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Blue Zkittlez Strain Review

Few strains come close to having a crowd-pleasing reputation to the extent of Blue Zkittlez and vape cartridges with blue zkittlez strain, an all-time favorite among many, many enthusiasts. Its sweet n’ sour fruity flavor is enough of a reason to sing its praises, but its gorgeously balanced effects and unique blend of properties makes it a true winner.  Perfect for when you don’t want something that leans too far one way or the other, this hybrid has what it takes to provide some intense satisfaction. You can get Blue Zkittlez strain vapes here

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Blue Zkittlez Basic Profile

Blue Zkittles is a 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid that comes from crossing the ultra-powerful Blue Diamond with the extremely popular Zkittlez strain.  

  • Yields somewhere around 20% THC, making it fairly potent but far from the strongest, most heavy-hitting strains out there.  
  • Has about 1% CBD.

Blue Zkittlez Physical Characteristics 

Blue Zkittlez buds are very dense, and quite compact.  They’ve a really tight appearance, with an olive green hue consistently throughout them. The medium olive tone is covered in very fine, amber-colored hairs, so fine in fact that at first glance the buds themselves look like they have golden and orange waves running through them. Crystal-like trichomes cover them to give them a subtle shimmering effect, also orange in color.

Blue Zkittlez Aroma and Flavor

Blue Zkittlez is known for its tantalizing aroma and flavor that never fails to satisfy as you reach that hemp rainbow.  

  • Aroma-wise, it has a pretty pungent note of diesel that adds to its complexity and makes it nothing short of intriguing, with potent berry notes drawing you in and making your mouth simply water.
  • Flavor-wise, it has a sweet and sugar-coated taste that explains the second half of its name.  The richly succulent berries and bold citrus notes are so vibrant, you will likely be highly impressed.

Blue Zkittlez Indica Effects

Blue Zkittlez is a strain that’s extremely potent, and yet remains virtually a universal favorite because it feels simply amazing. It builds slowly, until suddenly it crashes into you with a feeling that lingers behind the eyes, making your mind feel like it’s buzzing.  Don’t be surprised if you start feeling light-headed at this point. 

The cerebral effects make you feel both focused and at ease, and people report feeling waves of both euphoria and complete mental quiet, going back and forth throughout the duration of the high.  This cerebral stimulation starts to make its way throughout the muscles, allowing every inch of your body to melt into the couch as you find that physical discomfort completely disappears.   

At this point, it os very common to feel totally knocked out, so make sure that you’re prepared for that.  Overall, Blue Zkittlez is not a great daytime strain since it can pretty much take away your motivation to get much of anything accomplished.  Instead, it’s more suitable for evening, when you wanna kick back and relax. 

Awesome choice for when you’re feeling stressed out, or when you’re dealing with physical discomfort.  It acts as a nice break from the things that usually bog you down.  We still recommend Blue Zkittlez for moderate to advanced users due to its high THC level.  The lightheadedness that can occur may be unnerving to beginners.

Growing Blue Zkittlez Strain Information

Blue Zkittlez isn’t recommended for beginners to grow since it is a bit fussy.  It has a moderate difficulty level, so with some experience you can do just fine.  We recommend growing it indoors unless you happen to live in a very warm and dry climate.  Humidity and rain can prevent the plant from maturing properly, leading to a lot of disappointment.

The strain grows quite tall and takes about 7-8 weeks to flower.  You will need to control the humidity and temperature carefully throughout this time so that it does its best.  

Blue Zkittlez: A Dreamy Hybrid Complete with Mouthwatering Flavor 

Blue Zkittlez is a very beloved hybrid that gives you both the cerebral and physical effects that so many enthusiasts are searching for and offers surprising versatility thanks to its balanced nature.  Not only that, but its sugary-tart taste leaves you licking your lips after each and every puff that you take.  Binoid’s THC-O Vape Cartridge in Blue Zkittlez combines this strain with pure THC-O-acetate distillate for an absolutely unforgettable high that will amaze.

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