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7 Severe Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Side Effects

Delta 6a10A, also known as delta 6a, d6a, or delta 3 THC is such a new cannabinoid that there is a lot we don’t know about it.  Besides delta 6a10a having a very mild and euphoric high, and its potential anticonvulsant properties, little has been confirmed about this cannabinoid through clinical research and data.

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Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Side Effects

Understandably, there are people in the hemp world who will want to be assured that delta 6a10A is safe before they try it.  Fortunately, like all THC isomers that exist in hemp, delta 6a10A is non-toxic to the human body, which means that it’s not inherently dangerous, and can likely be tolerated in high doses just fine.  

However, that doesn’t mean that delta 3 THC is free of potential side effects, since all cannabinoids can cause some mild and temporary side effects, most commonly if taken in higher-than-standard doses, or even taken by someone who has a very low tolerance to cannabis compounds.  

Let’s explore those potential Delta 3 side effects now.

#1: Delta 6a10A May Make You Too Happy

Yes, this is not too much of a negative. Delta 6a10A has a possible chance of making you relaxed and happy because of the way it interacts with your receptors. Delta 3 THC products by anecdotal evidence may be able to give you a great experience. However, there are also other possible side effects that may occur. 

#2: Delta 6a10A May Cause Dry Mouth 

“Cottonmouth”, aka dry mouth, is a very common side effect with pretty much all cannabinoids like Delta 6a10A  – even those that aren’t psychoactive, like cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN).  A dry mouth is also a benign side effect because cannabinoids temporarily work with cannabinoid receptors that control our salivary glands. 

It’s not caused by dehydration, so don’t worry that your body is suddenly lacking in fluids.  A glass of water will remedy this side effect in no time, and it will wear off on its own within a couple of hours, give or take.

#3: Delta 6a10A Might Cause Dry Eyes

Cannabinoids also work with the cannabinoid receptors that control the moisture in our eyes, and that’s why some of us get dry eyes after using cannabinoids, especially when those cannabinoids belong to the THC family.  The eyes may appear bloodshot and feel dry when you blink. 

Again, this is harmless and won’t last longer than the high itself.  If it’s uncomfortable for you, some lubricating eye drops will take care of the side effect quickly.

#4: Delta 6a10A Has the Potential to Increase Appetite 

We don’t yet know if delta 6a10A influences appetites like delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC, and others.  Still, given the fact that all THC isomers are vastly similar, chances are, delta 6a10A can offer up a case of the munchies – but perhaps milder than with delta 9, because the cannabinoid is just much milder overall. 

If you suddenly get a craving for snacks, it’s perfectly normal, and one of the most common side effects associated with cannabis in general.

#5: Delta 6a10A Could Lead to a Drop in Blood Pressure 

It’s likely delta 6a10A causes a temporary decrease in blood pressure just like basically every other cannabinoid we’ve covered at Binoid.  This seems to be an inherent property of cannabis and isn’t a cause for concern. 

You may feel lightheaded, a bit wobbly, or even experience a brief increase in heart rate, but there have never really been reports of blood pressure dropping to dangerous levels.  This side effect usually wears off with the high itself, and if you feel uneasy, you can just lie down.

#6: Delta 6a10A May Cause Brain Fog and Drowsiness 

Delta 6a10A compound is more associated with Sativa-like properties – a boost in energy, motivation, focus, etc.  But, taking too much can cause drowsiness and brain fog, which is common with cannabinoids in general.  You might become forgetful, space out a lot, and have a strong urge to lie down and take a nap.  This usually wears off in a couple of hours, and you will be right back to your normal, alert self.

#7: Delta 6a10A May Bring About Anxiety

Some people are prone to feeling anxious while high, because of how their brain reacts to the psychoactive effects of THC.  This is especially common among beginners and those who have accidentally taken too much.  Delta 6a10A is much milder than other THC cannabinoids, but some may still be extra sensitive to this effect.  If you feel anxious or paranoid, know that the feeling will pass very soon.

Bottom Line: Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Side Effects are Fairly Mild

Delta 6a10A is a cannabinoid we’re still learning about, and there’s no real safety profile out there just yet.  But, there’s plenty of reason to believe that its potential side effects are no different from those associated with other forms of THC.  And, luckily, none of them are a real cause for concern, medically speaking.  

Make sure you’re buying authentic and lab-tested delta 3 THC products, like the ones here at Binoid, and follow the directions on the label, too, to avoid any potential side effects.  Also, know that if you do experience any of the ones listed above, they won’t last for very long.

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