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CBD vs. CBN: What’s The Big Difference?

CBD vs CBN is an important topic that is not widely discussed or known among users and consumers of those products. However, it is an important conversation and the differences are pretty substantial. In fact, the benefits of CBD and CBD oil products are completely different to the benefits of CBN and CBN oil products. Therefore, it may be important to know the difference because it may help you make a better purchasing decision!

Right off the bat, CBD stands for Cannabidiol and CBN stands for Cannabinol. These are two cannabinoids that are a part of the hemp plant. There are over 113 cannabinoids or compounds identified in the hemp plant. And that number is continuing to expand as we learn more about cannabis extracts in general. 

Now, when you buy a CBD product, it may actually contain any number of compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant.  The terms “CBD” and “hemp” are frequently used in an interchangeable way, which can make things a bit confusing when trying to buy the right product.

CBD is the dominant compound in hemp, meaning the plant material contains more CBD than any other compound.  But there are hundreds of compounds present in the hemp plant, and CBD is far from the only one that has serious potential to be useful to us.

As hemp becomes more and more popular, scientists are studying these other compounds more than ever before.  And one compound that keeps grabbing everyone’s attention is CBN, which is similar to CBD in many ways, but different enough to be worth examining all on its own.

As CBN is beginning to really rise in popularity, it’s important that we examine the differences between it and CBD, as well the similarities that they share.  Because each compound offers its own unique properties, understanding these things will help you better customize your routine to suit your needs.

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Cannabinoids in Hemp: What are They?

CBD and CBN are both cannabinoids that occur in cannabis.  Cannabinoids are a unique class of chemical compounds native to the genus, and the way in which they work in the body is unlike any other type of compound in nature.  

Cannabinoids are the only compounds that directly support the endocannabinoid system.  The endocannabinoid system is a complex bodily system that was only really studied in the 1990s, when scientists were trying to determine the reason why cannabis offers such unique and widespread effects to the human body.  What was found was that this bodily system processes and utilizes cannabinoids in a way that’s conducive to homeostasis, which is a state of physical and mental equilibrium throughout the body that provides maximum well-being.

The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors, and they’re found everywhere throughout the body – in every major organ, bodily system and even the skin and muscular tissue.  So, what do these receptors do?  Well, they take cannabinoids, like the ones found in cannabis, and use them to create chemical reactions that force regulatory actions to occur. 

Every cannabinoid receptor is tasked with regulating a particular bodily process, whether it be the body’s inflammatory response, the balance of neurotransmitters like serotonin and cortisol, or the way in which pain receptors are sent to the brain from the nervous system.

Now, you can see why cannabinoids have become such a valuable component of wellness.  Because of their particular function, they may be able to provide extremely specialized effects.  And, each one affects the cannabinoid receptors in its own way.  

Difference Between CBD and CBN

They’re two different cannabinoids, with CBD being cannabidiol, and CBN being cannabinol.  They are molecularly different, although they’re processed by the body in the same manner.  A big difference is the levels at which they naturally exist in hemp.  CBD, like we said, is the dominant compound.  CBN is a bit further down the list, being less naturally abundant.

What CBD and CBN Have in Common

Besides the obvious, which is that they’re both cannabinoids derived from the same plant, they’re both known to be completely non toxic to the body.  They’re also both perfectly legal, and not known to be addictive or produce serious side effects.

Their Main Effects

Now, let’s talk about the individual properties of each cannabinoid:

Benefits and Effects of CBN 

Let’s now examine what the benefits of CBN products including CBN oil with studies involving people. Note: These can vary from person-to-person.

Benefit #1: Sleep

CBN is most commonly used by those who want to maintain a healthy and restorative sleep cycle.  Its exact effects on sleep are currently being researched, but we know from many users that taking CBN each night has enhanced their ability to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Benefit #2: Appetite

One study found that CBN seems to play a big role in the appetite-enhancing effects of cannabis.  This would be useful to someone who is struggling to maintain a healthy appetite, putting them at risk of malnutrition.

Benefit #3: Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition of the eye in which intraocular pressure can cause eyesight deterioration.  If left untreated, a person may lose their eyesight altogether.  Research examined the potential effects of CBN on this specific condition.

Benefit #4: Stress

CBN has been studied for its potential calming properties much like CBD.  However, CBN is quickly becoming the go-to cannabinoid among people with anxiety, because it seems to be even more relaxing than CBD to many people dealing with stress.  CBN seems to have the potential to balance neurotransmitters in a way that’s especially noticeable.

Benefit #5: Epilepsy

Another property of CBN currently being researched is anticonvulsant activity.  This means that CBN may play a role in managing epilepsy by offering unique effects to the neurological system.

Benefit #6: Antibacterial

CBN is noted for its unique antibacterial properties, which are currently being studied for use both internally and topically.

Benefits and Effects of CBD

These effects can vary of course, depending upon the person using that said CBD product. For a complete list of 31 CBD benefits, click here.

Benefit #1: Stress

CBD has become widely known for its stress-relieving properties, which have been studied thoroughly over the years.  CBD seems to regulate cortisol levels in the brain, while calming the part of the brain that is hyperactive in those who have anxiety disorders.  

Benefit #2: Pain

CBD has also been studied for its effects on pain, seemingly offering impressive analgesic effects which interfere with the brain’s pain receptors.  CBD is used both orally and topically for this unique purpose.

Benefit #3: Sleep

The same study cited above regarding CBD’s effects on anxiety demonstrates that the cannabinoid may be incredibly useful in those struggling with sleep disorders.  The same mechanisms that maintain proper cortisol levels also regulate melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone produced in the brain, and which can be depleted by high cortisol secretion.

Benefit #4: Anti-Inflammatory Properties

CBD has been noted for its anti-inflammatory activity which likely comes from its regulatory effects within the immune system.  We most often associate inflammation with pain of the muscles and joints. Inflammation can manifest in many unpleasant ways, such as allergies, autoimmune conditions, and skin conditions.  

Benefit #5: Cognition

CBD is being heavily studied for its potential effects on neurological function and cognition.  Studies show that CBD may have an effect on epilepsy, dementia, and cognitive decline.  Further, it may regulate cognitive functions like memory, motivation and focus.

How to Experience CBD and CBN

So, what’s the best way to experience what these cannabinoids have to offer?  Well, let’s examine two different ways.

#1: Together

If you wish to use a product that contains both CBD and CBN, then opt for a full or broad spectrum hemp product.  Most CBD brands offer full and broad spectrum options when it comes to their lines of products. For example, Binoid CBD makes products from Broad Spectrum hemp as well as carries brands of all hemp types including full spectrum. Full spectrum hemp naturally contains the complete array of compounds as they exist in the plant material, which means you’ll be getting the CBD and CBN levels that occur in nature. 

Broad spectrum offers the same, but with the exception of THC, which has been removed from the resulting extract.  Full spectrum hemp provides the entourage effect, which reflects the natural synergy of the whole plant composition and increases bioavailability for more potential effectiveness and potency.

#2: Separately

The other option is to seek out CBD and CBN isolate products individually, which can be utilized in a way that suits your preferences when building a routine.  Note that CBN isolate will be more expensive than CBD isolate.  This is because CBN is less abundant in the plant, and so more plant material must be used to produce an equal amount of CBN isolate compared to CBD isolate.

In relation, Binoid CBD does not offer CBD isolate product options because we believe isolate strips down the cannabinoids into a form that has much less benefits and much more artificial processing. There is no real way to create CBD isolate without destroying much of the magic of the hemp plant. This is why Binoid CBD sticks to Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract only. Because it contains CBD, CBN, and CBG as well. All of which provide amazing benefits to users. of our products. Learn more here

Administration to Pets

As you may know, all mammals can utilize cannabinoids in the same way, because we all share an endocannabinoid system and a nontoxic response to this class of compounds.  If you wish to give your pet CBD or CBN, or both, make sure that you speak to your vet, and choose a CBD product formulated specifically for pets.  This way, they’ll be getting the number of milligrams of cannabinoids ideal for their body weight.  Both CBD and CBN may offer useful properties, so ask your vet how you should start them on a routine.

Final Thoughts

Interested in trying products that have CBD as well as CBN in them? You can find that in the healthiest form on our website. All of Binoid CBD products, including tincture drops, gummies, topical pain creams and more have high amounts of CBD and CBN for the most benefits possible. Our broad spectrum CBD contains a great amount of many different hemp extract cannabinoids. Try for yourself!

With all that we know about both CBD and CBN, it’s safe to say that cannabinoids are certainly fascinating in terms of how they interact with the human body, and the body of all mammals, for that matter.  For anyone trying to finetune their hemp regimen in an effort to address something specific, it is absolutely exploring what each of these compounds can bring to the table. 

If you wish to try them both, either seek out individual isolate products, or opt for a full or broad spectrum hemp product that gives you both cannabinoids in levels that are naturally occurring.


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