Best 5 Delta 10 THC Brands

With more cannabinoids emerging on the market every quarter, it’s not all that surprising that many people out there still haven’t even heard of Delta 10-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-10 THC), which only came out in early 2021.  But, real-deal hemp enthusiasts are singing its praises as its effects are distinctively enjoyable in many ways.  

Because delta 10 THC products so new, it can be hard to know where to find it.  While nowadays, you can walk into a gas station or shop online (the preferred choice) and choose from cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-8 THC products, delta 10 isn’t yet as much on the radar.  This means that companies that produce it are fewer and farther between, and to make things more complicated, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that you could encounter fake or extremely low-quality delta-10.

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What is Delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 THC is yet another cannabinoid that shares a lot in common with traditional delta 9 THC.  Like delta 8, the massively successful cannabinoid that has been on the market for a couple of years now, delta 10 is mildly psychoactive, and about 70% as intoxicating as delta 9.

But, the type of high is completely unique.  Most hemp users will tell you that while delta 8 produces indica-like effects, delta 10 does the opposite, boosting feelings of euphoria and providing a sense of invigoration that makes it unique appropriate for daytime enjoyment, when we need to be more engaged.  And, like delta 8, delta 10 seems to offer a more clear-headed high than marijuana.

Delta 10, like other popular cannabinoids, comes in various delivery methods, strengths and strains, so that it can be taken in a way that’s aligned with one’s personal preferences and goals with the cannabinoid.

Best Delta 10 THC Brands Currently on the Market

Fortunately, there are companies that do make high-quality delta 10 THC products, who have already established their reputations as trustworthy, honest, and dedicated manufacturers of hemp products.

#5: Mood Time

Mood Time is a brand that specializes in delta 10 vape carts that come in a really generous variety of beloved strains from indica, sativa and hybrid varieties, offering something for everyone.  These Delta 8 1000mg cartridges are 510-threaded for compatibility with standard vape pen devices, and while the company is still very new to the scene compared to others on our list, delta 10 enthusiasts are already singing their praises.

#4: Delta 8 Factory

Delta 8 Factory is a highly established brand in the hemp industry, and one of the first to see enormous success with a lineup of delta 8 products.  Now, they’ve venturing into the world of delta 10 with a lot of promising results.  For the time-being, the brand only offers delta 10 vape cartridges, but their enormous and varied delta 8 catalog gives us reason to believe that they’re currently working on adding a lot more delta 10 to their selection in the form of various delivery methods, formulas and more.

In the meantime, their delta 10 carts are absolutely worth trying.  These 1ml cartridges are made with the same high standards as their other products, being lab-tested by a third party, free of additives and developed using only the finest extraction methods.  Choose from a generous variety of strains to satisfy your most precise hemp-related desires.

#3: Bio

Bio is a brand that was developed by Jolly Green Oil (JGO), an extremely popular and reputable CBD company, in order to focus solely on delta 8 and now, delta 10.  Bio’s delta-10 products come with a lot of support from fans of the cannabinoid and are available in all kinds of desirable options including gummies, concentrates, e-liquids, flower, vape carts, and tinctures, so that enthusiasts can really explore different ways to feel the effects of the cannabinoid.  This brand is known for their commitment to lab-testing and using only the most carefully selected ingredients.

#2: Delta Effex

Few brands have risen to success as quickly as Delta Effex, who rose to the top by being transparent, honest and educational when it comes to their products.  They started out with delta 8, but now, their delta 10 catalog is fully available to anyone who wants to explore this compound.  Right now, you can find delta 10 THC vape cartridgesdelta-10 disposable vapes, and delta 10 tinctures that contain only the purest extracts without any filler ingredients of any kind.  Their vapes come in a stellar selection of strains for those who seek out different terpenes for specific properties.

#1: Binoid

Binoid has worked very hard to deliver what we can truly say is some of the best, if not the finest delta 10 THC in the world.  We carefully researched the compound in order to bring you the best delta 10 solutions for maximum bioavailability and purity.  Our lab-tested delta 10 vape cartridges and delta 10 tinctures all come with customizable options like strain and milligram strength for a fully personalized experience.

  • Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges: These 510 battery compatible carts use premium 62% Delta-10, paired with 30% Delta-8, and 5% cannabis terpenes.  They are also available in four different sativa, indica, and hybrid strains (Cookies & Cream, Purple Punch, Pineapple Express, and Strawberry Cough).

  • Delta 10 THC Tincture: First pure Delta 10 tincture for an enjoyable body and mind experience.  It’s one of a kind, with 1000mg of Delta-10 and no Delta-8.  Just 1-2 drops under your tongue and you’re good to go for up to several hours.
  • Delta 10 THC Bundles: Binoid is known for having some of the best priced Delta-10 bundles for their vape cartridges, tinctures, and other products for an amazing price. That means you can buy in bulk for a few weeks or months in advance and save big!

Binoid delta 10 products contain zero fillers or additives, giving you the true power of the hemp plant without any other ingredients getting in the way.  If that wasn’t enough, our prices are simply the best that the market offers right now, as our operations take place in-house.  Plus, our shipping policies are renowned, as we ship most orders within 24 hours using ultra-fast shipping services while providing discreet packaging.

Bottom Line: Binoid is the brand to choose, since their high quality Delta-10 distillate, and premium Delta 10 products are lab tested, trusted and highly regarded for its quality and purity, like all hemp-based products available on their site.

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