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Best THCA Vape Cartridges

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is changing the hemp industry as we know it, being a legal hemp derivative under federal law, which just so happens to be delta 9’s raw precursor.  By heating THCA, like we do when we vape, it converts naturally into delta 9 THC, which basically means that there’s a federally compliant way to enjoy a satisfying delta 9 vaping experience.

All that being said, it’s no surprise that THCA vape cartridges are quickly becoming top-sellers on the scene.  This product type is brand new, however, so it’s actually quite hard to find quality, legitimate THCA carts right now, without spending a long amount of time scouring the internet.  Luckily, we’re here to help, with a list of the absolute best THCA vape cartridges you can buy at the moment.

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Top THCA Vape Cartridges

THCA vape cartridges are slowly making their way onto shelves, and as always, it’s important to remember that not all of these carts may actually be worth your money.  THCA is a fast-growing trend, and unsurprisingly, a lot of companies are eager to cash in.  But, this leaves room for sketchy manufacturers to release subpar, ineffective, or downright fake cartridges that, at best, won’t give you any meaningful level of satisfaction.  

So, let’s look at these specific THCA vape cart companies that’re actually doing things right.

#5: Hemp Hop

Based in North Carolina, Hemp Hop has been in operation for years, primarily serving the local community of Charlotte, but also operating as a fully functional online retailer for all things hemp-related.  Their THCA vape cart combines THCA distillate with live resin, allowing for a more flavorful and potent type of hemp extract through the use of fresh, flash-frozen rather than dry-cured hemp flower. 

These 1g cartridges boast an impressive 80% cannabinoid concentration, with the addition of minor cannabinoids that synergistically enhance the effects of THCA.  For now, their cart comes in one strain: Gorilla Cake – and it features a ceramic coil, to offer better performance and flavor.

#4: Ghost Canna 

Ghost Canna, a brand owned and operated by fellow cannabis enthusiasts, has put their own unique spin on the THCA vape cartridge.  This 950mg cart combines THCA with THC-O, delta 8 THC and THC-P, basically to offer a surefire way to enjoy a deeply satisfying high, complete with all of the euphoria you crave.  Additive-free, the cartridge happens to come in a nice selection of strains, including Death Star, Blue Dream, Pink Runtz, Royal Gorilla, and more.

#3: JGO

JGO (Jolly Green Oil) has long been a trusted brand on the hemp market, ever since the early days of CBD discovery.  They have expanded their catalog over the years to include the most in-demand cannabinoids, now with THCA in vape cart form.  Their vape cartridge consists of 82% delta 8 THC and 15% THCA, along with, of course, plenty of terpenes, in strains like Trainwreck, Strawberry Fields, Jelly Roll, and more.

#2: Dank Lite

Dank Lite has been one of the go-to brands for all things hemp-derived and psychoactive for some time now.  They’ve really earned the trust of the hemp community by constantly delivering effective, safe and additive-free products highlighting the latest and greatest cannabinoids to emerge from the hemp plant. 

Unsurprisingly, their THCA vape cart is quickly becoming a fan favorite.  Available in the Watermelon Zkittlez strain, it’s reliably effective, providing a half gram of vape oil free of additives.  

#1: Binoid 

Binoid has been hard at work crafting their line of THCA products, including their THCA Vape Cartridge, which pairs their uniquely pure (99%!) THCA distillate with the magnificent flavor and potency of live rosin.  Binoid’s vape carts have always been top-sellers on the hemp market, and this THCA cartridge is just as effective as the other ones in their catalog.  It comes in great strains like Exotic Kush and Cranberry Haze

Enjoy vaping a full gram of clean, effective and powerful THCA vape oil.  And, as always, you can find the third-party lab reports to show off the purity level of the product, so, this way, you know you’re getting the absolute finest THCA vape carts out there. Binoid also carries amazing THCA flower on their new brand site Bloomz Hemp!

THCA Vapes: The Perfect Way to Get Your Vape On!

Overall, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid isn’t going anywhere, considering the fact that it offers a legal way to get high off of delta 9 THC.  The THCA vape carts above all offer that satisfying high, paired with some pretty tempting top-shelf strains that are sought-after on the cannabis market. 

If you want to treat yourself to the best THCA vaping experience possible, opt for Binoid’s cartridges, which have already become a huge hit among avid cannabinoid lovers.

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