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How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs | Dosage, Benefits, & Side Effects

CBD first starting growing popularity a few years ago as a medical aid to humans. With the first FDA-approved drug being released in 2018 named Epidiolex, that was made for rare cases of seizures.

Recently, there has been a growing interest in CBD made for dogs and other animals. Because why not, if it helps humans we might as well try it with animals too right! There are a few studies that show real evidence of benefits of CBD for dogs that we will discuss below. The evidence is slim, but the research is promising. And growing every day. 

Hemp-derived Cannabidiol, or more specifically known as CBD is one component or Cannabinoid from the Hemp plant. This plant extract has been found, through trial research as well as anecdotal evidence to have some sort of effect on people with all sorts of issues such as pain, anxiety, sleep, inflammation, seizures and more. 

How to use best CBD oil products for dogs Canines dosage side effects benefits

How does CBD oil for dogs work?

CBD for dogs as well as a few other animals such as horses works just like how it does for humans. Surprisingly. Or not. Like humans, animals have EndoCannabinoid Systems (ECS) too. The endocannabinoid system works with the Central Nervous System (CNS) by helping keep their body in homeostasis. This includes pain, anxiety, sleep insomnia and other issues.

CBD interacts with the main receptors of the endocannabinoid system, the CB1 and CB2 receptors that more specifically send “messages” throughout the body. This includes the pain, anxiety and sleep insomnia as stated earlier. CBD helps balance the body and assists keeping humans as well as animals in a healthy state. 

Although small evidence shows real benefits of CBD for dogs, what is anecdotally understood is that animals need much smaller amounts of CBD to achieve the same effects as adults do. As well, CBD products for animals should use cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil instead of Coconut oil as a carrier or base. 

What does CBD help treat in dogs?

As stated earlier, there is no definitive evidence that Hemp-derived CBD oil or Pet CBD oils help treat dogs or animals at all. However, hundreds of thousands would swear by CBD’s natural healing properties. Especially for helping to treat different types of pain. Such as neuropathic pain as well as helping lessen and decrease the severity of seizures. This does make sense, because the FDA did approve the first CBD drug in 2018 that is used to help two cases of seizures.Although this is for humans, it if anything provides some evidence towards helping pets such as dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

There are some CBD studies that you can read more about here. In short these small number of studies have found positive evidence that CBD may help dogs with Osteoarthritis, pain, mobility, anxiety and epilepsy. 

Anecdotally, and in terms of noticeable functionality, CBD might help dogs during New Years or July 4th fireworks when the CBD is able to help them calm down from being scared or anxious. 

How to use CBD for dog puppies

What are the ways to give dogs CBD?

There are a few awesome ways to give your dog CBD. They include CBD treats, oils and even CBD creams! Soon likely dog food, but that is to be developed. 

The research on the effectiveness, bioavailability and efficacy is sparse for these different ways. However, the standard with most CBD products is that an oral form such as CBD oil is more effective than treats or creams. This is because CBD oils contain the highest concentration or dosage of CBD, and does not go through the process of being turned into a treat or cream. Likely making it more potent and effective.

However, this does not mean the use of CBD creams and treats is not useful to canines. This is because the creams may have extra ingredients that may benefit a dog and help with a dogs pain or mobility such as menthol or other ingredients. I would just be careful that all the ingredients for a cream are safe for dogs, and even more specifically safe for yours. 

Additionally, dog treats have their place too. They are a much tastier, and likely less difficult option to giving your dog CBD. Because CBD has a distinctive taste and smell, your dog will likely catch on to the oil and it will become difficult to administer over time. On the other hand, dogs are used to eating treats, and will therefore be a lot easier to consistently give to your dog. 

The only piece of scientific evidence found for dogs is that one study from 2018 from a Colorado State University found that CBD oils or oral given CBD was more effective than any CBD softgel capsule or cream that was used in the experiment. This is by no means conclusive evidence, however it does correlate well with anecdotal evidence. Which holds its own weight. Again, much more research needs to be done to make any type of conclusive statement. 

What are the best organic CBD products for dogs?

The best CBD products for dogs is simple. Mostly because there are not many options. At least currently that is. The answer is CBD oil designed for pet use specifically. CBD oils are the best because they have a higher absorption and usability rate by the by versus treats or any other CBD products made for canines. The effectiveness CBD oil for dogs is upwards of 20% and up versus 5% for CBD treats.

This is because of the methods of ingestion. Pet CBD oils are absorbed orally through glands in the mouth that transport the CBD through your blood. Meanwhile CBD pet treats and snacks absorb through digestion which is broken down many times throughout the process of going through your pups stomach. Causing the effectiveness of the CBD treats to decrease substantially. Also, Pet CBD treats take more processing to manufacture. Which also might play a role in lower effectiveness. 

CBD oils for dogs are made differently than CBD oil for humans. Usually this is done with a cleaner and healthier manufacturing process that does not require as much processing as CBD oils designed for humans. This is because dogs are much more sensitive internally. Ingredients may also be different, by using Hemp Seed Oil versus Coconut (MCT) oil. 

In terms of CBD oils for canines, there are many options. However, only few brands are third party lab tested per batch, and have 10,000+ dogs that are proof that these products work. This only includes companies like CBDfx & CBDistillery. Large brands who have consistent and proven social proof and reviews by customers. 

Both of these brands have amazing CBD oil products for dogs, and can be found on our website for up to 10% off here! We only work with them because they have the best CBD products for dogs available. Hands down. 

Does the type of dog matter for CBD?

Every dog is different, and therefore might react to CBD differently. That is why we suggest speaking to a professional first. Generally speaking, there has been no evidence of specific breeds of dogs being affected differently by CBD.

One interesting thing to note, is that some dog breeds are larger or smaller than others. And will therefore likely have different CBD tolerances. For example, A German Shepherd or Siberian Husky as well as other larger dogs will probably have different tolerances or “need different dosages” than a Corgi, Poodle or other small dogs. 

What about CBD oil for cats?

One major need-to-know for CBD and cats is that cats react differently than dogs. Because Felines have a much more sensitive digestive system, there’s a strong chance they will not respond well to human or even dog-specific CBD oil or treats. Cats livers process things very differently than how dogs do. Therefore CBD given to cats may cause possible major side effects if given in large doses. We suggest letting anyone you know who owns a cat this information. Or you can share on social media including Facebook below. 

What is the right CBD oil dosage for dogs?

The correct dosage of CBD for pets differ based on a few things. One obvious one is based on the animal size. The larger the animal, the larger CBD dose they would need to notice benefits. Therefore the dosing for a dog would be very different than for a horse. Based on information from a few brands, the suggested serving of CBD for dogs and other animals is separated by weight. 

For animals under 25 lbs: 10mg of CBD per dose

For animals 25-75 lbs: 10-20mg of CBD per dose

For animals over 75 lbs: 20-40mg of CBD per dose

As far as research is concerned, one study trial tests using 5mg of CBD as a dose basis for canines. One holistic vet named July Morgan recommends starting with 1mg of CBD twice a day per every 10 pounds of body weight for your dog. Then you should monitor your pets reaction over time. 

In the second example, if your dog is under 25 lbs you would use 4-5mg per day. At least to start until you notice the benefits or any possible side effects. From our experience with customers, we suggest using Pet CBD Oil Tinctures instead of chew treats because monitoring dose and strength is easier. As well as finding what is right for your dog. 

NOTE: Start dosing small! You should start with only small doses at a time, then work up as you see the benefits and/or lack of negative side effects. Once you notice the effects you are looking for such as anxiety or pain relief. Then you should hold that dose. Until more information is gathered, we urge to use CBD on your dog with extreme caution.

Disclaimer: This is only a suggested use. Meaning that this is not factual or studied information. Use this as a basic suggestion. However, consult a professional or veterinarian about your animals specific situation, needs and whether CBD would be safe for your pet. 

How to use CBD for German Shepherds big large dogs 75 pounds

How do you know if CBD is working on my dog?

Assuming you know your dog well, hopefully, we suggest watching for signs that may be indicative of positive or negative reacts. Such as increased movement, more running, hungrier, more energy, less scaredness or anxiety may be signs that the CBD is working and is effective for your dog. If you give your dog CBD before New Years and July 4th fireworks and your dog is not freaking out, then it is likely working. That is the goal anyway. 

However, if your dog is showing signs of vomiting, lethargy, loss of balance, extreme or excessive panting, or dribbling urine then we suggest taking your dog off CBD immediately and taking your pup to a veterinarian. These toxic effects or symptoms may mean your dog has an adverse reaction CBD and/or the oil, or may mean your dog is consuming too much CBD and too high of a dosage. 

We strongly suggest speaking with your Veterinarian first before administering CBD to prevent these possible issues. 

What are the side effects of CBD oil for dogs?

No side effects have been explicitly stated with dogs. However, there are a few human side effects that may translate over to dogs. There are around 15 possible side effects of CBD for humans. Most of them minor and not dangerous, such as dryness of the mouth, changes in mood or appetite, and drowsiness. A few of them are however.

As stated earlier, there are possible negative side effects such as vomiting, lethargy, loss of balance, extreme or excessive panting, or dribbling urine and the lack of actual effectiveness or results. The cases of this are far and few between. But it does happen, for humans that is. There is no evidence this would happen on dogs. However, they would be fairly easy to spot if they did occur. We would suggest stopping use of the CBD after to see if these side effects go away. If they do, then you know the problem was the CBD oil. 

On the other hand, and a more positive note, one side effect may be an actual increase in effectiveness. This is because of the possibility that CBD can be more effective over time if used consistently. This can create a compounding effect, that leads to more benefits for animals. On top of this, as stated by the study mentioned earlier, the bioavailability of CBD ingested orally is low. Therefore small to medium sized doses of CBD to dogs will likely not have any adverse effects. Unless you used hundreds of milligrams at a time. Which is very costly. 

For humans, hemp-derived CBD should not be taken in conjunction with people who have liver issues, as well as people who take medications for low blood pressure. As well as those who take any medications that say to avoid grapefruit. CBD interacts with the body similarly to how grapefruits react to the body. 

CBD for yellow labrador small dogs puppies retriever dosage

What are the warnings for giving my dog CBD?

In addition to everything stated in the rest of the article, I would be cautious about giving puppies or baby dogs CBD. This is because there is such little evidence on side effects of dogs, any negative side effects could be more extreme and dangerous for small pups. For this reason, we would only suggest giving CBD to grown or older dogs. 

As well, CBD might affect certain pups or older dogs that are on medications already. This is because like CBD, many medications are metabolized through the liver, therefore combining CBD with other drugs may enhance the effects of those pharmaceuticals.

In this case, your dog might need to take less medications or a lower strength medication to receive the same effects. For this reason, you should discuss with a Vet and do your due diligence in learning if cannabidiol might affect those medications for your canine.

If you would like to speak to a Veterinarian professional who knows and understands CBD well, please go to for help. If you are looking for Pet CBD oils or pet CBD products for your furry friend, click here

What should you look for in CBD products for your dog?

First I would ensure that the company is a large and trusted brand. Luckily, Binoid only partners with the best and most safe brands in the CBD space. We ensure that all dog or animal CBD products are safe and proven for pups of all kinds. Small dogs to big dogs.

Rottweiler, Poodle, Beagle, Bulldog, Golden Retriever… The list goes on. We have Pet CBD products that can help your dog. Just ensure the dosage you receive is equal to the weight of your dog. This can be found on the product page of each Pet CBD oil. 

Dog CBD oils should not be made with xylitol or grapeseed oil because they could be toxic to animals. Also be careful about getting dog CBD oils that have too much THC. That is why you should check the Certification of Analysis (COA), otherwise known as the third-party lab results of the CBD product to ensure it is safe for your dog.

We list all of our lab results on each product page images. Many companies do not list their lab results, and this can be a bad sign for their products. Those should be trusted, especially with your animal’s health in part.  

THC may have benefits for your pup, however it is not good to experiment dosages without professional help or knowledge on how to dose THC properly for animals. 

How to use CBD oil treats for bulldogs small dogs 25 pounds english

How should I store my Dog CBD oil? 

Carefully. CBD as well as all other cannabinoids are at risk of degradation, and therefore less or lack of effectiveness. CBD oils for your dog should be kept away from light, sunlight or moisture, in a location that is cool or room temperature.

Extreme conditions such as heat or cold can change the chemical composition of the oil and lead to it going bad faster. This does not usually occur, and does not happen that often. But it is possible.

Most Pet CBD oil bottles are brown to help prevent this. Similar to beer bottles. If your CBD oil bottle is clear, it is at a higher risk of degradation. If you notice a major discoloration of your Pet oil after being left out, it is possibly damaged and should be discarded.

The future of CBD and dogs studies: 

For more good news as far as dog studies, The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) is sponsoring a study by Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. This study is going to look into a find evidence for the use of CBD as a solution to treatment-resistant epileptic dogs. The university hopes that this is the first study that will help gain scientific data on the use of CBD in dogs with epilepsy as well as other other issues. Hopefully this is the first of many. 

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