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Even those of us who go above and beyond to get enough sleep and maintain a balanced diet are prone to periods of feeling tired, burnt out and unmotivated.  In those moments, many of us reach for an extra cup of coffee or an energy drink, but more and more people are gravitating toward more natural and holistic solutions, including compounds found in the hemp plant.

If you’re looking to try Delta 8 THC in hopes of getting a natural energy boost, focus, concentration, happiness, and being uplifted, you’re not alone.  More hemp enthusiasts are finding that delta 8 and high quality Delta 8 products like Binoid's are the perfect addition to their daily routines exactly for this reason.  We still have a lot to learn about delta 8 as it’s new to the market, but what we do know points to a great potential to offer some type of energizing property to the body.

Of course, as you know, not all delta 8 products such as Delta 8 products such as vape cartridgesdisposable vapesgummies, tinctures, wax dabs and capsules are created equally.  Many factors can impact its ability to provide energy, including the strain, concentration and even the quality of the delta 8 formula.

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Can Delta 8 THC Offer an Energy Boost Or Focus?

Because delta 8 is such a new addition to the market, there still isn’t as much research in regard to its effects as there is when it comes to a more popular cannabinoid like cannabidiol (CBD).  However, we have learned quite a bit about delta-8 in the past year which has given us a good indication that it has the potential to help balance energy levels in a way that can ultimately make you feel more energized and concentrated in the daytime.

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid, as we know, which means that it works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis throughout the body.  Cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body to promote regulatory effects that keep the systems of the body in a state of balance.

One thing that’s unique about delta 8 THC is that unlike CBD, it binds exclusively to CB1 receptors.  These receptors are located in the nervous system as well as the brain.  We know that energy is a function of these systems of the body, so it’s possible that delta 8 actually offers a stronger effect on energy than other compounds of the hemp plant, but still in a way that feels gentle rather than overwhelming. That means Delta 8 THC benefits can be very powerful for the body, such as feelings of focused, happiness, uplifted, and energetic. 

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge Dosage Energy & Focus Guide Chart

  • Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Starter Dose (low tolerance): 3-10mg per use
  • Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Intermediate Dose (medium tolerance): 10mg-25mg per use
  • Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Advanced Dose (high tolerance) : 25mg - 70mg per use
  • Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Extreme Dose (extreme tolerance): 70mg + per use 

The dosage for a Delta 8 vape cartridge for energy, focus, concentration, and happiness can range depending on the strength of a vape. Most Delta 8 vapes use 70-80% Delta 8 in them, however there are a few like Binoid Delta-8 vape cartridges that use 92% Delta 8.  Most vape carts have 700mg-920mg delta8 depending on the percentage and quality of the Delta 8.

Each hit has around 5mg of Delta 8 in it. Therefore, 1-2 puffs would be a great Delta 8 dose for happiness, focusing and concentrating, plus giving energy as a beginner. Others might need 3-4 hits to get what you need. A dose of around 3mg-25mg of Delta8. per use is solid for energy, happiness, and focusing. 

Anything above would start to be an intermediate dose or above.  If you think the Delta 8 THC dosage for your vape cartridge is too high as a beginner, you can always start small and then increase from there. And if the dosage strength is too low for you, you can double the dose with more puffs.

The Best Delta 8 THC Products for Energy and Focus

If you’re specifically seeking out delta 8 THC for an energy boost and concentrating, it’s important to know that some products may be more effective at providing this than others, depending on factors like the presence of certain terpenes, the Delta-8 milligram dosage strength and more. 

Luckily for you, we have made it easy by creating a list of some amazing, made with quality ingredients and lab-tested delta 8 products, that all have what it takes to promote an energizing effect.

#5: Delta 8 THC Gummies by Binoid

Binoid Delta 8 THC Gummies offer the longest-lasting effects on our list, and that’s because of how gummies work when consumed.  Edibles provide the longest-lasting effects because of the fact that they are slow to absorb throughout the digestive process, and therefore slow to metabolize as well.  As a result, taking gummies can give you 8-hours of effectiveness, but in a way that’s subtler than other methods like vapes.

These specific gummies contain a clean, natural formula and an exceptional flavor, and you can choose between different flavor options to really suit your needs.  Each gummy contains 25 milligrams, which is a great amount for those who want to really feel the delta 8 in action.

#4: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Pineapple Express by 3Chi 

One of the all-time classic sativa strains is pineapple express, which offers a specific combination of terpenes that offer potential energizing properties that can help us feel more alert, motivated, and sociable.  3Chi has developed an exceptional delta 8 THC vape cartridge for focusing that combines pure, clean delta 8 extract with the terpene profile derived directly from the pineapple express strain to promote these specific effects. 

Like all of the carts on our list, this one is free of additives, providing you with nothing but clean hemp compounds that work together harmoniously in the body.  Also, each puff vapes like fresh and exotic tropical fruits thanks to the terpenes.

#3: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Super Sour Diesel by Koi 

Koi is one of the most celebrated hemp companies of all time, and they have recently entered the delta 8 market with a lineup of exceptionally crafted formulas.  Their Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge in Super Sour Diesel is an excellent choice for those who want to feel an energy lift, as this strain is known for its uplifting effects that are both physical and mental.

Super Sour Diesel is a sativa strain known for being particularly powerful, and the boost that it’s capable of is quite impressive.  It may also help make a person feel more talkative, which can come in handy in social settings.

#2: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Tangie by CBD Pharm

CBD Pharm has entered the market with a generous lineup of quality hemp goods, and their delta 8 products are just as impressive as those that focus on cannabidiol.  Their delta 8 carts are particularly popular, especially CBD Pharm Delta 8 Vape Tangie, which is a unique sativa strain that can offer a motivation boost as well as increased energy levels.  

Tangie offers a fresh and bold citrus flavor, and it’s these same citrus terpenes that play a big role in the invigorating nature of this dreamy strain.  It’s not as powerful as the ones that we’ve listed so far, but this may be more preferable to those who are just starting to get the hang of the feeling of delta 8 in their body.

#1: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Lemon Haze by Binoid

Binoid has created a generous array of the best delta 8 THC vape cartridges for focus and energy in a multitude of popular strains, and the prices are among the best on the market thanks to the fact that the company does almost all of the work in-house.  Lemon Haze is the perfect delta 8 vape cart for energy, as Lemon Haze is synonymous with a gentle yet effective boost in that department.

Besides its potential exhilarating, energizing properties, Lemon Haze has a skunky and lemony flavor that many hemp enthusiasts cannot get enough of.  Terpenes in the cart do most of the heavy lifting in terms of its effects, while the delta-8 has the potential to lift the mood along the way. The Binoid Lemon Haze vape cart is one of my favorites all-time, as it is extremely smooth and gets me working for hours on end with great focus and energy. As well as overall just feeling happy from Binoid Delta 8 products

That Perfect Energy and Focus Boost Potentially Starts with Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid with many unique properties thanks to the way in which it is used by the endocannabinoid system.  If you are trying to get a boost of energy out of your delta 8, look no further than these five products above, which each promote a bold delta-8 experience along with terpenes that are capable of maximizing these desirable effects. 

Overall, the best place to buy Delta 8 THC for energy, focusing, and concentrating, is at trusted online stores such as Binoid CBD. The price and quality cannot be beat. As well, you can't go wrong with their free shipping. 

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