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Delta 11 THC: Where is It Legal? A State-by-State List

Did you know there is a new cannabinoid that’s about to make its way onto the market?  Wondering what that could be?  Well, it is called delta 11 THC, which so far appears to offer a uniquely potent high that might be 3x as strong as that of delta 9 THC

But, with any new cannabinoid, it’s very important to understand its legality before we try to buy Delta 11 products, to make sure we don’t end up breaking the law by mistake.

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What Is Delta 11 THC?

Delta 11 is a compound on the same spectrum as Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10. Delta 11 THC is made through similar manufacturing processes and is known to give a decent high and effects. Delta 11 is gaining popularity, and many people are looking to try Delta 11 THC products

Is Delta 11 THC Federally Legal?

Delta 11 THC is legal under federal law, just like delta 8, delta 10, THC-O, THC-P, THCV, and other THC compounds.  How?  Because of the 2018 Farm Bill determined that every hemp-based product can be sold legally, assuming it contains a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC by dry weight.  Delta 11 and delta 9 are two different cannabinoids, and the former is federally legal while the latter is not.

Is Delta 11 THC Legal in All 50 States?

Now, as you may already know, some states are not as enthusiastic about federally legal THC compounds as others.  Basically, if you live in a state that has banned delta 8 THC, then assume that delta 11 is classified as illegal as well.  Or, you can find your state on the list below.

  • Alabama: Delta 11 is legal in Alabama
  • Alaska: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Alaska
  • Arizona: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Arizona
  • Arkansas: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Arkansas
  • California: Delta 11 is legal in California
  • Colorado: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Colorado
  • Connecticut: Delta 11 legal in Connecticut
  • Delaware: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Delaware
  • Florida: Delta 11 is legal in Florida
  • Georgia: Delta 11 is legal in Georgia
  • Hawaii: Delta 11is legal in Hawaii
  • Idaho: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Idaho
  • Illinois: Delta 11 is legal in Illinois
  • Indiana: Delta 11 is legal in Indiana
  • Iowa: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Iowa
  • Kansas: Delta 11 is legal in Kansas
  • Kentucky: Delta 11 is legal in Kentucky
  • Louisiana: Delta 11 is legal in Louisiana
  • Maine: Delta 11 is legal in Maine
  • Maryland: Delta 11 is legal in Maryland
  • Massachusetts: Delta 11 is legal in Massachusetts
  • Michigan: Delta 11 is legal in Michigan
  • Minnesota: Delta 11 is legal in Minnesota
  • Mississippi: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Mississippi 
  • Missouri: Delta 11 is legal in Missouri
  • Montana: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Montana
  • Nebraska: Delta 11 is legal in Nebraska
  • Nevada: Delta 11 is legal in Nevada
  • New Hampshire: Delta 11 is legal in New Hampshire
  • New Jersey: Delta 11 is legal in New Jersey
  • New Mexico: Delta 11 is legal in New Mexico
  • New York: Delta 11 is probably illegal in New York
  • North Carolina: Delta 11 is legal in North Carolina
  • North Dakota: Delta 11 is probably illegal in North Dakota
  • Ohio: Delta 11 is legal in Ohio
  • Oklahoma: Delta 11 is legal in Oklahoma
  • Oregon: Delta 11 is legal in Oregon
  • Pennsylvania: Delta 11 is legal in Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Rhode Island 
  • South Carolina: Delta 11 is legal in South Carolina
  • South Dakota: Delta 11 is legal in South Dakota
  • Tennessee: Delta 11 is legal in Tennessee
  • Texas: Delta 11 is legal in Texas
  • Utah: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Utah
  • Vermont: Delta 11 is probably illegal in Vermont
  • Virginia: Delta 11 is legal in Virginia
  • Washington: Delta 11 is probably illegal Washington
  • West Virginia: Delta 11 is legal in West Virginia
  • Wisconsin: Delta 11 is legal in Wisconsin
  • Wyoming: Delta 11 is legal in Wyoming 

These are the most up-to-date laws at the moment, but they can change at any time, so always check back to see what your state says about THC compounds before making a delta 11 purchase.

Your Guide for Using Delta 11 THC Legally

Of course, you want to be able to enjoy delta 11 without getting into potential trouble with the law.  So, here are the things to look for.

#1: Make Sure Your State Allows It

Once again, it’s important to follow your state’s updates on hemp laws, since delta 11 products may be banned at any time, often without any warning.

#2: Ensure Its Hemp-Derived

Delta 11 is only legal if it’s hemp-derived, since marijuana remains a federally illegal plant.  Luckily, few companies will try to sell you marijuana-derived delta 11.

#3: Look for a Lab Analysis

All delta 11 products, and hemp products in general, should come with third-party lab reports that show that the product was tested by a state-governed facility.  This will show you whether or not the product is compliant with federal law, along with how pure and potent it is.

#4: Be Mindful of Where and When You Use it

While delta 11 products may be legal in your state, there may be laws against vaping or smoking in public which must be followed, even though the cannabinoid itself is legal.

Can Delta 11 THC Result in a Failed Drug Test?

Now, let’s get back into the practicalities regarding Delta 11 THC.  One question that we’ve been getting ever since CBD hit the scene is whether or not hemp can cause you to fail a drug test.  Well, here’s where it gets interesting.  Hemp as a whole, in the form of flower or full spectrum hemp, will not usually cause a failed drug test. 

This is because the amount of THC, including both delta 8, delta 9, and other Delta’s is so low in hemp that it won’t even register. However, Delta 11 THC may be a different story, and it is possible Delta 11 products will trigger a drug test. That we know. 

However, the interesting thing about Delta 11 THC is that it is not Delta 9 THC, and is therefore should not show up on a Delta 9 drug test. Although, depending on the concentration and formulation, it is close enough enough chemically to Delta 9 that Delta 11 will actually show up as a fail on a drug test. The same way as Delta 9 products

Delta 11 State Legality – Now You Know!

Delta 11 THC is about to make a big splash on the hemp market, and hopefully, you live in a state where you can enjoy it legally.  The good news is that most states are completely fine with residents purchasing delta 11 in any product type and concentration they so choose, so stay tuned for this cannabinoid as it makes its way into Binoid’s catalog.

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