroma and flavor that will instantly draw you in, making you go extra ‘bananas’ in the process.  Many people regard it as their ultimate favorite when it comes to the way that it tastes.  Unsurprisingly, both the smell and taste have a strong, unmistakable note of fresh bananas in all of their ripe, creamy, and sweet glory.  The sweetness of the strain is actually pretty surprisingly strong.  There is also an earthy undertone, along with a subtle hint of various tropical fruits to intrigue your senses.


Banana Kush is, to put it simply, a strain best reserved for nighttime.  It’s known as a bedtime strain, simply because it doesn’t take long before it’s pretty much impossible to keep yourself in an upright position.  Besides that, your mind will start to feel so heavy and dazed that you’ll not be able to really focus on anything that’s going on around you, and also notice a feeling of introspectiveness that comes complete with happy thoughts.

Banana Kush is actually commonly prescribed exactly for this purpose, in medicinal settings.  Some would say that it was bred specifically for this reason, given the fact that it just works so well.  Quickly, a rush of ease comes over the mind, and negative thoughts just disappear into thin air.  Anything that would ordinarily keep you up, such as stresses that you’ve encountered throughout the day, no longer have that much control over your mood or mental state. 

At the same time, the muscles start to feel warm and heavy, like a weighted blanket has been laid on top of you, and you’ll feel very cozy in this cocoon-like sensation.  Before long, you’ll want nothing more than to curl up and rest your head, as you’ll likely feel like you’re in a state of absolute tranquility.

We do want to point out that this is a strain largely associated with the munchies, so it can be useful if that’s something that you’re looking for out of the hemp plant.  And, it can be great for physical discomfort, thanks to its ability to ease the muscles.


Banana Kush maintains a compact shape and never grows too tall, which can be great for growing indoors since it doesn’t need a lot of space.  It grows well hydroponically, and this has become the go-to method for indoor growers.

Banana Kush flowers in about 8 to 9 weeks and has a moderate level of difficulty.  Its yield is moderate to high.  Requires low humidity, and temperatures kept between 68 and 80 degrees.  If you’re able to maintain a stable environment indoors, this is what we recommend since it wants consistent weather, which most locations just can’t provide it with.

Banana Kush: A Strain to Savor For All The Right Reasons 

Banana Kush is one of those strains that serves a clear purpose and is powerful enough to virtually promise to do what it says it will.  It’s a clear lights-out strain that is commonly prescribed for medicinal use.  And, with its luscious banana flavor, you’ll have no trouble getting accustomed to making it a part of your regimen. 

At Binoid, you can experience this strain like never before thanks to our THC-O Wax Dabs in Banana Kush.  This is one of the most potent products that we offer, with THC-O-acetate already being phenomenally psychoactive, and when turned into dab form, its effects are simply out of this world.

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