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Lots of hemp enthusiasts it seems, can’t wait to try tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) – raw precursor cannabinoid to delta 9 THC which becomes delta 9 once it’s heated (decarboxylated)

And, for anyone who is looking for a particularly potent psychoactive experience, it’s all about the THCA diamond wax dabs that are starting to hit the shelves.  So, where can you find THCA wax dabs that are guaranteed to be high-quality, legitimate and effective, and sold in the best strains around?

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What are THCA Wax Dabs Anyways?

THCA wax dabs are dabs (concentrates) created by combining a concentrated THCA distillate with wax made from the hemp plant, which is extremely potent in its terpenes due to its concentrated nature.  Dabs are meant for “dabbing”, which involves high-temp vaping using a special type of device, like a dab rig or a wax pen.  Dabbing is for those users who want to get extremely high, since it offers the most potent effects out of any delivery method.

Dabbing with THCA is basically a legal way to get high off of delta 9, since THCA is federally legal in any concentration, while its post-decarboxylated form (delta 9 THC) is still a federally illegal hemp derivative in concentrations above 0.3%.

THCA Diamond Wax Dabs Dosage?

The standard dosage for a THCA wax dab is 1-3 puffs, and just one puff is a nice starting point if you’ve never consumed delta 9 THC or any other psychoactive cannabinoid before.  As you build your tolerance to the psychoactive effects, you can increase how many puffs you take per session, to 3 or more until you find the high you’re seeking out.

Where Can You Buy THCA Wax Dabs?

In general, THCA products are very new to the market, and that means that they’re not as easy to find as, say, delta 8 products.  But, they’re really starting to see a lot of popularity, which means you’ll be seeing them more and more over the next few months.

When shopping for THCA wax dabs, you need to be sure of a few things – mostly, that what you’re buying is an authentic, fresh, additive-free, and lab-tested product.  So, let’s talk about which types of vendors are the most likely to satisfy your needs.

#1: Online Hemp Vendors 

Online hemp vendors are online companies that exclusively carry hemp products.  Because their business revolves solely around hemp products, they must make sure that they carry only top-quality THCA products, as they have no secondary source of income to fall back on should customers not be satisfied.  These types of businesses tend to carry a wide selection of THCA products from several leading companies in the industry.

#2: Directly from the Company

You can also buy THCA wax dabs straight from the company through their website, as this is a great way to learn a lot more about a particular company’s practices and standards, while getting full assurance that what you’re buying is 100% authentic.

Places We Don’t Recommend When Shopping for THCA Wax Dabs 

Overall, it’s best to avoid buying THCA products sold in a local store, for a few reasons.  Local stores don’t get high demand for hemp products, which means that quality standards don’t have to be as high (since there’s no major competition). 

It also means that the THCA wax dabs in stock aren’t moving at a fast enough rate to ensure that they’re always fresh, and THCA dabs that are no longer fresh will have lackluster potency and flavor.  Worse, we often hear reports of fakes sold in local stores.

Why Buying THCA Wax Dabs Online is the Way to Go

Although it might seem convenient at times to go to a local shop, there are several pitfalls for doing so versus going online to do your THCA wax dabs shopping.

#1: Traceability and Access to Lab Reports

Buying THCA dabs online makes it easy to learn a lot about the specific product through the content published by the manufacturer on their website.  It lets you trace the product from “seed to sale,” while giving you access to third-party lab reports which provide unbiased information about the purity, potency, chemical compound breakdown and federal compliance of the product.

#2: Higher Quality Standards and Fresher THCA Products

Online hemp companies know that they have to maintain extremely strict quality standards compared to local stores, because of the high visibility of the online market which creates more competition.  At the same time, higher visibility that comes with existing online means a faster product turnover rate, which means that the THCA vapes are always sold fresh.

#3: Better THCA Diamond Wax Product Selection

Shopping for THCA wax dabs online lets you explore a much wider selection of products than what you’d find in a local store.  This means that you can explore a much bigger choice of strains and other varieties that allow you to find the perfect product to suit your specific needs.

#4: Better THCA Wax Prices and Deals

Running a brick-and-mortar store comes with some pretty hefty overhead costs, and this is why buying THCA in person often means paying more than you’d pay online.  At the same time, online stores are more likely to hold sales, provide special offers and sell THCA dabs in the form of bundles, which give customers great deals when they stock up.

Get Your Dab On with Binoid’s THCA Wax Dabs!

To secure the most effective, highest-quality THCA wax dabs possible, we really recommend that you choose a trusted online brand like Binoid, where you can access lab reports, explore a variety of strains and know that you’re getting only top-shelf varieties at a phenomenal price.  Binoid’s quality standards ensure only excellent customer satisfaction. 

Plus, we’re proud to carry exceptionally fresh and potent THCA on the market.  In fact, we were the first company to launch THCA wax dabs.  Not to brag too much either, but our customers can’t get enough of their effects and bold terpene flavor.

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