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3 Best Delta 8 THC Affiliate Programs

As Delta 8 THC continues to grow in popularity, more companies are offering affiliate programs to those who wish to get a piece of the hemp pie.  Delta 8 is unlike any other compound that we derive from hemp, as it’s the only psychoactive compound in the plant that’s federally legal.  While being mildly intoxicating, Delta 8 also offers unique benefits & properties to the nervous system due to its ability to bind to CB1 receptors in this region of the body.

So, we’ll be talking about the best delta 8 affiliate programs that are on the market, which are all offered by reputable brands in this industry such as 3Chi, BuyDelta8online, and Binoid. All of which can help you benefit from the growing popularity of this cannabinoid. We will also be taking a close look at the delta 8 affiliate program offered by Binoid, which can give you the absolute best deals and commissions available throughout the market.

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What is a Delta 8 THC Affiliate Program?

If you’re new to the concept of an affiliate program, allow us to walk you through it.  An affiliate program is a program that allows you to receive a commission from a particular brand in return for directing traffic to the brand’s website.  Essentially, it’s the company’s way of rewarding you for bringing them new potential customers.

In order to become a Delta 8 brand affiliate, you must register with the company, which gives you specific links and codes that you supply to your audience via social media or your website, which is usually a blog.  These codes may offer deals to customers, or simply invite them to check out certain products that would appeal to your particular audience.  It’s actually a very easy process for you, the affiliate, as all that you need to do is post the code or link and wait for the company to reward you for clicks.

Companies that use affiliate marketing use tracking to determine how many clicks came from your audience, as well as purchases.  Then, they reward you by sending you money frequently, in the form of a commission for each sale they make because of your participation in the program. For example, the Binoid Delta 8 affiliate programs pays your commissions weekly!

Reasons for Choosing a Delta 8 THC Affiliate Program 

So, if you want to get into affiliate marketing, why choose a delta 8 THC company?  Well, it’s clear that the hemp market isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Sales are up like never before and predicted to only rise even more from here.  Delta 8 is the latest buzzword to hit the scene, and its ability to offer unique effects in a legal way make it particularly appealing.

Delta-8 is a trend that’s predicted to grow a lot over the next year, so by joining an affiliate program with a delta 8 company, you can directly benefit from that growth.  It’s a bit like investing in the stock market.  You buy into it at the right time so that as sales go up exponentially, you get the biggest reward.  The only difference is that you’re not investing anything but a little bit of your time, by advertising the company on your website or social media page.

Best Delta 8 THC Affiliate Programs & Brand Commissions!

Now that you know how a delta 8 THC affiliate program works, let’s go over the top three affiliate programs available from the best delta 8 brands companies.

#3: 3Chi Delta 8 THC Affiliate Program 

3Chi Delta 8 THC is a rising star in the hemp world, offering a wide selection of quality delta 8 goods in all kinds of forms, both familiar and creative.  They offer your standard tinctures, gummies and vape cartridges, along with more niche products, including a refreshing array of concentrates. 

Their affiliate program offers a 20% lifetime commission that has no cap on it, meaning that there is no limit on how much you can earn if you help sell a lot of product for them.  They offer links and coupon codes that you can easily use on your website, blog, or social media account, and they offer monthly payouts as long as you’ve earned a minimum of $20. The only caveat is that although 3Chi is a great brand, they do not offer many discounts. 

#2: Buy Delta 8 Online Delta 8 THC Affiliate Program

Buy Delta 8 Online is a brand that focuses solely on delta 8 THC offering a variety of vapes, edibles and distillates that are all made with quality, lab-tested delta-8.  This is another trusted brand in the industry, and their delta 8 affiliate program is becoming quite popular among those looking to make some cash off of the growing trend. Buy Delta 8 Online offers a 10% lifetime commission, which is lower than the other two on the list. 

The reason why it’s positioned at number two is because their products are extremely inexpensive, which means that the likelihood of sales is quite high.  Customers directed to the company via your website get a free $5 coupon for their first purchase, which only adds to the incentive to buy a delta 8 product.  The company also offers a rewards program that is quite generous. Although they have a large product selection, the downside of Buy Delta 8 Online is their lower commissions than other affiliate programs. Hence #1. 

#1: Binoid Delta 8 THC Affiliate Program

Binoid has been developing a line of quality delta 8 products for some time and has earned an impressive reputation for delivering quality products time and time again.  The delta 8 is rigorously tested for purity and legitimacy, and the selection of products is pretty enormous as well.  It’s clear that Binoid is becoming a main player in the delta 8 game, and as it’s become a name that hemp enthusiasts trust, you will be able to appeal to your audience, which translates to more sales. Not only this, but Binoid has an amazing Delta 8 THC affiliate program. 

Binoid offers the most generous affiliate program of all, including a dazzling 25% commission plus 15% off discounts on all Delta 8 sales. This means all referrals get 15 off discounts. This commission is unlimited, so there is no cap on how much you can make in each payment cycle.  And, the payment cycle is only one week, meaning that you’ll be able to get cash every 7 days rather than having to wait for the end of the month to arrive to receive your payout. This means when you refer your friends, you make money almost instantly! 

Binoid’s affiliate program is also more accommodating in terms of how you can get paid.  If you provide your Paypal or Venmo address, you’ll receive your money via your preferred payment avenue.  

Become a Delta 8 THC Affiliate Account Today

Delta 8 affiliate programs can allow you to make money off of this popular, fast-growing trend in the hemp industry, with little effort on your part.  If you’re looking for the best affiliate program out there today, look no further than Binoid.  

Binoid’s program gives you a huge commission on sales, while offering a more generous variety of payment methods so that you can get your money on your terms.  If this appeals to you, check out the affiliate program application at Binoid today.

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