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Top 6 Best CBD Gummies and Brands

CBD gummies remain one of the most popular hemp products on the market today, and it’s easy to see why.  For one thing, they let you control your dosage level easily.  Plus, they’re easy to take.  And, of course, who can deny that it can be more captivating if you will, to take CBD when it comes in the form of a tasty gummy candy?

Of course, someone who wants to start themselves on a daily gummy routine can feel greatly intimidated by the enormous variety of gummy options that exist on the market today.  With literally hundreds of options to choose from, how can a consumer know which one is most deserving of their money, and will give them the most effective, high-quality hemp?

Well, allow us to make your decision a little bit easier.  We’re going to discuss the top 7 gummies and brands that are available today, based on all of the factors that matter, such as the quality of the hemp, the type of hemp used and, of course, the taste of the gummies.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are edible products infused with hemp extract in order to deliver CBD and other hemp compounds to the body.  They are gummy candies that come in a wide variety of flavors.  They’re taken at any time of day and can take effect in one to two hours as they travel through the digestive system to ultimately be released into the bloodstream through the liver.  Gummies are also known for providing extremely long-lasting effects due to how long this type of product stays in the system.

Are All CBD Gummies Created Equally?

Not all CBD gummies are created equally.  For one thing, they come in a wide variety of flavors, textures, potency levels, chemical compositions and more.  Further, CBD gummies can vary a lot in quality, as some products use better manufacturing methods than others.  All of the gummies listed below have been verified to be extremely high in quality, as they all come with lab reports from a third-party that verify their purity levels, potency, chemical composition and more.

CBD Gummy Brands You Need to Discover

These brands truly stand out among the rest in terms of quality, potency and overall effectiveness.

#6: Koi CBD Gummies

Best CBD Gummies Koi discount

Koi is a company that’s mostly known for their flavorful CBD e-liquids, but their recently launched gummies are quickly becoming another hot item from the celebrated brand.  They’re made with broad spectrum hemp, which is a THC-free alternative to full spectrum, meaning it contains a wide array of compounds found in the hemp plant material that each offer their own unique properties except don’t include the intoxicting compound. Koi CBD’s gummies are also known for being highly flavorful.  They come in an assortment of flavors including ones you don’t usually come across, such as acai berry, lime and tangerine.  Also, being priced fairly makes them a decent option. 


Even though Koi is known for having great tasting products, we cannot verify the quality of their flavoring. Based on their ingredients, they use Natural and Artificial flavoring. Which is not ideal. As well, their gummy options are limited as you cannot choose your flavors other than choosing between regular and sour. If there is a flavor you do not like you cannot choose. It is all or nothing.

Taste: 7/10 

Options: 6/10

Ingredients: 7/10

CBD Quality: 9/10

Value (Price For CBD Type) : 8/10

Total: 37/50

#5: Medterra CBD Gummies

Medterra CBD Gummies review discount

Medterra is a CBD brand that’s quickly becoming a go-to among serious hemp enthusiasts looking for reliable, high-quality products.  Their gummies are unique in that they come in a variety of options that each cater to a unique need: stress, sleep and energy.  Each one contains an additional active ingredient, also plant-based, that accomplishes a specific goal, whether it be relaxation or cognitive function. 

Medterra’s gummies are also extremely flavorful, and they’re made with natural fruit extracts and plant-based sweeteners.  The company takes great pride in using all-natural formulas that are free of corn syrup and other high-glycemic sweeteners. Their gummies are also vegan, which is a plus.


The biggest knock on Medterra Gummies is the type of CBD used. They’re made with CBD isolate, with means that you’re only getting CBD without any other compounds.  This is one large potential drawback if you’re looking for a more complete hemp experience.  They’re also a little pricier, but you’re paying for the quality of product, as well as other active ingredients that support their suggested benefits as well as the CBD. 

Taste: 9/10

Options: 10/10

Ingredients: 8/10

CBD Quality: 6/10

Value (Price For CBD Type): 8/10

Total: 41/50

#4: CBDistillery Gummies

The CBD gummies from CBDistillery remain a very popular choice, and the fact that they’re so affordable despite being very high in quality definitely helps their reputation.  They’re also made with CBD isolate, which means that if you’re looking for a more complete hemp regimen, this may not be the option for you.  However, CBDistillery CBD Gummies, high CBD strength, have a great flavor and are made with high-quality ingredients.  Plus, they come in a sleep-enhancing formula as well thanks to the addition of melatonin.  CBDistillery gummies are vegan like Medterra. 

A large part of CBDistillery’s appeal is their amount of customer support and evidence behind their products. CBDistillery customer’s are high advocates of their products, including their gummies. Their popularity and social proof is a large portion of their ranking on our list.


Like Medterra CBD Gummies, CBDistillery gummies are made using CBD Isolate. Which is an inferior version of CBD. If it was not for this, CBDistillery gummies would be rated higher. As well, CBD gummies do not have that many options, with only two versions. The gummies taste great, however the flavors are not very unique with only raspberry-lemon, raspberry and strawberry flavors. Is the same flavor twice necessary? 

Taste: 9/10

Options: 8/10

Ingredients: 9/10

CBD Quality: 6/10

Value (Price For CBD Type): 10/10

Total: 42/50

#3: Green Roads CBD Gummies

Best CBD Gummy Bears brands green roads relax bears competitors

Green Roads is one of the big players in the CBD industry, and their gummies remain one of the most popular choices on the market.  They offer a generous variety of flavors, which is great for those who are a little pickier in this area.  They also come in a variety of concentrations.  Further, they offer a formula that’s made specifically for sleep.  The price point varies based on the specific formula that you choose.  Overall, it’s a dependable choice as Green Roads maintains a very good reputation.

Like CBDistillery, Green Roads is a large brand with a proven track record and many customers to show the quality and effectiveness of their products.


Green Roads is an enigma however. They have many CBD gummy options with their full sized,  froggies, relax series, and on-the-go products. However, they only have one full sized option with all the assorted flavors. We wish they had a few more full-sized options for better value. Additionally, Green Roads CBD gummies are made from CBD Isolate. Which again is a fairly large negative. They also use Natural and Artificial flavors like Koi CBD, which also not great for health-minded individuals.

Taste: 10/10

Options: 9.5/10

Ingredients: 7/10

CBD Quality: 6/10

Value (Price For CBD Type): 10/10

Total: 42.5/50

#2: CBDfx Gummies

CBDfx has been dazzling hemp enthusiasts with their tasty gummies for years now, and we’re big fans of their flavor as well as their quality.  The brand is known for using full spectrum hemp extract in their gummy formulas, which allows for the entourage effect to take place, which refers to the synergistic effects that occur when you consume every compound in hemp together at once, as nature intended.  The brand also uses all-natural formulas to produce their gummies, which is great for those who want a highly holistic option. CBDfx gummies are made from broad spectrum CBD, THC-Free, and vegan.

CBDfx is famous for two unique gummy formulas.  Their original formula comes in a tasty berry flavor and contains a generous amount of hemp.  Then, their Turmeric & Spirulina formula contains two additional active ingredients known for being superfoods.  The gummies from CBDfx are a little pricier than other popular options on the market, which reflects their quality, but may not be ideal for those on a very tight budget.

They recently just launched a full new line of CBD products, for males, females, and apple cider vinegar gummies. The consistency of the products have also changed, and are a little bit better. However they do not look as appetizing and have no sugar. Even still, the flavor is still good. 


CBDfx is not a brand for those looking for price. As well, some of their lab reports have shown less CBD in them than stated on their labeling and packaging. Some of their products have up to 50mg less than stated in a package of 300mg stated. However, variance is normal for CBD products. The only knock is we wish it was a little bit less. Their gummies are a better consistency, however they seem to be taking advantage of hype for apple cider vinegar gummies. As well, their new Turmeric and Spirulina gummies look funky and have holes in it. 

Taste: 8/10

Options: 10/10

Ingredients: 10/10

CBD Quality: 8/10

Value (Price For CBD Type): 9/10

Total: 45/50

#1: Binoid CBD Gummies

Binoid CBD Gummies Flavors Review For Sale

At the top of our list is Binoid CBD, which we can verify produces exceptional gummies.  Binoid CBD Gummies start off with carefully sourced hemp that is grown organically to retain more nutrients and be free of impurities. Binoid CBD gummies contain broad spectrum hemp, which is a type of extract that possesses the full variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients that occur in the plant, with zero THC. 

These gummies are known for their mouthwatering flavor that comes from natural ingredients, and the flavors are more unique and delicious than any other gummy out there and on this list. Binoid Gummies come in 3 flavors – Juicy Mango, Sweet Mixed Berry, and Tasty Sour Strawberry. Each gummy contains 10 milligrams (MG) of hemp extract, which two of those is the perfect daily dosage for most users.  Best of all, these are one of the most affordable Broad Spectrum options on the market.

Additionally, the part that makes Binoid CBD Gummies unique is their CBD content and testing of these products. Based on the CBD gummy lab results, they show to have around 350mg+ in each gummy instead of 300mg. This means even more value! Not only this, but these gummies are tested up to 5x throughout the manufacturing process to make sure they are as high quality as they can be.


Taste: 9/10

Options: 9/10

Ingredients: 9/10

CBD Quality: 10/10

Value (Price For CBD Type): 10/10

Total: 47/50

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Use code BINOID10 for 10% off our gummies. With so many CBD gummies out there today, and each one promising to deliver a sublime hemp experience, choosing the right one can be a challenging endeavor.  But, by using the guide above, you’ll learn about the best options that are on the market so that you can make a decision that’s right for your needs, preferences and goals related to hemp.  

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