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The Top 9 Best Tasting CBD Tinctures

We recently got back from the World CBD Expo that was held in the Glendale Convention center in Los Angeles this past weekend. We met many brands and partners in this industry.

After going from booth to booth and trying other products, we really noticed the difference of flavors, tastes, and enjoyment from taking CBD tinctures. Because of that, we wanted to formulate the best tasting CBD tinctures, and the most enjoyable CBD experience. 

The best tasting CBD products is a larger problem than people think. Many CBD products either taste bad, are made out of ingredients that you cannot pronounce, or mixed with artificial flavoring. Many products taste bitter, oily and like plant. Which for some is great.

However for many, the taste of CBD products is a major reason why people will not try CBD oil or tinctures. That’s why Binoid has hand crafted a CBD blend formula using organic essential oil flavoring that actually tastes really good. Not just good, but really good!

However, in this list we will be describing other brands, as well as our own. To compile the best tasting CBD tinctures available today. Note, I did not identify the tinctures as “CBD oil” tinctures. Because not all of the products listed are CBD oil. 

9. Envy CBD:

Award: Most interesting flavors: 

Envy CBD gets a bonus mention because they have very interesting CBD flavors. Their flavors include Strawberry Watermelon, Apple, and Orange flavors. The strawberry watermelon flavor is a hit, and tastes great. Apple and orange taste fairly typical but are a better option than plain CBD oil for those looking for flavored options. Envy’s prices are also reasonable, which is another plus. 

Envy CBD Oil Flavor Rankings and Review

8. NuLeaf Naturals:

Award: Strongest Natural Flavor

Although this article is about the best flavored CBD oil, not the best natural hemp and CBD flavor. NuLeaf Natural wins for having the strongest “flavor” of hemp and CBD. NuLeaf’s CBD oil can be compared to an IPA for beer. The strongest and most “flavored” of the bunch. Even though the flavor is natural, we had to give NuLeaf props for creating such a high-quality, pure, and in the end strong product.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil Flavor Rankings and Review 

7. PureKana:

Award: Most Unique flavor – Vanilla

PureKana fits a special place on this list, because they only provide two flavor options, but both of them are a huge part of their branding. Their flavors are mint and vanilla. Which at this point are no longer unique. But, they were one of the first brands to supply these flavors.

Vanilla is a flavor you can find from a few brands such as Lazarus, but PureKana supplies it in the most pure form. Vanilla’s chemical composition makes it difficult to mix with things. Making PureKana’s accomplishment of creating this tasty option that much better.

PureKana CBD oil Flavors Review and Rankings

6. Charlotte’s Web:

Award: Most Unique Flavors

Charlotte’s Web is known as a premium brand, and for good reason. Their oils have been carefully made to be some of the highest quality on the market. The flavors of CW CBD oil is Lemon Twist, Orange Blossom, Mint Chocolate, and Olive Oil. The flavors are a mix of unique and standardized, but they mix the flavoring with the oil well. You can still taste the full spectrum hemp extract.

The reason why Charlotte’s Web is not #2, is because their Olive Oil flavor is pretty weird. A CBD oil, that already has oil, is added with an Olive oil flavor? A little too much oil if you asked me. As well, for this reason the calorie per mL of each item is a little higher than we would like.

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Review and Flavor Rankings

5. Medterra THC-Free CBD oil

Award: Best Unflavored CBD oil

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Sometimes a good tasting product is simply one without a taste. Or flavoring in this case. Medterra’s CBD oil is formulated not to have a taste, which works well for those who do not want to have any taste when mixed with a product. They use CBD isolate, which like Select is not the most effective type of CBD form. However, Medterra has a lot of positive reviews for their flavorless CBD oil, as well as effectiveness.

4. Populum

Award: Best Single Flavor CBD Oil – Orange

Populum is famous for their light and delicious orange flavored CBD oil. Yes, their product might be an oil but their orange flavoring is some of the best on the market. As far as CBD oils go, itself the best you can get for Orange flavoring. CBD oil is limited, which is why we invented our blend. However, Populum was one of the few companies that did oil right.

Populum CBD oil Review and Flavor Rankings

3. CBDfx Flavored CBD Oil Drops

Award: Best Combination CBD Oil Flavors

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CBDfx CBD oil drops are some of the best flavored CBD oils as they are unique in that they contain 3 different types of flavors in each one. Their most popular CBD oil flavor is their CBDfx Blueberry Pineapple Lemon CBD tincture. And for good reason, as it tastes amazing for a full spectrum CBD oil. You can purchase it for a discount here or below. The CBDfx flavors are also good, and should be enjoyed by most. The CBDfx Flavored tinctures are made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and MCT Oil, which is a great combination. As Full spectrum gets broad amount of benefits. 

 2. Lazarus Naturals: 

Award: Largest Variety of Flavors

Lazarus Naturals not only has the largest variety of flavors, they are some of the most popular and unique in the entire CBD space. With flavors such as French Vanilla Mocha, Chocolate Mint, and Tropical Breeze, Lazarus has many options for those curious about trying different flavors of CBD oil. However, since CBD oil is still made with a carrier oil, you will still taste a very oily texture with whichever flavor you try. The flavors are a nice differentiation, but the oil may ruin it for some. 

Lazarus Naturals Flavor Rankings and Review

1. Binoid CBD Drops: Lemon, Ginger, Peppermint, & Orange Essential Oil Flavors

Best Tasting CBD Oil Tinctures Water Soluble Nano

Award: Best Tasting CBD Tincture – Overall

Last but not least, Binoid CBD Drops are the best tasting CBD tinctures because they are formulated with 100% Organic Essential Oils that are not only great tasting but have the unique medical benefits of the essential oil paired with premium Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble CBD.

The perfect combo of high quality CBD and flavor. These Binoid CBD Drops were crafted with the best CBD experience possible in mind. Not only are Binoid CBD Drops the best tasting CBD oil, because they are water-soluble they are 4-5x more effective than regular CBD oils. 

Because of our proprietary and natural way of extracting broad spectrum cannabinoids from hemp, our superior products have a higher absorption rate by your body. They absorb into your body much faster than any other CBD product today. Not leaving you waiting 1-2 hours to feel the effects. Our delicious drops work almost immediately.

Our premium tincture drops are water-based, therefore making them water soluble and able to be added to any beverage, juice or shake. Because of our nano-emulsion technology, our Wellness Drops disperse into any drink or beverage of your choice. Instead of clumping up at the top like traditional CBD oils. 

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