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Delta 8 THC For Migraines and Headaches

When we talk about delta 8 THC, we tend to focus on its psychoactive properties, and that’s completely understandable since it’s something that makes this minor hemp cannabinoid so unique.  There is a lot more, however, to delta 8 than meets the eye, as its cannabinoid status means that it’s capable of so much more than getting us high.  

By covering what studies have shown relating to delta8’s effects on headache pain, you will then get a better idea of the top delta 8 THC products on the market specifically for headaches.

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Delta 8 THC and Migraines: Can This Minor Cannabinoid Really Help?

So, can delta 8 THC actually help with migraines and headache pain?  We know that headaches can be caused by all kinds of circumstances, ranging from an allergic response to pollen that inflames the sinuses, all the way to migraines that women experience due to hormonal fluctuations. 

As it turns out, delta 8 THC has been shown to have the potential to address headache pain regardless of the underlying factors, and that’s because of its analgesic activity combined with its anti-inflammatory propertiesAnalgesics are compounds that work on the pain receptors that are part of the nervous system, dulling their response to desensitize them.  Anti-inflammatories, meanwhile, reduce inflammation that causes swelling and pain.  

Delta 8 THC is a unique cannabinoid because its analgesic activity may be more prominent than it is in cannabidiol (CBD).  This is due to delta 8 working exclusively on cannabinoid receptors belonging to the CB1 category, which are located in the nervous system and brain, where our body’s pain response is located.  

CBD, by comparison, works on both CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors, located in the immune system and digestive system, splitting up its effects between the two. Therefore, in short, while no research has been done specifically on delta8’s benefits and effects on headaches, there is reason to believe it may be helpful in a unique way.  Also, it cannot be denied that the psychoactive nature of delta 8 can serve as a distraction from headache pain, which is why so many people use THC specifically for this purpose.

Delta 8 THC For Migraines Dosage Chart & Guide

  1. Minor Migraine/Headache Delta 8 THC dosing (low tolerance): 5mg-20mg per use
  2. Intermediate Migraine/Headache Delta 8 THC dosing (medium tolerance): 20mg-40mg per use
  3. High Migraine/Headache Delta 8 THC dosing (high tolerance): 40mg-130mg+ per use

For Delta 8 and Migraines or headaches, you likely need a medium dose of Delta-8 on the spectrum. We always suggest starting small and increasing slowly until you feel the relief you need. For most, a medium amount or dose does the trick to get for headaches or minor migraines. Even still, you may need higher Delta 8 dosing for migraine specific benefits. 

This applies to all types of Delta 8 THC products. Delta 8 THC is around 50-70% of the high regular Delta 9 THC will create, but it is not something to mess with. It will hit you if you take too much. However, for migraines, a stronger dose is likely a better option to get the proper benefits. 

Best Delta 8 THC Brands For Headaches and Migraines

  1. Binoid CBD
  2. Delta Effex
  3. 3Chi
  4. Urb
  5. Koi 

Above are the best Delta 8 THC brands for migraines and headaches. This is based off of product quality, product potency, options available to users, as well as how clean their Delta 8 THC Distillate used in their products is. You cannot go wrong with any of these Delta 8 brands for headaches and migraines, however, there are specific products that would be best to use. 

What are the Best Delta 8 THC Products for Migraines and Headaches?

If you’re specifically looking for relief from migraine or headache pain, then it is important to know which delta 8 products on the market are most likely to give you this specific type of effect.

#5: Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Blue Dream by Binoid  

Binoid’s Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge in Blue Dream is a good choice for someone seeking out fast and potent effects.  That’s because inhaling the delta 8 THC compound is a highly bioavailable way of taking it.  This particular strain consists of terpenes that are known to work together in a way that can promote relief from headaches in particular, and the strain is commonly prescribed to headache sufferers. 

Just a couple of puffs can be all that you need to feel more like yourself quickly.  This cartridge consists only of hemp compounds, as it’s free of additives and cutting agents, making it one of the cleanest options on today’s market.  All that you need is a 510-threaded vape pen and you’re good to go.

Binoid is a top Delta 8 THC brand. Their Delta-8 Distillate is very clean, so the effects are very pure and helpful for many different purposes. Some of the best delta8 vape cartridges out there with other flavors including Lemon Haze, Mango Kush, Grand Daddy Purp, Green Crack, Strawberry Lemonade, Wedding Cake, Bubba Kush and more! Some of the best Delta-8 carts. 

#4: Delta 8 THC Softgel Capsules by Binoid 

If you’re someone who suffers from headaches on a frequent basis, it may be practical to make delta 8 softgels part of your daily routine.  This way, you can maintain active levels of delta 8 in the body throughout the day, in a form that’s easy to take on a regular basis, with effects that aren’t so strongly psychoactive as those associated with vapes and other inhalable products. 

Delta 8 THC Softgel Capsules from Binoid are the perfect solution, with 300mg and 750mg strength options that provide 10mg or 25 milligrams per dose for both low tolerance and high tolerance individuals. With powerful Delta 8 effects.  They are easy on the stomach and free of additives, providing nothing but pure hemp goodness to the body with each dose. 

These Delta 8 capsules are potent, and give an uplifting effects that can possibly give benefits for headaches and migraines. As Delta-8 affects the body and mind. Give the capsules 1-2 hours to start kicking in correctly. 

#3: Delta 8 THC:CBN Tincture – Comfortably Numb by 3Chi 

Some people like to take their delta 8 in the form of a tincture, and this can be helpful for headache sufferers, as the tincture form takes about 30 minutes to “kick in” while lasting for up to 6 hours at a time.  3Chi is a big name in the delta 8 THC world, with a lineup of products made with only the finest hemp material and natural ingredients.

Their Delta 8 THC:CBN Tincture – Comfortably Numb is one of their most popular products due to the unique combination of effects you get from equal parts delta 8 THC and CBN.  Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor hemp cannabinoid that can promote similar effects in terms of offering relief.  Together, the cannabinoids work synergistically to amplify each other in a way that can be of particular use to headache sufferers.

#2: Delta 8 THC Tincture in Chill by Delta Effex

Delta Effex’s Delta 8 THC Chill Tincture is a great option, as the terpenes in this particular formula aren’t just good for relaxation but pain as well, being predominantly indica-derived.  Just a full dropper under the tongue can offer effects that lasts for hours, while being easy on the body thanks to an additive-free formula that contains only the finest, lab-tested hemp extract.  The terpenes work with the delta 8 harmoniously and synergistically to maximize each and every dose.

The other Delta Effex Tinctures are the Focus, and Balance. Which are also helpful for those effects. 

#1: Delta 8 THC Wax Dabs by Binoid

Anyone seeking out intensive relief will want to whip out the strongest delta 8 products that exist.  We suggest Delta 8 THC Wax Dabs from Binoid, which offer a highly concentrated type of delta 8 product that comes in the form of a wax with super high potency levels.  When inhaled through a dab pen or dab rig, you’ll get effects within minutes that are incredibly potent.  Each gram contains only pure hemp compounds, with a super high delta 8 level so that you can truly feel this cannabinoid in action.

Wax dabs are the most potent Delta 8 product available, and can be found for great prices and quality online at stores like Binoid. Binoid Delta 8 has 1 gram wax dabs in a multitude of flavor strain terpenes including Fruity Pebbles, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Lemon Squeeze, Zkittlez, and OG Kush. 

Allow Delta 8 to Potentially Help You Deal with Headaches

Headache sufferers know all too well that the pain can be debilitating and disruptive to daily life.  However, there are natural solutions available. If you wish to give delta 8 THC products a try we suggest buying online at trusted Delta 8 and CBD stores such as Binoid CBD. They carry the best Delta 8 THC products and brands out there for headaches and migraines for an amazing price. 

Delta 8 THC may have unique properties for headaches and possibly migraines. We recommend trying the five products above, as they all have what it takes to promote a successful experience.

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