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Best Delta 8 Review Websites

The world of delta 8 THC is expanding with every blink of an eye, as more and more companies are offering up their unique takes on delta 8 vapes, gummies, tinctures, and more.  It’s a well-established fact in the hemp circle that not all delta 8 is created equally. 

Sadly, there are all kinds of ways in which a company can fall short of satisfying customers, whether it be through additive-laden formulas, poor customer service, excessively slow shipping times, or, simply, products that fail to actually work. Fortunately, those people out there who are seeking out only the best delta 8 products that they can get their hands on can look to review websites, which are websites that exist solely to review hemp products. 

These websites are managed by delta 8 enthusiasts just like you, who have gone through the trouble of testing products to give consumers loads of information that can help them make the right choice when looking for a high-quality product from a reputable brand. 

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What Should You Actually Be Looking For in a Review Website?

So, before just going over our favorite delta 8 review websites, we gotta cover what makes a particular website stand out.  Here are the things to look for.

  1. You should see reviews for a variety of brands.  If a website reviews one particular brand far more than others, this can be a sign that the reviewer is getting paid by a brand to cover them favorably, meaning that the review may be dishonest.
  2. You should see that the reviewer covers a number of aspects of that which they’re reviewing, such as the effectiveness of the product, the variety of strains/flavors/etc., the company’s business practices and more, to help you make the most well-informed decision possible.
  3. The reviewer should only positively review companies that produce products that are compliant with federal law, and which have been third-party-tested. 

Best Delta 8 Review Websites

These websites below were chosen because they have very positive reputations throughout the industry for reviewing products honestly, and even reviewing many different products in order to help consumers make the best choices possible.

#6: The CBD Encyclopedia

The CBD Encyclopedia is an excellent resource for someone who wants to learn more about popular products on the market based on those who have actually tried them, and also have high standards when it comes to delta 8 and other cannabinoid-based formulas

The website is refreshingly clean and easy to navigate, with reviews broken up into product type categories, and a column where you can search by brand.  They’ve reviewed some of the very top delta 8 companies out there, and also introduce customers to smaller brands that they may not have heard of otherwise. 

#5: YouTube

Okay, so YouTube isn’t exactly a delta 8 review website, but the bottom line is that it’s a phenomenal resource for delta 8 lovers who want to learn more about specific products.  That’s because there are many reviewers who exist solely on YouTube, with video channels that act as their medium of choice.  What’s great about YouTube delta 8 reviews is that because the reviews are in video format, you can learn about a product through visuals, watching the reviewer actually use the product as opposed to just reading about their experience.

#4: Reddit

Like YouTube, Reddit is not strictly a delta 8 review resource.  But, there are plenty of subreddits for delta 8, hemp, and related topics that act as exceptional resources for learning about products.  Why?  Because the delta 8 products are reviewed by users just like you, who you know aren’t paid to describe a product favorably.

#3: is a collective of cannabis enthusiasts who initially began their online project in order to break the stigma surrounding the plant.  Since then, they’ve expanded to become one of the most notable review websites on the market, giving equal attention to marijuana and hemp companies, and sharing their passion for cannabinoids with the world. 

Their reviews are extremely detailed, and the enthusiasm that goes into each review is absolutely infectious.  They review a wide array of delta 8 products, taking the time to give customers every piece of information that they could possibly ask for, while offering detailed information about the overall experience they had with each product.

#2: High Times 

Long-time cannabis enthusiasts are no stranger to High Times, a publication that’s been covering all things cannabis since 1974, and still remains the go-to resource to this day.  On their website, they review a huge array of cannabis products, including hemp products. We love that their reviews are incredibly detailed, leaving customers with a sense that they know everything there is to expect from a particular product, while also sharing lots of information about the manufacturer themselves.

Because of the publication’s long-standing reputation, you know you’re reading reviews that you can trust, and the enthusiasm with which the reviewers write about different cannabis products makes us all the more excited to try them ourselves.

#1: CBD Oracle

CBD Oracle is another fantastic source for delta 8 reviews, and one of the most respected in the industry because of their passion, their honesty, their integrity and their detail.  Their website is extremely easy to navigate, which is good news since many review websites look cluttered and overwhelming. 

We love that they review products in a way that’s readable to both beginners and advanced users, and they don’t only review delta 8 THC – they cover basically any hemp product on the market, including HHC, Delta 8 Gummies, Delta 8 Vapes, THC-P reviews, THC-O reviews and more on their website. 

CBD Oracle does extensive research on all of their reviews, and have an impressive library of different content to check out. That’s what makes them the best.

Find Delta 8 Reviews That You Can Trust Today!

Overall, some review sites are more trustworthy than others, and fortunately, all of these review sites are available for you to make informed decisions based on the reviews of real cannabis enthusiasts just like yourself.  Look to these websites if you need a little help figuring out which delta 8 products are truly worth your money.

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