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Best Ways To Use CBD For Pain Relief In 2020

CBD has been studied for a multiple of different symptoms of pain, including chronic pain, inflammation, nerve pain, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), migraines, headaches and others. Several studies found that pain from cuts and injuries were reduced from CBD, as well as pain from neuropathic and spinal pain was reduced from CBD.

These studies suggest that CBD may be a legitimate benefit for pain relief and more specifically, chronic pain. In addition, another study found that CBD oils were able to help people reduce the effects of inflammation, and side effects thereof. This same study specifically addressed the possible therapeutic effects of CBD oils with a daily oral treatment of 2.5mg-20mg of CBD seemed to relieve the pain effectively.

Overall, the studies also noted that people received pain relief without building an increased tolerance against CBD, therefore not decreasing in its effectiveness over months or longer.

Without further ado, here are 8 ways you can use CBD products to help relieve your pain.

1. Just start using CBD: 

The first way is the most obvious on this list. If you are not using CBD yet, or have not considered to, you should look into investing in some. As stated above, the benefits of CBD oil for many different types of pain is studied, and has suggested fairly substantial assistance to users. Anything from chronic pain, nerve pain, painful inflammation, back pain, and especially arthritis/joint pain, can be helped with CBD products including oils, CBD Capsules, vaping devices, and CBD Gummies.

How to start using CBD oil for pain

2. Start slow:

When using CBD products, or specifically CBD oil for pain we always suggest starting with smaller and lower doses. More specifically, we would suggest starting with a quarter-dropper for a few days, then increase to a half-dropper over the next few days and so on. Until you are receiving a full dropper per use.

At that point, if pain relief does not occur you may need to increase to a stronger oil tincture. If you are using 500mg CBD oil, go to 1000mg CBD oil. If you are using 1000mg CBD oil, go to 1500mg CBD oil etc..

3. Start educating yourself on how CBD works:

Luckily for you, we have you covered. You can find everything you need to on the right side of our CBD Knowledge page. I know it might not make sense to educate yourself on the products after starting to use them. This is because there is so much to know about CBD and CBD products, that you are better off learning by trying them yourself.

The one thing I would suggest is if you do get drug tested for cannabis, I would learn more about how THC is drug tested, and which CBD products may fail a drug test. Otherwise, everything to know about CBD can be learned over time.

How to take CBD for knee and joint pain

4. Take the right CBD products:

With many CBD options available online, there is a lot of deciding to do in order to buy the right products for you. By “right” we mean deciding whether you would like to take an ingestible oil or gummy versus a vapable CBD cartridge. It all depends on what type of relief you are looking for.

For more intense or severe pains, anxiety, sleep insomnia, and bodily cramps we suggest taking higher doses of CBD coming in the form of oil tinctures or vapes. For oils, we suggest 1000mg of CBD or above. For vapes we suggest anything in the 30mg-50mg range.

5. Take the right CBD type:

A separate piece of educating yourself on the different parts and terminologies to CBD products, you must know the different formulations of CBD oil tinctures. This part is very important, therefore we are giving it its’ own section. There are 4 different types of modern CBD products. An upgrade from the previous 3. In short, this includes full spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and now nanotechnology CBD.

For a brief description, full spectrum contains all or many cannabinoids of the help plant. All within unique benefits, possibly including CBG, CBC, THC, CBD, terpenes (flavoring and scent) and more. CBD Isolate or “Iso” is pure 100% CBD that is broken down and separated from the other cannabinoids. Broad spectrum is all of the cannabinoids, except THC is removed.

Nanotechnology can be any of the above broad spectrum, full spectrum or CBD isolate. However the molecules are broken down into tiny pieces to allow for higher bioavailability compared to the average CBD product. These are also called “Water Soluble” CBD products. And they are more effective for more severe types of physical and body pains.

6. Take CBD consistently everyday:

This is one tip that must be followed in order to feel any CBD benefits for pain over a long period of time. Like most things, CBD takes time to take affect and help pains and cramps. We suggest taking CBD for at least a week straight, before analyzing for any pain relief or medical benefits. If you still do not feel a little bit better, we suggest taking a higher dosage of CBD, or a higher strength/concentration CBD product.

CBD Oil dosage for chronic pain relief chart and infographic amount

7. Take the right CBD strength and dosage:

Talking about CBD strength and dosage, this tip is very important. Most companies will not tell you this, but any CBD strength 500mg or below is likely to not have any pain relief benefits to you at all. Not even a little bit. This is due to studies that found that true medical benefits of CBD starts at a daily dosage of 100mg or above.

That means 1/5th of a 500mg CBD oil a day. Which is a few chugs of the oil. This is obviously not idea. Therefore, Binoid CBD suggests getting a CBD oil starting at a base level of 1000mg, and working your way up. Unless…you use the product we are about to mention.

8. Learn about new nanotechnology CBD products:

A new and innovative product is currently being released by a few CBD brands is water soluble CBD that is made through nano-emulsion. Otherwise known as nanotechnology. This is a trend that is affecting other industries, and is now making its way to CBD. And for good reason.

CBD made in nanotechnology form is important because of the fact that it makes the CBD molecules smaller, and therefore easier to absorb by the body. Therefore making the CBD more effective or “bio-available” by the body. Water soluble CBD products have a bio-availability range from 90-100%, versus 40% maximum for the typical CBD oil or other CBD product options. In theory.


We still have a long way to go to completely understand CBD for pain relief and aid. Cannabis is still very new to studies and research. We can only expect in the next few years for their to be increased and proven knowledge on what CBD products work best for all things pain. Based off all the research we have analyzed, we can only assume that nanotechnology or water soluble CBD is the best and most effective CBD product for pain. 

All other CBD products are either too low a dosage for pain or real medical reasons. Or they are digestive inefficiently in comparison. The digestive tract is way less effective than sublingual drops under the tongue. Learn more about how to take CBD products here. If you want to learn the best CBD products for anxiety click here, and the best CBD for sleep insomnia click here

How to take CBD oil products for pain relief chronic joint

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