CBDistillery Review | CBD Coupon, New Products & In-Depth Analysis [2019]

Introducing our first company review here at Binoid CBD, starting with a review of CBDistillery. CBDistillery has been a growing company within the CBD relief market, and is one of the companies we supply and work with.

This article will give you an insider and in-depth view of CBDistillery products. One's that we carry and some that we do not yet. And a special coupon code at the bottom of this article for CBDistillery products on our website. 

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The History of CBDistillery:

Before we go over each of their products, let’s first outline company today and where they came from. CBDistillery’s origin is very interesting, as they control their whole operation. Starting from the growing of the hemp plant, to extracting pure CBD oil, and then bottling and labeling their products. Vertically integrated from “seed to sale.”

Which usually means a better quality hemp CBD oil than companies who only do part of their operations. In addition, per their website, they were founded “by a group of Colorado natives with a strong belief that people have a right to the highest quality, fairly priced hemp derived CBD.” The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of CBDistillery is Chase Terwilliger.

Not only that, but the company itself is a part of a larger conglomerate, named ELS Universal which was founded in 2015. ELS Universal is a farm located in Denver Colorado, and they own a few other smaller CBD companies such as Bota and Vitalife.

CBDistillery itself was founded in 2016, and the company become ISO-9001 Certified and is now expanding into a ISO-9001 cGMP manufacturing facility. ISO-9001 is a certification of excellence in completing specific international standards for a Quality Management System (QMS) including consistently providing products and services to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

In other words, their manufacturing process and products are really good. In addition, CBDistillery just achieved ISO-9001-2015, which is the most up to date version of the certification. To learn more about Hemp CBD, how it works and how to know if you are using a high quality product click here


Recent News [2019]:

Originally, their products were 15ml, but now are a standard 30ml bottle. As well, the 250mg CBD Oil was temporarily discontinued. However, within the next couple months the 250mg CBD Oil is going to make a huge comeback. The 250mg Oil is the perfect strength for new users who want to test the flavor, and routine of using CBD oils in their diet. The CBDistillery 250mg is not a high concentration of CBD, but it is great as a starting point for people looking to make their way to 500mg and 1000mg CBD Oils. 

January 2019: The CMO of CBDistillery, Chris Van Dusen informed us of a possible partnership with Walmart and other large in-store retailers for a few of their CBD products. They stated a hopeful partnership within the year.

February 2019: CBDistillery launches a new branch called "CBDistillery RX" that is supposed to be the same great brand of CBDistillery but for pharmaceutical grade products such as topicals Creams (CBDol), their new CBD transdermal topical patch (March 2019) with 0% THC and other new products. They stated there will be a total of over 95 CBD product SKUs to this points, all of which are said to only be available in pharmacies.This is likely a portion of their expansion efforts into retail markets.

In additional, the company has been improving their internal operations, investing in more equipment for higher processing power, as well as changing up their packaging and wholesale options. CBDistillery wants to create around 20 million tinctures in 2019, and have removed their "Tiered 1-3" pricing options for wholesale, with a single pack of 6 per order. This helps create operational efficiency which will help the company expand and give better CBD prices to their customers. 

March 2019: In mid-march, CBDistillery introduced their new topical CBD patch that includes 0% THC and lasts up to 36 hours. The benefits for this product is described as discreet & convenient, great for on-the-go, and long lasting. They also acknowledge how easy it is to apply. Each pack of 40mg Patch is $14, with a 5 value pack for $60. We cannot wait to see this patch on our CBD store sometime within the next few weeks. 

CBDistillery Topical Patch

Now to the review! First up is CBDistillery’s flagship product:

The CBDistillery 500mg Full Spectrum “CBDrop” CBD Oil Tincture

CBDistillery 500mg CBD Oil Tincture full spectrum coupon discount


Product Description: Within their full spectrum hemp CBD oil, you take advantage of not only CBD itself, but also medical compounds and terpenes such as CBC and CBN. Which all have unique medical benefits of their own. The dosage of the 500mg CBDistillery Oil is on the back of the tincture, adjust the amount of drops you take by monitoring the effectiveness of the product. 

Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil (Carrier Oil) and 500mg of Extracted Hemp Oil

What our customers say: Through our customers and testimonials, we have found the 500mg CBD Oil to be great for overal health and wellness. The smell of the tincture bottle could be fairly strong for some, but that is a sign of the quality of product. Customers have said the taste of the hemp cbd oil to be similar to tea and have described it as a unique flavor, which is the organic taste of CBD Oil.

Testing: In terms of testing, their full spectrum CBD oil is 100% natural and is third-party lab tested. They have a Certification of Analysis and Third-party lab test results, that is on their product image on the website. Not only that, but a unique QR code on each CBD oil tincture, in which you can scan and see the batch of the product, when it was made, and other interesting information about the product.

CBDistillery 500mg Pure THC-Free CBD Oil Tincture:

CBDistillery Pure THC-Free 500mg CBD Isolate


Product Description: The CBDistillery Pure CBD Oil Tincture (THC-Free) 500mg contains zero-THC, making this tincture 100% drug test safe. This CBD oil was formulated using 99% pure hemp CBD isolate. Perfect for anxiety, sleep insomnia, and minor pains.

  • 500mg of Pure Hemp CBD Isolate
  • Pesticide-Free
  • Non-GMO Industrial Hemp Oil
  • Designed for sleep insomnia, anxiety and minor pains

Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil (Carrier Oil) and Anhydrous Hemp Oil

What our customers say: The THC-Free oil is very popular among our customers because many people have jobs that drug test, or are interviewing for jobs that are likely to drug test. They say this product is perfect and gives them the best of both worlds. CBD relief without having to deal with issues regarding drug screening.

Testing: The 500mg CBDistillery THC-Free Oil has a Certification of Analysis and Third-party lab test results on its product page that proves its ingredients.This 0% THC oil also has flagship CBDistillery quality with the unique QR code to scan for product information.

CBDistillery 1000mg Full Spectrum “CBDrop” CBD Oil Tincture

CBDistillery 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture full spectrum for sale coupon discount online


Product Description: The 1000mg oil a full spectrum oil, like the 500mg oil tincture, however the difference is that it contains 1000mg of CBD Oil compared to 500mg. The dosage of the CBDistillery oil is labelled on the back of the tincture. Adjust CBD dosage until you start receiving the effects and benefits you want. Starting with a small dropper than increasing over time. 

Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil (Carrier Oil) and 1000mg of Extracted Hemp Oil

What our customers say: The 1000mg full spectrum oil has shown to be great for more a higher strength product. Customers have seen more effective results than the 500mg CBD Oils. However, from our point of view those two items are for different purposes. And that is why it is so important to make sure you get a CBD oil meant for you!

Testing: Same as the 500mg, the 1000mg goes through rigorous lab testing standards, third-party testing as well as a Certification of Analysis in the product images.

CBDistillery 1000mg Pure (THC-Free) “CBDrop” CBD Oil Tincture

CBDistillery 1000mg Pure THC-Free CBD oil tincture new for sale online discount coupon los angeles

Product Description: This CBDistillery 1000mg oil is a pure THC-Free option, like the CBDistillery 500mg Pure THC-Free oil tincture. With obviously the only difference is that it contains 1000mg of CBD Oil compared to 500mg. The dosage of the CBDistillery oil is labelled on the back of the tincture. Adjust CBD dosage until you start receiving the effects and benefits you want. Starting with a small dropper than increasing over time. This is designed for more experienced users, and not first time CBD users. We would suggest any first time users to start with 500mg first. This product will NOT trigger a drug test. 

Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil (Carrier Oil) and 1000mg of Pure CBD Isolate

What our customers say: The 1000mg pure CBD oil is a great high strength option for those looking for the benefits of CBD oil, without worrying about triggering a drug test. 

Testing: Same as the 500mg, the 1000mg goes through rigorous lab testing standards, third-party testing as well as a Certification of Analysis in the product images.


CBDistillery 500mg CBDol Topical Salve Pain Cream

CBDistillery Pain Cream CBDoil 500mg

Product Description: The CBDistillery CBDol Topical Salve Cream 500mg is distinctly made for you to precisely pinpoint your pains and relieve them, without having to consume CBD orally. The healing power and health benefits of Hemp CBD Creams has been around since man first started using plants for medicinal purposes. The CBDistillery Topical Salve and Cream is designed for joint pain, arthritis, some nerve pains, specific gym injuries and other concentrated problems.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Eucalyptus, Arnica, Basil, Camphor, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Green Tea, Lecithin, Cinnamon, Grapefruit Seed, Aloe, USD Kosher Glycerin, Magnesium, CBD, Bees Wax

What our customers say: Many people say they reap the benefits of the CBDol Cream almost immediately, which is one of the advantages of the cream. It also includes many different beneficial ingredients such as tea trea, peppermint, aloe and beeswax, people have said that it really relaxes their pain areas. However, they also say that you MUST apply it every 4-6 hours, which could be tedious for some people. Especially if you are at work, school, gym etc…

The salve is known to be a great way to help specific pains. You only need to apply a small amount of the CBDol since it is 500mg of CBD, which is high for a CBD cream. Most are usually 100-250mg of CBD. If you are looking for a cream that is effective and will get the job done, this is for you.

Testing: The CBDol undergoes similar testing as the other CBDistillery products. However the percentages are different for the CBD Cream. By doing the math, you will find that there is actually upwards of 515mg of CBD in each CBDol Cream Salve. I’ll the math below in case you were interested in checking it out.

Math: On average from a random sampling, the potency of CBD in the Cream is 1.82% CBD and .18% THC per milligram (mg) in the Cannabinoidal profile, making 2% mg total. And per gram (g) you move the decimal over, equating to 18.2% CBD and 1.8% THC in each gram. And the CBDol Cream is 1 ounce, which is around 28.3 grams rounded. Multiply 18.2 by 28.3 and you get roughly 515 grams of CBD! We will be testing you this at the end of the article (Just kidding, there are more important things to remember about the cream than this).

CBDistillery Pet Hemp CBD Oil Tincture 150mg

CBDistillery Pet Oil Tincture 150mg


Product Description: Organic and 100% Natural, the CBDistillery CBD Pet oil tincture 150mg is exactly what your pet needs for pain, anxiety, and energy vigor. This oil has been specifically formulated to make digestion easy and safe for your beloved companion by using cold-pressed hemp seed oil. The difference between pet CBD oil and normal hemp cbd oil is the fact that pet oils use cold-pressed hemp. Pet oils also have more flavors. The CBDistillery Pet oil is tasty vanilla flavored.

What our customers say: Our customers say that the CBD pet oil helps bring a pet's normal vigor and health back within a few weeks. Most state that the CBD does not show any immediate benefits but over a week or two pets have shown a lot of improvement. Which is normal, CBD works better over time if taken on a consistent basis. Many of our customer’s pets deal with anxiety, caused by many different things ranging from loud noises to at worst prior abuse. They have found cold-pressed CBD Oils to be really easy on their animals. 

Testing: Just like the rest of their products, and even more so. Their pet oils are cold-pressed specifically for animal digestion. The process of making the CBD oil drops and pet oils are completely difference due to this difference in digestion. The oil drops are perfect for people, and pet oils are perfect for pets. Simple as that. 


  • Perfect for dogs cats, and other four-legged pals
  • 150MG of 100% Organic and All-Natural Hemp CBD
  • Tasty Vanilla Flavor
  • Cold-pressed Hemp seed Oil
  • CBDistillery: Made in the USA
  • Organic, Vegan and Non-GMO
  • For pain relief, anxiety, mood, discomfort, sleep issues, inflammation

Ingredients: (Castor) Seed Oil, Beeswax, (Carnauba) Wax, (Sweet Almond) Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Capric Triglycerides, Lanolin, Tocopherol, Acetate, Hemp Cannabinoid Extract, Natural Vanilla Flavoring


CBDistillery 250mg CBD Oil Tincture 

CBDistillery 250mg CBD Oil Tincture - BinoidCBD

Product Description: The 250mg CBDistillery CBD Oil is perfect for starters and first-time CBD users. 250mg CBD Oils are for a general health and wellness boost, very minor pains and injuries, or minor fitness recovery. We recommend trying 250mg, seeing its effectiveness, then increasing dosage to 500mg or 1000mg depending on results and severity of needs.

Ingredients: Coconut MCT oil (Carrier Oil) and 1000mg of Extracted Hemp Oil

Testing: Same as the 500mg and1000mg CBD Oils, goes through rigorous lab testing standards, third-party testing as well as a Certification of Analysis in the product images.


We hope this guide gave you a deeper understanding of the CBDistillery Product Collection. For finishing this article, we would like to reward you with 5% off any CBDistillery product on our store using the coupon code CBDISTREV5. On top of an already 5-10% off price that we normally sell for! A deal that can't be beat. 

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