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Why Binoid Is The Best Delta 8 Brand of 2023

Delta 8 THC is probably the most sought-after psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, and it’s easy to see why.  This federally legal hemp derivative offers a gloriously soothing high that can make us feel more mellow, while offering a body high that’s nothing short of blissful. 

You will notice that nowadays, there are a lot of companies out there producing their own lines of delta 8 products, but Binoid remains one of the most successful delta 8 THC brands and is the best Delta 8 brand online in 2023. So, what is it that Binoid does differently?  Let’s find out.

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#1: It Starts with Fresh, Organic and Locally Sourced Hemp

At Binoid, we know that a delta 8 product is only as good as the hemp it was sourced from.  That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to secure the finest hemp material possible.  We work closely with domestic farmers who specialize in growing cannabinoid and terpene-rich plant material using the most advanced methods available. 

They also grow their plant material organically, which is critical to avoid pesticides and other unwanted toxins ending up in Binoid products.  The flower we use is always fresh, allowing it to retain its potency and flavor.

#2: Our Extraction Methods are the Best

How the delta 8 is extracted from the hemp plant makes a huge difference when it comes to its potency, its stability and even its safety.  That’s why we use a top-notch steam distillation process which gently yet effectively isolates the delta 8 THC cannabinoid following a process of isomerization, which converts cannabidiol (CBD) into delta 8 by rearranging the molecules.  This way, you’re getting nothing but the cleanest and most effective delta 8 THC possible.

#3: Our Strain Selection is Enormous

We understand the importance of offering our customers a great choice of strains, since everyone has a specific set of goals in mind when taking in some delta 8 THC.  We have secured some of the most highly-rated indicas, sativas, and hybrids, with each one thoughtfully curated based on its known properties and potential benefits. 

When you look through our delta 8 vapes, dabs, and flower, we know that you’ll have no trouble finding a strain that completely captures what it is you’re looking for, whether that be an uplifting, energizing strain to help you feel more productive, a dreamy, soothing strain to enjoy at bedtime or something in between.

#4: We Offer All Kinds of Product Forms to Suit Your Needs

Speaking of selection, here at Binoid, we’ve made sure to incorporate delta 8 THC into as many product types as possible.  You’ll be able to explore delta 8-infused vape cartridges, disposables, tinctures, dabs, gummies, flower and so much more, based on how you like to enjoy the psychoactive effects of this popular cannabinoid. 

We even offer delta 8 live resin products, providing you with a more potent, terpene-rich and flavorful form of your favorite product type, to experience hemp’s full spectrum effects like never before.

#5: We Take Lab-Testing Seriously

Without a doubt, third-party lab-testing plays a critical role in ensuring customer satisfaction, not to mention safety.  We at Binoid send each batch of hemp extract out to a state-licensed laboratory, where it’s analyzed for important factors like federal compliance, purity, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, contamination and more. 

The lab reports that are given back to us are then displayed on our website, and are extremely easy to find, so that you’ll have no trouble looking through these lab reports yourself prior to making a purchase, to know you’re getting nothing but the best Delta 8 THC product out there.

#6: Our Formulas are as Clean as They Come

One of the more overlooked but extremely important aspects of any delta 8 product is the ingredients that aren’t hemp-derived.  And, you’d be surprised by how many companies load up their products with additives and filler ingredients that do a disservice to customers.  The delta 8 products at Binoid contain as few added ingredients as possible, and we never use chemicals that are known to do harm to the body. 

Our delta 8 vapes contain zero additives whatsoever, and our gummies, tinctures and other formulas are completely vegan, while containing natural, carefully sourced ingredients that add to the value of the product itself.

#7: Our Prices are Exceptional

While exploring our catalog, you’ll quickly notice that our prices are much more affordable than average.  That’s because we do our manufacturing fully in-house, rather than outsourcing.  What this does is lower production costs, and so we can sell our products for lower prices as a result.  Besides that, we’ve found that a lot of companies charge way too much for delta 8 products simply because they can.  We want our Delta 8 products to be as accessible as possible so that you can fit them into any budget.

#8: Our Shipping Policies are Some of the Best Anywhere

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as buying a delta 8 THC product online, only to realize that it’s going to take more than a week to arrive due to poor shipping policies.  We know you’re excited to start trying out Binoid’s delta 8, which is why we make sure to use the fastest shipping services possible. 

We ship almost all orders out within 24 hours, and no later than 48 hours after an order was placed.  Our average shipping time is 2-3 days, meaning that you’ll be able to start enjoying our Delta 8 products in no time.

Binoid Is The Best Delta 8 Brand Online of 2023

At Binoid, we know that you’ll be completely satisfied with your delta 8 THC experience, from the time you place your order to that first glorious dose of this magnificent cannabinoid. 

That’s because we go above and beyond to serve our customers in every way, never cutting any corners to give you ideal service and exceptional product satisfaction.  Explore our delta 8 THC products today, and then see why so many hemp enthusiasts choose us as their supplier of choice.

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