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Best Delta 8 THC Brands

Delta 8 THC is a rapidly growing trend in the hemp industry, and first hit the scene about a year ago when companies in the hemp business discovered that they could isolate and concentrate the delta-8 compound in the hemp plant to make more potent products.  Now, the submarket is booming, with a rich array of high-quality, bioavailable, and potent products that revolve around this fascinating cannabinoid.

For those who may not be aware, Delta 8 THC comes in various product formulations, delivery methods, and even potency levels, just like CBD products that are widely used today.  However, delta-8 behaves differently, most notably producing psychoactive effects that are quite calming compared to those of delta-9, the dominant THC compound in marijuana.

Of course, when it comes to hemp, not all products are created equally.  That is why we’re here to talk about the best delta 8 THC brands to choose from.  

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What is Delta 8, and How is it Different from CBD?

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid in the hemp plant, taking up about 0.1% of the plant’s chemical composition, while CBD is present in about 15% of the plant material.  Unlike cannabidiol, delta-8 is psychoactive.  But it is milder than delta-9, because delta8 is, in fact, the degraded form of delta9 which has weakened in potency due to oxidization.

Delta 8 therefore will get you high, but many say it is more blissful and uplifting without feelings of altered consciousness.  It is also legal according to federal law, but some states have made it illegal since its rise in popularity, so you’ll want to make sure that you can get it legally depending on where you live.

Now, delta 8 comes in many delivery methods, which refers to the manner in which the compound absorbs into the body, as some of these include:

The delta 8 in the formula is usually a distillate, which is an isolated and concentrated compound produced using an advanced distillation process that yields a clean, potent and stable extract.

Why is it Important to Choose Your Delta-8 THC Brand Wisely?

Delta 8 THC is very trendy right now, and with any trend comes a lot of copycats looking to make money without putting the work into delivering in terms of quality.  Delta 8 THC products vary in quality, purity, and potency, and you have to therefore be careful when shopping.  It is crucial to go with a trusted brand that has a good reputation for delivering high-quality formulas that are safe, effective, and totally legitimate.

Top 5 2021 Delta 8 THC Brands That Must Be Added to Your Daily Routine

Now, let’s share the best delta8 companies on the hemp market today, who have all won over customers with their effective, high-quality formulas, their use of carefully sourced ingredients and their reputations for delivering only the best delta 8 THC that the industry has to offer.

#5: 8Delta8

8Delta8 is a growing delta8 company that has proven themselves as a very legit and thoughtful brand.  They source their delta 8 from organic, domestically grown hemp, and work extremely hard to create highly bioavailable, clean formulas.  They offer the delivery methods customers typically gravitate toward, like 8Delta8 delta-8 tinctures, gummies and vaping products

But they also have some pretty unique formulas that are worth exploring, like various types of concentrates, which are uniquely high in potency, along with flower and even pure distillate, made in-house and lab-tested for quality. 8Delta8 was one of the earliest companies in Delta-8, and their product line shows it with the amount of variety.

8Delta8 pricing is better than most brand’s out there, except for Binoid brand Delta 8 THC products, which are the best priced products we can find.  

#4: Delta Effex 

Delta Effex has become a go-to brand thanks to their transparency with customers and their uniquely attractive packaging which catches the eye.  Their products are straightforward, and their eager to share their various manufacturing methods to verify their legitimacy in the industry.  

Delta Effex is known for their vape cartridges, which come in various desirable strains and taste absolutely delicious thanks to the use of carefully extracted hemp terpenes that work together to produce unique flavor profiles.  The brand also carries tinctures enhanced with specific terpene profiles to produce certain desirable effects, ranging from relaxation to invigoration.  They have been adding to their product line quite a bit as of late and will likely continue to grow in the year to come.

For example, Delta Effex launched brand new Delta 10 THC products that includes vape cartridges, a disposable, and a tincture. Delta-10 is a new compound that we are still learning about, however it is seen as a Sativa-like Euphoria and mood-booster. 

#3: Urb

Urb by lifted made is quickly becoming a leader in the delta 8 industry, largely thanks to their high quality selection of products that come in generous ranges of milligram strengths for more control over one’s potency levels. Especially their gummies, that have a large bottle and a small bag to try them out.

Urb is particularly strain-conscious, offering many products in a variety of desirable strains that each offer their own unique effects.  They also have a large selection of delivery methods including Urb Delta-8 tinctures, vapes and capsules, along with raw hemp flower infused with pure delta8 THC distillate.

#2: 3Chi

3Chi is another big performer in the delta 8 industry and are a recognized name in the hemp business.  Not only does the company offer some of the purest delta 8 goods around, but they aim to educate the public about its various effects and uses as well, along with information about how to take it for the best results. 

3Chi offers Delta-8 gummies, tinctures, vapes and other products, and goes above and beyond to formulate their delta 8 with other hemp compounds to offer more unique effects, like combining delta8 with CBN (cannabinol) for enhanced sleep. They are very transparent about how they produce their delta 8 THC, starting with the cultivation of the hemp plant all the way up to the individual product formulations.

#1: Binoid 

Binoid has been selling high-quality CBD goods for a while, and their addition of delta 8 products is no surprise considering the demand for this unique type of hemp good.  Binoid currently offers some spectacular delta-8 vape cartridges, all made with some of the cleanest ingredients on the market and bursting with fresh flavor. 

The carts come in a variety of popular, sought-after strains such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookie, Grand Daddy Purp, and Wedding Cake. So you can personalize your hemp experience according to your more specific needs. Whether it is a Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica. 

Binoid has also launched brand new Delta 8 gummies, Capsules, and Wax Dabs that are available on their website. 

Only the Best Delta 8 Brands to Meet Your Daily Regimen Will Do 

Delta 8 is more widely available than ever before, but that does not mean that any old product containing delta-8 THC will give you the benefits you’re looking for.  It’s crucial that you only buy from a trusted and reputable Delta-8 online store such as Binoid in order to know that you’re getting the best delta8 that’s available.  These five Delta-8 brands, including 8Delta8, Delta Effex, Urb, 3Chi, and the best Delta-8 THC brand, Binoid. They have the best products to deliver a satisfying and blissful experience.

Overall, the top online Delta 8 store are websites like Binoid that offer free shipping, discounts all over their site, and the best Delta-8 products in the industry. It does not get better than that. Some stores carry good products and brands, but no free shipping. Some give free shipping and higher prices. Binoid has been known to give free shipping, and the lowest prices of Delta 8 THC and CBD products. I would highly recommend purchasing their products.

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