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Cali Gold Strain Review

Wanna really strike it hemp rich? Cali Gold is a strain that’s full of surprises, starting with its bold n’ fruity flavor.  It’s most often enjoyed during the daytime – in particular, the morning – since it can bring about a sense of glorious balance without veering off into couchlock territory. 

It’s a shapeshifter that can accommodate you as you aim to start the day off right, and it’s incredibly heavy-hitting despite its moderate THC content, meaning that it’s not for the faint of heart. You can get Cali Gold strain vapes here.

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Cali Gold Cannabis Strain Basic Profile

Cali Gold is a long-time favorite and a very distinctive strain.  It’s 50% sativa/50% indica, making it a perfectly balanced hybrid – something that’s pretty rare, and almost always well received.  Also has a THC level of about 19%, which is moderately high in potency.  The strain’s parents are, in fact, unknown, as is a lot about this strain.  As of now, there are no guesses as to its lineage, since the strain is so unique it’s hard to compare it to anything.

Cali Gold Cannabis Physical Characteristics 

Cali Gold Cannabis strain buds are named after their vibrant gold-green appearance, which’s very striking, and also very unusual.  It’s actually something of an optical illusion.  Up close, notice how mainly the hue is that of silvery green, but when paired with the dense layer of fine orange hairs, they take on a yellowish color that’s really beautiful.  There are also golden-colored trichomes that coat the buds, adding to this golden appearance.

Cali Gold Cannabis Strain Aroma and Flavor

Cali Gold’s aroma and flavor also add to its unique nature.  There’s an undeniable fruitiness to it, but the most dominant note in both the flavor and aroma is that of lemon grass, which speaks of its terpene composition.  Notes of grassiness are actually quite pleasant, adding a refreshing “greenness” to the taste while the citrus has an uplifting effect and sharpness to both the taste and the fragrance.

Cali Gold Strain Effects

Cali Gold cannabis strain behaves a lot like a traditional indica, although it’s actually a great daytime strain because it never seems to actually lead to couchlock.  Cali Gold is a popular early morning cultivar since it can get your head in the right place and your body nice and at ease, making it particularly useful if physical discomfort tends to hold you back during your most active hours.

Cali Gold strain and Cali Gold products are also a very fast-acting strain.  Almost immediately, you’re likely to feel a sense of haziness in the mind, where you’re “out of it” and dazed.  But, all the meanwhile, you’ll have a big smile on your face, and will find that you’re no longer sweating the small stuff.  The soothing effect on your mood can be quite profound, but at the same time, you’ll probably be able to maintain a sense of mental clarity to get the day started.  At the same time, it is unlikely that you’ll feel sleepy, which is surprising considering its profile.

The body high effect is more of a buzzy feeling rather than a heavy one, so no need to worry about couchlock stopping you from getting things done.  While this strain can be extremely rewarding, it’s best for experienced users, since those cerebral effects can sometimes be overwhelming to beginners, especially during the day.  This can be disruptive to daily tasks like working from home.  Taking Cali Gold late at night could go either way, and there are better bedtime strains out there.

Growing Cali Gold Cannabis Strain

Cali Gold strain is a rare strain, and seeds do not appear to be available for home growers at this time.  There is no information about growing it since it is not a plant that’s in circulation for cultivation.

Cali Gold: The Perfect ‘Gold Rush’ Hybrid for the Early Daytime 

Cali Gold products a deeply soothing strain that is great for the earlier hours, since it can eliminate negative thoughts without knocking you out in the process.  It’s one of those unique balanced hybrids that won’t get in the way of your daily routine, despite its hazy nature. 

Perfect for lazy weekend mornings, it hits the spot with very powerful effects.  At Binoid, you can try it out for yourself in the form of our HHC Vape Cartridge in Cali Gold, which gives you a nice psychoactive hit thanks to hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), the cannabinoid beloved for its stunning high that is remarkably similar to delta 9 THC.

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