Best THCA Diamond Wax Dab Brands You Should Try

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) may be the most exciting thing to happen to the hemp market since delta 8 THC a few years ago.  It’s the raw form of THC, naturally found in hemp, which becomes THC as soon as it’s heated – like through dabbing.  So, unsurprisingly, THCA dabs are making a big splash on the market, giving users a legal way to savor a potent delta 9 high without breaking the law.  

But, as you may have guessed, not all THCA dabs out there are gonna supply those superb effects, provide sustainable quality, or even have real legitimacy that you’re looking for.  But, never fear – we have got you covered with some impressive THCA dabs choices that you can purchase in this industry.

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Which THCA Dabs are Best for Dabbing?

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is still pretty new to the market, despite being a naturally occurring cannabinoid we’ve known about for decades.  What this means is that a lot of popular hemp companies don’t offer it yet – yet alone in dab form.  But, the good news is, we’re seeing companies producing exceptional THCA dabs/concentrates currently, so that you can grab your favorite dab rig or dab pen and enjoy a powerful high.  

Now, let’s jump into our favorite THCA dabs that you can buy online, all of which come with third-party lab reports and contain clean, safe, and minimal ingredients.

#5: CannaClear

CannaClear’s THCA diamonds offer a 98% pure THCA formula, with these dabs being in diamond form – named after their texture and appearance, in case you were wondering.  They’re sold by the gram, and don’t contain any terpenes, as what you’re getting is strictly THCA.  This is great for someone who wants to dab the cannabinoid without any flavor or aroma, or someone who wants to use this isolate form of THCA to make homemade edibles, tinctures, and more.

#4: Vivimu

Then, we have the THCA diamonds from Vivimu, which are almost identical to the ones from CannaClear.  They also contain zero terpenes, consisting strictly of THCA that’s just a little below 100% purity.  This, like the other diamonds we covered, can be enjoyed through a traditional dabbing setup, or used to make DIY THCA products that convert into delta 9 THC when heated.

#3: Snapdragon Hemp

The THCA Live Resin Concentrate from Snapdragon Hemp is the first dab on our list to include terpenes, here in the form of live resin – the result of extracting the compounds from fresh, flash-frozen rather than dry-cured flower buds.  The result is a higher trichome count, which results in higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Live resin is more flavorful and more potent than more traditional extracts, and here, Snapdragon used a basic BHO method (butane hash oil) to turn THCA-infused live resin into the perfect concentrate.  Yields 80% THCA (the rest is mainly terpenes) and arrives in 1 gram or 3.5 gram airtight jars.  Only caveat here is this, there’s no selection of strains to choose from.

#2: Dank Lite

We love the THCA Diamonds in Sauce from Dank Lite, which combine two types of concentrates (sauce and diamonds) to create a terpene-rich, dab-friendly delight.  Available in Apple Fritter, Gelato and Purple Punch strains, these dabs offer a sublime purity level, and pack a serious punch in terms of flavor.  Each package contains 1 full gram of THCA diamonds, and 1 full gram of terpene-rich sauce, for a total of 2 grams of dabbing enjoyment

#1: Binoid 

At the top of our list, we have Binoid’s THCA Wax Dabs, which happen to be the first THCA dabs to ever hit the market.  Available in the highly-popular Gusherz strain, Binoid plans to expand their collection of strains as time goes on, especially considering how these wax dabs have been selling out since they first hit the brand’s shelves. 

Like Dank Lite, Binoid combined THCA diamonds, which happen to boast a 99% purity level, with live rosin sauce, offering potent, fresh terpenes for out-of-this-world flavor and powerful effects that take your dabs to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Make Your Dab Sessions Even More Awesome When Using THCA Dabs!

Nothing really tops THCA dabs if you’re all about powerful delta 9-like effects.  And, these amazing brands are undoubtedly doing it right, offering high purity levels, expert extraction methods, and extensive lab-testing. 

If you’re seeking out the freshest, truly effective, and most flavorful dabs possible, go with the Binoid’s THCA Wax Dabs, since these are already proving to be enormously popular with hemp fanatics around the globe.

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