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Can Delta 9 Gummies Get You High?

Federally compliant delta 9 gummies have arrived at Binoid!  And, it’s not surprising that we’re getting a lot of questions about them.  Naturally, people want to know how they’re able to be sold legally, but they also have plenty of questions about their effects – mainly, whether or not they can actually get the user high, or if they’re more hype than substance.  

So, what can you expect with a delta 9 gummy in terms of psychoactive effects?  Let’s find out.

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The Short Answer: Yes

Hemp-derived, federally compliant delta 9 gummies on the market can get you high.  They contain the same delta 9 THC that is in marijuana, since this cannabinoid is the same regardless of which of the two cannabis plants it comes from.

For delta 9 gummies to be legal, they must be hemp-derived, but they also must contain no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  That sounds like a tiny amount, until you consider the amount of hemp that’s in these gummies.  It allows that 0.3% to come out to a generous number of milligrams, which, in most cases, is enough to deliver a full psychoactive response that induces the high of delta 9 that so many of us know and love.

What is the High Like With Delta 9 Gummies?

Generally, the delta 9 THC high that you get from gummies is going to be unique to the delivery method of ingestion.  Many of us already know that consuming a cannabinoid edible produces a very specific type of experience.  For one thing, edibles like gummies offer the longest-lasting effects – 8 hours, give or take – and require up to 2 or so hours to really ‘kick in’/  Besides that, many people find those cerebral effects of edibles are slightly subdued, but the physical effects are amped up, providing a stronger body high.

If you’ve never consumed delta 9 THC before, you now might be wondering what makes its psychoactive properties unique.  Overall, people tend to describe delta-9 as both euphoric and blissful, offering a balanced high that is hazier than that of delta 8 THC or delta 9 THC.

Why the Delta 9 High May Be Different for Everyone?

While delta 9 THC gummies can clearly get you high, the high itself may be different from what others experience, because there are all kinds of variables involved that relate to both the gummy itself, and the user.

  • Milligram Strength: Of course, the strength of the high is mostly determined by the number of delta 9 milligrams in each portion.  A 10mg delta 9 THC gummy  is going to naturally be more intoxicating than a 2mg delta 9 gummy.
  • Quality of the Gummy Product: The product’s quality also matters a lot.  The extraction method used alone can play a big role in the cannabinoid’s stability, as can its freshness, both of which can determine how well the delta 9 THC actually absorbs into the body to offer its effects.
  • Other Hemp Compounds in the Product: If a delta 9 gummy contains, say, a number of milligrams of CBD, that can change the high.  CBD and delta 9 THC can work together synergistically to mellow the intoxicating effects, and generally promote a somewhat sleepier but more clear-minded buzz.
  • User Tolerance: The lower your tolerance to THC, the more likely it is that you’ll get really high from your first delta 9 THC experience.  As our bodies get more familiar with THC, we become less sensitive to the cannabinoid’s strongest effects.
  • Biological/Biochemical Factors: There are all kinds of biological and biochemical reasons why we may process delta 9 differently from others.  Hormones, metabolism and digestive functions can all play a role in how we feel the delta 9 THC in action, by changing how the cannabinoid both absorbs and is used by the endocannabinoid system.
  • What Else is in Your System: Eating a delta 9 THC gummy on an empty stomach will likely give you a stronger high since it will absorb more easily.  But, other things you’ve consumed can also have an effect.  For instance, some people find that if they consume sugar, the delta 9 high is more energetic.  Meanwhile, some people find that consuming alcohol with delta 9 THC makes them feel dizzy and groggy.
  • Bottom Line: Delta 9 Gummies are Intoxicating, and That’s Why Hemp Hobbyists Love Them

    At the end of the day, you can look forward to a satisfying high from taking delta 9 THC gummies.  But, at the same time, it’s hard to predict exactly what that high will be like.  Fortunately, most people absolutely fall in love with delta 9 gummies since they help them feel more mellow, uplifted and at ease throughout the body.  And, the fact that gummies allow us to feel the effects for several hours at a time is certainly another big part of this product type’s appeal.

    At Binoid, we carry fully federally compliant delta 9 THC gummies in a wide selection of flavors.  Our gummies in particular contain 10 milligrams each of lab-tested, highly bioavailable and meticulously extracted delta 9 distillate.  What this does is better ensure that you can fully experience what this cannabinoid is capable of.  These gummies are renowned as some of the most effective on the federally compliant delta 9 market.  

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