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Best 5 HHC Brands

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is one of the newer cannabinoids to appear on the hemp market, and while eager hemp enthusiasts have already been raving about its unique effects, many of us are completely unfamiliar with the hemp derivative.  HHC is a federally legal cannabinoid that is unique in that it seems to behave identically to delta 9 THC in terms of its high and other noted properties, making it a cannabinoid that many will consider very worthwhile.

But, as we’ve learned from CBD, delta 8 THC, and other cannabinoids, not all HHC is equally high in quality or worthy of your hard-earned money.  Everything from the extraction methods used to the ingredients that go into HHC product formulas can play a huge role in how much you actually enjoy the cannabinoid.

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What Determines the Quality of an HHC Brand?

When choosing a company from whom you’ll be buying your HHC, there are some key factors to look for first.

#1: Brand Reputation

It is always good to research a brand before buying from them.  Look them up to see what people have to say about them.  If reviews are unfavorable, obviously it’s a brand that you will need to avoid.

#2: Lab-Testing

You should only buy HHC from companies like Binoid that have all of their products lab-tested by a third-party facility, and make those lab reports available to the public through their website.  Otherwise, there’s no way to verify that you’re buying pure, high-quality, or even legitimate hexahydrocannabinol.

#3: Ingredients

Always read through the ingredients that are in a brand’s HHC-based products to make sure that the ingredients are generally clean and high in quality.

#4: Manufacturing Techniques

A brand should be transparent about their manufacturing methods, including the extraction techniques they use, how they source their hemp and so on.

Best HHC Vape Brands Out There Today?

Taking the above considerations, here are the best HHC brands currently out there.

#5: Hemp Living

Hemp Living doubles as a distributor of hemp goods from various companies and a manufacturer of hemp products, including a surprising array of HHC formulas including both vapes and dabs.  HHC dabs are quite rare, so if you’re looking for an ultra-potent cannabinoid experience, you’ll be happy shopping from them since their dabs come in many strain options, as is the case with their carts as well. 

While the brand doesn’t go into a lot of detail when it comes to how their products are made, they do have a good reputation on the market which implies that customers are very happy with their HHC products.  

#4: Forge Hemp

HHC edibles are quite hard to come by, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re recommending Forge Hemp, who doesn’t just offer high-quality gummies made with the cannabinoid but offers multiple flavor options for the pickier customers out there.  They also offer both vape carts and dabs in a wide array of strain options to appeal to every individual’s need. 

While the company doesn’t have a ton of information about how they make their products, they do have a very accessible customer service team that anyone can speak to in order to learn more.  And, they have a good reputation across the internet for their HHC and other hemp products, clearly being an established and trusted brand on the hemp market as a whole.

#3: Bearly Legal

One name that often comes up is Bearly Legal, since they’re another contributor to the rare cannabinoid market.  Presently, they only offer HHC cartridges, but their selection of strains is pretty much massive, which is a huge plus.  And, the brand is pretty transparent about how their carts are made, which is not something that we can say for every company. 

The brand actually goes to great lengths to ensure excellent cartridge technology by carefully sourcing their wicking and coil materials for maximum satisfaction.  That tells you that this is a brand that really values its customers’ needs rather than their wallets.  We also appreciate the fact that Bearly Legal goes above and beyond to tell customers about HHC and the other cannabinoids that they offer, to keep customers educated on the latest in hemp and to let them know what they can expect with each product that they choose.

#2: Delta Extrax (Effex)

Few brands are as trusted as Delta Extrax/Effex, who continues to strive to put customers at ease with as much transparency as possible about how their products are made and what to expect when using them.  Delta Effex is one of the leaders on the rare cannabinoid scene, and has done wonders to make cannabinoids like delta 8, delta 10, THC-P and now HHC accessible to the hemp-loving masses. 

Both their HHC vape cartridges and HHC disposable devices offer a nice variety of strains, and they are all made with 100% pure hemp, meaning that there are no additives – just hemp compounds in their purest forms.  The brand takes lab-testing seriously, and sources their hemp from the finest farms around to guarantee nothing but the best quality in every sense of the word.  

#1: Binoid 

Binoid has been at the forefront of the “rare” cannabinoid scene for a long time now, and we take great pride in being one of the very first companies to discover the value of HHC and develop products that highlight the capabilities of the cannabinoid.  The HHC products at Binoid have something for everyone, as we carry HHC tinctures along with premium vape cartridges in numerous strains, all made with nothing but 100% pure hemp extracts. 

At the same time, we plan on adding more HHC to our catalog in the near future as we are busy developing various formulas as we speak.  At Binoid, you can always count on lab-tested, pure, organically derived hemp products at some of the best prices that you’ll find anywhere, since we don’t outsource our production, instead relying on our own domestic facilities.

Find Only the Best HHC Brands at Binoid  

Overall, hexahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid that many hemp enthusiasts are excited to get their hands on, but the first thing that any customer should do is make sure that they’re buying their HHC from a brand that can be trusted for their quality levels and transparency.  At Binoid, they work exclusively with the most reputable brands throughout the hemp industry to always deliver only premium-quality HHC to our customers.

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