Best Way To Dab Wax 2023: What You Need To Know

At Binoid, you’ll find a large selection of wax dabs, which give you the most potent forms of your favorite cannabinoids on the market.  These dabs combine psychoactive cannabinoids with your favorite strains’ terpene profiles in the form of an ultra-powerful THC wax dab concentrate that can give you a hemp experience like never before.  But, if you’re gonna get into the world of dabbing, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind to get as much satisfaction out of it as possible.

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#1: Start Slow

Because these products contain psychoactive cannabinoids, you always need to be completely on top of your personal tolerance so that you can reach just the right level of intoxicated.  Dabs happen to be far more potent than any other type of hemp product out there because they’re so concentrated, so the key is going slow to avoid ending up much more intoxicated than you planned on.  Start with one dab hit and wait a few minutes before deciding if another one is necessary.

#2: Know How to Store Your Dabs Properly

Another thing you always want to keep in mind is that with dabs or any hemp product, correct storage is critical.  It may not seem like a big deal, but the truth is that if you’re storing your dabs the wrong way, they’re going to lose effectiveness faster than you’ll have time to finish them. 

With any hemp product, a dark, dry and cool place is ideal, like a cabinet, drawer or area of your closet.  And, you want to make sure that the product is always kept in an airtight seal of some kind, whether that be its original packaging or some type of airtight container.

#3: The Strain Matters 

While looking through our selection of dabs, you’ll notice that we offer a large variety of strains that you can choose from, and you should never pick a strain at random if you’re looking for a specific type of experience. 

For example, if what you’re seeking out is a particularly calming high to enjoy at bedtime, then you want to read up on the different indicas and indica-dominant hybrids we offer, which are better suited for late-night enjoyment.  If you crave a more uplifting, upbeat high, then you’re going to want to go with a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid that can make you feel more motivated, focused, creative and even sociable. 

Each strain comes with its own highly distinctive high thanks to its terpene profile, so be extra mindful of the strain you buy to know you’re getting the specific high that you desire.

#4: Consider the Cannabinoid You’re Using

Of course, you also want to consider the cannabinoid of the concentrate, instead of picking one randomly.  We offer a many cannabinoids in dab form here at Binoid, and it would be a mistake to assume that any two cannabinoids are alike.  You’ll do yourself a big favor by reading about what each cannabinoid can offer in terms of its psychoactive effects, as well as any other potential benefits that it can have, on our website. 

Two cannabinoids that may sound similar in name can produce dramatically different highs, and everyone deserves the high that best suits their unique needs, tolerance and goals.  For example, THC-O’s high can be extremely potent and euphoric, not to mention psychedelic, while delta 8’s high is known for being extremely calming and mellow, and milder than delta 9 THC.

#5: Time Your Dose Wisely

There’s no such thing as the “wrong” time for a dabbing session, but at the same time, you probably don’t want to take a bunch of dab hits right before, say, a meeting with your boss.  Especially as you get used to any new type of psychoactive product, it’s better to save it for a time when you have a clear schedule for a few hours, so that you can just sit back and savor the psychoactive effect that washes over you. 

We always suggest trying a new dab for the first time when you know that you have nowhere to be for a little while, and picking an activity that you find relaxing, like watching your favorite TV show, going on a nature walk or playing your favorite videogames.  

#6: Get the Right Dabbing Equipment, and Take Care of it 

When it comes to dabbing, the equipment is just as important as the dabs themselves.  You can find all kinds of dabbing hardware out there, including dab rigs, nectar collectors, wax pens and more.  Consider what it is that you want out of your setup, whether it be something that’s small, portable and user-friendly, or something high-tech, with lots of features and accessories.  And, make sure to do a thorough cleaning of your equipment at least once a week so that the flavor continues to deliver each time you enjoy a session.

#7: The Purity Counts

Dabs come in different purity levels, and that’s something that you’re really going to want to pay attention to.  The purer the dab, the fewer impurities it has that get in between you and the high you’re looking for – and that matters especially with dabs since those impurities can be remnants of solvents like butane used to produce the dab.  You want to strive for a dab that’s 90% pure or higher, keeping in mind that you won’t get a 100% purity level since it’s a physical impossibility.  

#8: Know the Type of Dab You Want

There are all kinds of different dabs, and it’s good to have an idea of what makes each one unique to pick the one that will best serve your needs.  Wax is easily the most popular dab out there, named after its waxy consistency.  The reason why it’s so popular is because it’s easy to work with, and it has what many believe to be the perfect balance between strong terpene flavor and powerful cannabinoid effects

But, there are other types of dabs like shatter, sauce, rosin, hash, distillate and more, and each one has its own unique qualities when it comes to things like potency and flavor.

#9: Decide Between Analog and Electronic 

Ultimately, there are two main ways to dab: one is through an analog device like a dab rig or nectar collector, and the other is through an electronic vaporizer made for dabbing, which ranges in size from pocket-friendly to desktop.  With electronic dabbing, you can enjoy a less effortful way to dab, and let the device reach the temperature for you. 

With analog dabbing, you can enjoy a more customizable way to dab based on the accessories you buy and your method for heating the nail.  In other words, each method has its unique benefits, so decide which one is best for you.

Dab Your Way to Pure Cannabinoid Bliss at Binoid 

At Binoid, we make it easy for you to enjoy a glorious dabbing experience by offering only ultra-pure and fresh concentrates in a generous array of strains and cannabinoids.  All of our dabs have what it takes to give you the blissful high that you’re looking for, but ultimately it’s important to follow the practices above to get as much enjoyment out of your new dabbing routine as possible. 

And, keep in mind that finding a wax dab that really satisfies you is a great feeling, and you’ll probably want to buy that thc wax dab product again and again.  But, don’t limit yourself to just one dab at Binoid.  Explore different cannabinoids and strains, as you never know which new products might totally hit the spot somewhere in your daily or weekly routine.

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