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Delta 11 THC Drug Test: Why You Will Fail

There’s yet another tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound making waves before it’s even launched onto the market, and it’s delta 11 THC.  Like delta 8 THC and delta 10 THC, delta 11 behaves similarly to delta 9 THC, offering a psychoactive high and lots of valuable effects that help us feel better both physically and mentally. 

Early suggestions tell us that this cannabinoid might be 3x intoxicating as delta 9, which remains to be confirmed, but it’s clear that it’s a cannabinoid with lots of promise.  Question now is, can you actually fail a drug test after taking delta 11 and delta 11 THC products.

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What Is Delta 11 THC?

Delta 11 THC is a legitimate cannabinoid in hemp, rather than a synthetic cannabinoid riding on the coattails of hemp’s growing popularity.  First referenced in the early 1970s, there is very little information about it out there outside of the fact that it’s psychoactive, which isn’t surprising considering what we know about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds in general. 

Like other THC compounds, delta 11 is structurally similar to more prominent cannabinoids, meaning that the molecules of other forms of THC along with cannabidiol (CBD) can be rearranged to produce delta 11 isolates at an efficient rate.

Will Taking Delta 11 Cause A Failed Drug Test? 

The short answer is yes.  Again, delta 11 is a THC compound, and all THC compounds are metabolized by THC-COOH, an enzyme in the body that breaks down delta 9, delta 8, THC-O, THC-P and any other compound belonging to the THC family.  Drug tests are not looking for marijuana, but THC-COOH in the system.

It’s worth pointing out that delta 11 is often mistaken for 11-hydroxy THC, the precursor metabolite to THC-COOH.  Delta 11 THC and 11-hydroxy THC are two entirely different things, but given the similarities in name, it’s easy to get confused.  11-hydroxy THC is what delta 9 metabolizes into once it gets broken down by the liver’s enzymes, serving as a middleman of sorts, before converting into THC-COOH.

Which Drug Tests Will Pick Up Delta 11 THC?

Here in the United States, these are the drug tests that are usually administered either by employers and/or state or government agencies/law enforcement.

  • Urine Tests: Urine tests are the most common type of test you’ll encounter, especially if you’re being tested by your employer or probation officer.  Urine tests can pick up THC-COOH that results from taking delta 11 for 2- 60 days after the last time it was consumed.  Urine tests are affordable, reliable and easy to administer, hence their popularity.
  • Saliva Tests: Saliva tests are most often used at traffic stops by law enforcement officers, but some employers do use them.  Saliva tests show whether or not you’ve consumed a form of THC within the last 10 hours.
  • Hair Tests: Hair strand tests are pretty uncommon since they have a long turnaround time, are very expensive and not the most reliable.  They show if you have consumed certain substances within 90 days.  But, if a person has dyed their hair, or has hair below 1.5 inches long, the results will be inconclusive.
  • Blood Tests: Blood tests are usually used in hospitals, and can only determine if the person is currently high on a form of THC.
  • Perspiration Tests: Perspiration tests are not very popular outside of clinical study settings.  They involve attaching a patch to a person’s skin and collecting their sweat for 2 weeks.

Which Factors Influence Failing A Drug Test?

If you do end up getting your hands on some delta 11 THC products, only to find out that there’s an upcoming drug test in your schedule, don’t panic just yet.  There are several key factors that can influence how likely you are to fail.

Factor #1: Your Prior Delta 11 Usage

The last time you took delta 11 THC matters, so if it’s been over a month, you have a high chance of passing.  What makes a difference is how frequently you took it, since the more you’ve taken, the longer it will take for THC-COOH to fully clear from the body.  Being a daily user can extend the time it takes to clear delta 11 by weeks, while having taken it once or twice means it can take just days to rid the body of it.

Factor #2: How You Metabolize Delta 11 THC

You may naturally have a metabolism that clears THC faster than someone else, which can be a blessing if you have an upcoming test.  It’s hard to know exactly what causes some people to metabolize THC more quickly or slowly than others, but we do know that it can be influenced by whether or not you’re sick, your hormones, your hydration levels, your diet and your exercise.

Factor #3: Strength Of The Delta 11 Product

The more milligrams of delta 11 are in your product, the longer it will take to fully clear them from the body.  This means that, for instance, a 5mg delta 11 edible will fully clear from the body faster than a 50mg edible.

#4: Other THC Compounds In Your System

Yes, this can have an impact on failing or passing a drug test.  Take for instance, if you’re using a delta-8 product, and then you decided to try delta 11.  Now, you get word a week later that you have a drug test coming up soon.  Well, now you have more than one type of THC compound in your body that will need to be flushed out or metabolized quickly.  Essentially, there is more THC built up in your system, so the chances of failing a drug test have now become greater.

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How Drug-Testing For THC Works

When a person takes a standard urine test for an employer or other type of organization, the test is not actually seeking to identify levels of THC in the body.  Instead, it’s searching for THC-COOH – a type of metabolite that’s released into the body when a person consumes THC, in order to break it down.  THC-COOH is fat-soluble, which means that it remains in the body for quite a while.  This is why a person can test positive for several days up to weeks following THC usage.

Because standard drug tests are testing for a metabolite rather than a specific compound, this raises the question about how tests will respond to other cannabinoids.  In other words, are there other compounds in hemp that cause the body to produce THC-COOH besides delta 11 THC?

What Should You Know About Delta 11 Before Getting Tested? 

If you want to take your chances and use Delta 11 products despite knowing that you may be drug-tested in the relatively near future, there are some things to keep in mind first.  One is that in the event that tetrahydrocannabinol does, in fact, trigger a positive result, your usage can make a difference.

Comparing it to THC, we see that those who only use marijuana once in a while can require 5 or so days before they test “clean”, while heavy users may need somewhere around a month of abstinence before THC-COOH is no longer detectable in their urine.

In other words, if you are worried that using tetrahydrocannabinol can cause a positive result, you might want to apply this information to your Delta 11 usage.  In other words, consider when it’s time to take a break from using Delta 11 so that the potential levels of THC-COOH would no longer be traceable by the date of your test.

Also, there are cannabinoids that do likely trigger THC-COOH, and those are delta 8 THCdelta 10 THCTHC-O, and THC-P.  Some hemp companies make products that combine Delta 11 with at least one of these cannabinoids, so taking them could cause you to fail a drug test, not because of the Delta 11 itself.

Bottom Line: You Can Fail A Drug Test After Taking Delta 11 THC 

As you may be familiar with through other forms of THC, delta 11 can definitely cause you to fail a drug test.  Basically, if you’re someone who is drug-tested regularly, no form of THC is really safe, even if it is legal.  The good news is that if you have taken delta 11 recently, you still have a chance of passing a test based on things like how much you’ve taken and how quickly your body breaks the cannabinoid down. 

But, overall, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and avoid delta 11 altogether until after your test. Afterwards, then you can opt for those high-quality delta-11 products, such as those to be sold here at Binoid!

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