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Delta 8 THC and Caffeine: What You Must Know

Are you a caffeine lover?  We can all relate to the desire to feel that boost of energy that comes with a nice cup of coffee, especially when we’re having a hard time getting started in the morning or fall into that afternoon slump halfway through the workday. 

For any delta 8 THC users out there, you may have noticed that your standard cup of joe just feels different when this popular cannabinoid is in your system.  Well, we will discuss why that’s the case, while offering advice for specifically seeking out the synergistic effects of mixing coffee with delta 8.

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Is Coffee and Delta 8 a Perky Synergy Match?

So, what exactly is it about mixing caffeine with specific cannabinoids that so many people are enjoying?  Well, cannabinoids like delta 8 THC share a synergistic relationship with caffeine.  This means that when the two compounds are taken together, an experience occurs with properties distinctive from the sum of their individual parts.  

Ultimately, everyone’s experience will be unique in terms of how they feel when taking advantage of this synergistic relationship.  But, most people describe the feeling as “balanced.”  The delta8’s mild psychoactive properties can actually be even milder when combined with caffeine, which acts to make the mind alert and stimulated while the delta 8 may have a mellowing effect on one’s mood to counteract the possible edginess that some heavier caffeine users can feel. 

That being said, you can understand why this particular combination is so popular – it offers the best of both worlds with, typically speaking, none of the potential extremes that a more sensitive person may feel when taking either product on its own.

How Can You Maximize the Synergy with Caffeine Along with Delta 8 THC?

Well, it is all about trial and error, and doing what works with your personal preferences.  Binoid Delta 8 THC Products come in all kinds of formulations that can work with caffeine in unique ways to suit your daily needs.  For instance, if you really like taking a delta 8 edible, try taking it about an hour before drinking your coffee so that you can feel the effects of both at the same time.  

Still, keep in mind that a good number of factors ultimately determine what your experience will be like, as detailed below.

Factor #1: Depends on Your Sensitivity to Caffeine & Delta 8

Both delta 8 and caffeine are tolerance-dependent substances, meaning that how strongly they affect us comes from the tolerance that we’ve developed, as well as the innate tolerance that all of us have.  Therefore, if you’ve never taken delta 8 or had coffee before, mixing the two together can be extremely potent the first time, while those who have high tolerances to both may find that the effects are mild unless higher doses are consumed.

Factor #2: Depends on the Coffee Strength

Many novice coffee drinkers don’t realize that the brew has to do with the caffeine level of your cup.  Many are surprised to learn that the darker the brew, the lower the caffeine level despite the bolder flavor.  This is because the more the coffee beans are roasted, the more caffeine evaporates, much like cooking alcohol out of wine when making a dish.  So, if you want to maximize your caffeine intake, go with a lighter roast, and if you want less caffeine, go with a dark roast.

Factor #3: Depends on the Delta 8 Dosages

Of course, because the effects of both caffeine and delta 8 are dose-dependent, how much you take of each product has a lot to do with how you feel.  

  • Beginners: 5mg-8mg of delta 8 per cup of coffee
  • Intermediate Users: 8mg-15mg of delta 8 per cup of coffee
  • Advanced Users: 15mg+ per cup of coffee

Factor #4: Depends on the Timing

When you take each product obviously matters.  Vaping delta 8 THC while sipping on a fresh brew will give you the biggest impact of effects as the timing ensures that both products peak at once.  Taking a delta 8 tincture in the morning and having an iced coffee in the evening means you won’t feel the effects of both compounds together at all, since the tincture will have worn off long ago.

Factor #5: It Depends on Your Body

Everyone’s body is different.  So, your experience can be quite different from that of others.  Some people may feel more laid back, and others may feel more energized – it’s all about how your body utilizes the properties of both caffeine and delta 8 THC.  This is a good reason why you should start with a lower dose of both, which means that you can monitor the effects more carefully to ensure that you enjoy the way that you feel.

Factor #6: Depends on the Delivery Method

The delivery method of the delta 8 product determines how the delta 8 absorbs into the body, thus deciding how long it takes to become effective, how long the effects last and how potent the effects are.  The delivery method you combine with caffeine, therefore, has a lot to do with how you experience this synergistic blend.

  • Vapes (E-Liquids, Pre-Filled Cartridges, and Disposables): Take effect within minutes and feel potent before wearing off after about an hour.  Mixing vapes with coffee will give you a powerful synergistic experience.
  • Edibles (Capsules and Gummies): Ingested, offering effects for up to 8 hours which can take up to a couple of hours to be felt.  The effects are also a bit more subdued, and more balanced between the body and the mind.
  • Delta 8 THC Tinctures: Most people like to mix a tincture directly into their coffee, because it blends easily due to mixing well with the coffee’s natural oils.  Also, tinctures are felt a bit less potently than vapes while still offering notable effects and come on gradually within about 45 minutes of taking them, while the effects last for a couple of hours.  Remember, avoid putting delta 8 in scorching hot coffee, as this can cause the cannabinoid to degrade and lose its potency.
  • Delta 8 THC Dabs: Most potent product, making them best for advanced users.  Dabs are felt immediately with strong effects.

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