Where To Buy THC-O In Louisiana

The hemp industry is growing exponentially, and new cannabinoids are being discovered that offer their own exiting properties to the human body.  One of the latest is THC-O, a powerful psychoactive with potential psychedelic properties.  Louisianians, who have by and large embraced CBD and delta 8 THC, are starting to seek out THC-O-acetate (THC-O) in their home state in order to explore these effects for themselves. 

But, the question is, would such a powerfully intoxicating cannabinoid actually be legal?  And if so, where can residents buy THC-O products to know that they’re only getting legit, top-quality product? 

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Is THC-O Legal in Louisiana?

As it turns out, THC-O-acetate is legal in Louisiana, and most states across the country.  The Pelican State is one of several states that looks to the 2018 Farm Bill on all hemp-related matters.  This legislation decriminalized hemp and legalized all derivatives that contain no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  What this means, in short, is that those who live in cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge or elsewhere, can legally purchase THC-O products that come from the hemp plant, in any delivery method, concentration, or purchase amount.

This means that THC-O and THC-O products such as vape cartridgesdisposable vapesgummiestinctureswax dabsand capsules all remains fully legal throughout THC-O, although it is wise to check up on the laws periodically as that can always change. THCO Acetate is so new, that most states have not had the chance to give statements on the compound. But it is likely here to stay, since it is a compound as legal as CBD. You see our complete THC-O legal state by state list here.

Best Place To Buy THC-O in Louisiana 

Online CBD & THC-O Stores

Ultimately, the best place to buy THC-O in Louisiana is online THCO and CBD stores. Stores like Binoid CBD carry the best THC-O brands, and usually offer the widest selections of THCO products, which all come from trusted companies and arrive with lab reports. For example, all of our THC-O vape cartridges and other products have recent lab results right on the product page.

Because THC-O is legal in Louisiana, you can buy THCO vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures and more right online! You don’t have to leave the house in order to buy what you’re looking for. We ship directly to your doorstep using discreet packaging. 

In fact, we ship THCO products to many cities in Louisiana, including New Orleans, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Bossier City, Monroe, Saint Gabriel, Alexandria, Houma, Marrero, Central and the rest of the state. and more daily! Many people buy delta 10 products on our online store, and for good reason. The prices are the best online, shipping is quick and easy, and we give great discounts on our THC-O product lines. 

You also know you are getting the top THC-O brands, and not just the brands that offer the cheapest prices to the stores. The best THC-O brands such as Binoid and Delta Extrax/Effex can be purchased online in Louisiana. You also know the products are fresh because of how quickly we turn over our inventory. You won't be stuck with old outdated products.  

Vape Stores

Alternatively, you can check to see if a vape store in your area carries THC-O-acetate.  Because THC-O products are pretty new, ask ahead of time since not all vape stores carry them.  And, note that vape stores don’t specialize in hemp, so you’ll want to check out a brand carried by a vape store ahead of time to know that they make high-quality product.


Another option is to buy THC-O-acetate from a manufacturer via their website, to learn more about the company and verify the authenticity of the THC-O.  At Binoid, you can purchase in-house THC-O through our website.

Where Not to Buy THC-O in Louisiana

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Because places like these aren’t selling high-quality THC-O-acetate, they really do not screen for quality and are unlikely to care about lab reports.  Their goal is to sell hemp goods cheaply and quickly, meaning the level of expertise needed to spot a fake THC-O product is really low.


Companies that sell hemp goods must be registered with the state, and so companies that are not registered should be totally avoided.  NEVER buy THC-O from strangers online, in social media outlets, forums, or on Craigslist/Facebook/eBay.

Types of THC-O Products in Louisiana 

Throughout Louisiana, you can enjoy a wide array of THC-O products that come in different forms and delivery methods based on your needs.  All of these THC-O products are considered legal in the state.

    • THC-O Vapes & Cartridges: THC-O cartridges are 510-threaded vape carts that are pre-filled with a blend of pure THC-O-acetate distillate and terpenes, and you can choose from many different strains. THC-O vape carts hit within 15 minutes, and give effects for 1 hour. 
    • THC-O Disposable Vape Pens: THC-O disposables are an alternative to buying vape carts, acting as complete vaping systems that can be used right out of the package, without ever needing to be recharged. THC-O disposables are one of the most popular ways of taking THC-O.
    • THC-O Tinctures: THC-O tinctures are sublingual oils that are administered below the tongue, as they conveniently come in dropper bottles that make them easy to portion out. THC-O tinctures are to be used sublingually, and kick in within 1-2 hours with effects lasting for up to 3 hours. 
    • THC-O Gummies: THC-O edibles are known for providing up to 8 hours of effects, and many note an enjoyable body high when THC-O-acetate is ingested.  Gummies are particularly popular. THC-O gummies digest very potenty compared to other product types. 
    • THC-O Capsules: THC-O capsules work just like edibles, but instead deliver THC-O-acetate in a capsule form. THC-O capsules are 25mg per capsule, with effects that last 2-3 hours. 

  • THC-O Wax Dabs: THC-O dabs refer to very potent concentrates (too strong for newbies) that are used with a dabbing device, which heats the concentrate to a high temperature to vaporize it. THC-O wax dabs are an extremely potent way of taking the compound, with very strong effects.
  • THC-O Flower: THC-O flower is raw CBD flower infused with a THC-O-acetate distillate, with various strain options available in both loose bud and pre-roll form.

Where Can I Find the Best THC-O in Louisiana?

Louisiana residents may find some THC-O here and there in shops throughout the state, but the best way to know that you’re getting the product you want is to look for the cannabinoid from an online source.  Here are the reasons why.

More THC-O Selection

Online stores offer better product selection because they can carry more inventory.  This means more delivery methods, formulas, strains, strengths and so on. THC-O product selection at Binoid is the largest available online. With THCO vapes, gummies, tinctures, wax dabs and more.

Better THC-O Prices

With online shopping, you can enjoy lower prices, since online companies aren’t stuck with the hefty overhead costs associated with running a storefront. THC-O product prices are the lowest at stores such as Binoid, with sale pricing almost all the time. 

Higher Standards for THC-O Brands 

Online companies typically maintain stricter quality standards because the online marketplace is just too competitive to offer subpar products.  This means that you’re more likely to find only premium-grade THC-O when shopping online.

Better THC-O Discounts and Special Offers

Online brands usually offer great discounts and deals around the year to lure in new customers and keep their inventory moving. Binoid has THC-O discounts and coupons all over their website and email campaigns. Therefore we highly recommend buying from Binoid and getting on their subscription list. 

Fresher Inventory

Online companies usually sell fresher products thanks to the high product turnover rates that come with online visibility. Binoid has THC-O product turnover that is weekly, which means they get fresh and potent THCO products for their customers to take advantage of. 

Bulk and THC-O Bundle Buying Options

Online stores will usually offer options to buy in bulk or purchase bundles, allowing you to grab a good amount of product while saving money. Binoid has THC-O bundles that are available on their website, with extremely discounted pricing. Binoid is known for having the best best THC-O bundles in the industry. 


Online shopping offers a more convenient way to get your hands on THC-O, since you never need to step outside your home. Binoid has fast and free shipping, with pricing that cannot be beat. We highly recommend buying from Binoid with shipping within 48 hours, and delivery within days. It is does not get much better than that for online delivery!

Why In-Person Options May Not Be Ideal 

Louisiana businesses that carry THC-O may lead to a disappointing experience.  Unless a store specializes in hemp, you’re likely to find a lackluster product selection, questionable quality standards, and products that have been sitting on the shelf rather than offering fresh THC-O-acetate due to limited space and less local demand.

You Will Love Using THC-O in Bayou State, We Guarantee!

As you can see, THC-O-acetate is legal throughout Louisiana, in all of its exciting product forms.  However, not all THC-O has the quality level that you deserve.  If you want to know that you’re taking the purest, highest-quality THC-O possible, then you’ll want to opt for a reputable online retailer such as Binoid.  Here is where you can choose from an array of premium-grade THC-O products made with the cleanest ingredients possible.

Buy THC-O products online including vape cartridges, disposables, tinctures, and more at Binoid today!

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