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Top 7 Best Benefits of CBD Used With Yoga

Have you ever noticed that the first words out of anyone’s mouth when you ask for the solution to anything is, “have you tried yoga?” The question itself has entrenched itself into the history book of internet memes, but there’s a reason it’s asked so often: it works.

The rise of Cannabidiol (CBD) recently has been nothing but meteoric. It’s been crowned the wonder drug capable of doing anything from anxiety to debilitating pain. CBD has started to become a question that people ask about yoga saying, “have you tried CBD for yoga?” CBD has become recently popular as a great compliment to yoga exercises & meditation. If you are looking for the best CBD oil drops for yoga click here

Fortunately, there were those who used just enough common sense to wonder what would happen if you put these two healing necessities of relief together into one super remedy. CBD and Yoga is a combination that will only get more popular in time as a holistic remedy to a lot of life’s issue. 

Let’s take a look at 7 benefits of CBD and yoga meditation list!

How to use CBD for yoga and meditating

1. CBD and Yoga May Ease An Overactive Mind

We suffer from stress every day in our lives. Whether you’re an office worker, student, working mother, etc., you have something in your life that causes anxiety or stress. Anxiety disorders can range in severity. Some may have racing thoughts, but others will have physical reactions to these racing thoughts. These racing thoughts can cause a sense of dread that makes you feel like something dangerous is about to happen when you’re absolutely fine.

If your body constantly pumps these stress hormones as a fight or flight response, you’re prone to developing a range of mental and physical issues like fatigue, weight gain, heart disease, or depression. Fortunately, the first two things anyone would suggest outside of pharmaceutical medication are CBD or yoga, but what happens when you do both?

As you know, anxiety causes a range of physical issues like tension in your muscles. Performing yoga exercises or meditation can help release any tension and stress in your body. Focusing on breathing alone can help ease an overactive mind, and make you more mindful of your stress.

CBD enhances your consciousness to help you be more in tune with your body by messaging your endocannabinoid system which has therapeutic potential. The activation of your endocannabinoid system with CBD will only increase your relaxation potential with yoga to calm racing thoughts in an overactive mind.

The wellness abilities of pairing Yoga and CBD to help heal a mind that races a little too fast is a gift that keeps on giving. 

2. CBD and Yoga May Help Reduce Inflammation & Arthritis

Mental illnesses and setbacks aren’t the only reason to try yoga. Different yoga poses have been found to promote blood flow throughout the body to reduce inflammation in your muscles or other places in your body, as well as reduce pains caused by arthritis. Inflammation, even chronic inflammation, can be debilitating and affect your way of life. Inflammation itself is your body’s natural response to fight off injury or bacteria. However, the inflammation itself can be very painful.

On the other hand, yoga has already been shown to help with arthritis. CBD can pair with yoga exercises and stretches to help relieve stiffness and help improve joint flexibility. Therefore relieving pain.

Stress doesn’t help inflammation at all. In fact, high levels of stress promote inflammation. Yoga exercises and stretching does not just help relieve stress, but it helps reduce the amount of pro-inflammatory molecules that make their way to your affected inflamed area as well.

Those with chronic inflammation don’t have a lot of opportunities to exercise due to being in pain. Yoga is a no-impact and no-stress way of consuming the blood glucose that could get stores in your fat. This regulation of blood sugar and reduction in fat can help reduce inflammation in your body as well.

However, what if your inflammation is debilitating to the point where it’s difficult to do yoga to reap its benefits? Fortunately, that’s where CBD comes in. CBD has always been known to deal with various types of pain. People have already found success in using CBD for inflammatory arthritis too to deal with the symptoms from anxiety to insomnia.

CBD, taken in any form such as CBD oil, lotions, creams, or edibles such as gummies or capsules, attaches to different neuroreceptors in your brain to reduce pain and inflammation. When you have the pain relief of CBD, then you perform yoga comfortably to further your inflammation relief.

CBD and Yoga healing sleep insomnia waking up

 3. CBD and Yoga May Help You Sleep

Sleep Insomnia is a symptom of many different health issues. Having trouble falling or staying asleep can even cause more health issues on top of that. When you’re not getting enough sleep, you could suffer from irritability, fatigue, decreased performance and other issues.

Yoga exercises has long been found to help people with insomnia. Since a lot of insomnia is caused by stress alone, simply stress-reduction with yoga can help ease primary insomnia. Meditating is a way to relax your mind a spirit to calm down to get better sleep. CBD helps enhance this through your receptors. Calming your body and mind for a more relaxing sleep.

Primary insomnia has no known cause it could just be general sleeplessness. There is another form of insomnia called secondary insomnia that is caused by an underlying medical issue. These underlying medical issues can range from chronic pain, depression, arthritis, or even cancer. These are also all issues that yoga has been found to alleviate as well. However, what if your debilitating issue makes it hard to perform even the most basic yoga poses?

CBD has also been found to ease insomnia symptoms as well. Since pain, anxiety, and stress are major causes of anxiety and CBD can ease all these symptoms, then alleviating them can ease insomnia. There are also some studies that show CBD activates receptors in the brain that affect your body’s sleep/wake cycle.

CBD doesn’t just have benefits before and during yoga, but the post-yoga benefits of CBD help keep you asleep longer for better muscle recovery. CBD and Yoga have healing properties that you can take advantage of for anxiety that can help you get a better nights rest.

4. CBD and Yoga May Help You Focus

Yoga itself has shown to increase your focus and attention. The breath-work and motion help calm your mind and keep help you focus on small movements and breaths. Yoga helps you shed the stresses of everyday life, and gives you more mindfulness of the issues you are currently handling. CBD helps this mindfulness by helping relieve the stress that can cloud your focus and logic. When you’re practicing yoga with CBD, you’re focusing on your own body and not on anything else on the outside.

Needing to focus is important when our lives are constantly busy with distractions, obligations, and other issues that need our concentration. Often times we go from doing one task to another from one simple distraction. We could be students studying for a test who get distracted by a simple text message. This text message sets off a snowball effect where we end up checking our social media accounts and then hours end up going by.

CBD works directly with a neurotransmitter in your brain called dopamine. This dopamine is responsible for focus and memory. Those with ADHD have low levels of dopamine which decreases their ability to focus and pay attention. When you take CBD with yoga, you can double your ability to focus. Even after you’re done practicing yoga, you have more mental clarity to focus on your daily tasks and responsibilities.

Yoga and CBD have many benefits by themselves, but together they make a powerful combination that enhances each other’s strengths. It can enhance your exercise, recovery of ailments, and mental fortitude. Try to combine these two and see how it enhances your personal and professional lives.

How CBD and yoga work together to help focus mood depression sleep rest

5. CBD and Yoga May Help with Mood and Depression

Yoga has already been known to help improve one’s mood, and decrease depression through focus and clearing one’s mind. CBD is found to do the same with studies finding improvement of mental health those with PTSD and depression.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence demonstrating CBD as a mood-enhancer by helping people clear their mind from intensity and fogginess. Combining the powerful effects of both may provide major benefits.

best cbd for women yoga meditating class social anxiety

6. CBD May Help Social Anxiety Caused By Group Yoga

Social anxiety happens. Too many people in one small place that you think are watching and judging your form and every move. It can be a pretty nerve-racking as a part of any group fitness or yoga class. CBD has been found to help anxiety during and post social anxiety situations such as interviews and public speaking. In this case, CBD can help you stay calm and relaxed. Even if that cute person you always hope to see is next to you or looking right at you. Or both!

CBD oil benefits for yoga happy relaxing

7. CBD And Yoga May Make You More Happy

Because the previous six benefits of CBD combined with yoga, you may find yourself living a happier and more fulfilling life. Sooner rather than later. Within 2-3 weeks of doing yoga paired with CBD consistently around 3-5 times per week, you may find yourself in zen. Completely removed from negative thoughts and feelings.

Therefore finding more satisfaction and happiness in your life. A feeling of pure contentment with what you have, and who you are in that moment. You may find yourself more “in the moment” because CBD and yoga is helping you relieve your stress, anxiety, and worries. 

What Are The Best CBD Products For Yoga Meditation?

The best CBD products for Yoga depend on what you are looking for. CBD comes in all types of forms, including tinctures and and lotions/balms that may help with skincare and pain relief. We will quickly go over the best CBD products for yoga stretching below.

CBD Tinctures: CBD oil tinctures are a great way to take CBD along with yoga exercises, and even meditation. This is because CBD tinctures are the most effective way of dosing, and you will therefore notice the most effects. Taken sublingual under your tongue, CBD oil tinctures will work best if you are doing yoga to help with pain, anxiety and sleep insomnia or constant waking up. 

This means that tinctures would be best for more intense issues such as chronic pain and severe anxiety. Or if you want to receive the most CBD benefits. CBD tinctures such as Binoid CBD Water-Soluble Drops may effectively give you these extra benefits along with your yoga exercising. 

CBD Topicals (Creams, Balms & Salves): CBD topicals should be your go-to way to use CBD for skincare, or more specifically skin or bodily pain. Including skin pain, rashes, inflammation, and even acne depending on the ingredients. CBD creams are a great way to help keep your skin fresh and healthy, while balms are very effective for intense pain or inflammation relief. As well as helping heal from injuries and yoga exercising soreness. 

Extras (CBD Gummies & CBD Capsules): The last group of CBD products you might want to consider taking in conjunction with yoga stretches, meditation or other mindful exercises are CBD gummies and capsules. This is because these are great tasting, and easy dosing ways to take CBD. You can take them quickly, discreetly and with accurate dosing. This is ideal for those who want more tasty or exact ways of measuring the strength of your CBD with Yoga. 

How to Use CBD for Yoga Meditation?

Using CBD with Yoga is actually very simple. The type of CBD product matters much less than when you take it. CBD oil for yoga and meditation specifically should be taken 1-2 hours before yoga. Or if you are using our premium Binoid Drops, you should taken them 15-30 minutes before hand because they are more effective than traditional CBD oils. 

Binoid Drops are the best CBD oil drops to take with Yoga, because they are 100% natural, completely safe with high quality CBD and beneficial components such as organic essential oils. 

Yoga stretches and meditation are all ways to relax and clear your mind. CBD can be used to add additional benefits and therefore help push you to a further state of zen. 

What are the side effects of CBD For Yoga?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, however CBD is technically an “active” compound. That is because it helps inhibit your receptors, and therefore decrease negative symptoms such as anxiety and pain. So in terms of Yoga, the side effects of CBD oil or any CBD products such as creams and gummies is very little if any. Other than likely benefits and enhancement of the Yoga experience.

However, that does NOT mean that CBD has no side effects in general. There are around 15 side effects of CBD in total that you should be aware of before starting to take CBD. 

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