Delta 9 THC Dosage Guide

Now that companies have found ways to incorporate delta 9 THC into their products while remaining federally compliant, a whole new wave of hemp enthusiasts are exploring what this known psychoactive can offer to their existing hemp routines. 

The key to having an enjoyable experience with delta 9 thc products is taking the proper dose, to ensure that the effects that you feel are strong enough to be noticeable, but not so strong that they’re overwhelming. This is especially true with hemp Delta 9 gummies that are legal.

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Delta 9 THC Dosage vs. Delta 9 THC Strength

First things first: it’s always good to be reminded that there is a difference between dosage and strength, with each factor needing to be carefully considered since they have an equal role in how much delta 9 you end up consuming per session.

  • Dosage: Refers to the amount of a product that you take, such as one full dropper of a tincture, one full gummy or a few puffs off of a vape.
  • Strength: Refers to how many milligrams of actual delta 9 THC are in a serving size according to how much was put in by the manufacturer.  For instance, a single dropper of a delta 9 tincture can contain anywhere from, say, 10 to 50 milligrams of delta 9 THC.

Factors That Influence How Much Delta 9 THC You Might Want to Take

We will walk you through the suggested delta 9 dosage amounts soon, but first, we need to point out that there are some factors that can influence how closely you follow the general dosage guide.  Everyone is unique, and cannabinoid can affect us all differently.  Besides that, some of us prefer a milder experience, while others want a powerful psychoactive effect.

#1: Your Tolerance to THC

All tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds are similar enough to one another that your tolerance to other THC compounds can influence how well you tolerate delta 9 THC.  For instance, if you’ve been taking moderate to high doses of delta 8 THC for a long time, then delta 9 will be more easily tolerated than if you’ve never taken any THC before in your life.  Consider your experience with other THC compounds to decide what your tolerance is likely to be.

#2: Your Delivery Method

Delta 9 products come in a variety of delivery methods, just like other cannabinoids.  Each delivery method has its own level of potency based on how effectively it absorbs into the body.  The most potent will be dabs, followed by vapes/flower, then tinctures, and then capsules/edibles.  This means that a 25mg delta 9 edible may hit you less strongly than vaping 25 milligrams of delta 9.  In fact, this is why our dosage guide below is broken down into different product types.

#3: Your Comfort Level

Some people are a bit more cautious when trying out a new cannabinoid, so while a certain dosage is considered standard, they may want to start with a lower one just to observe the effects without committing to such a strong high.  

#4: Strain Type

Like we touched upon earlier, the strain can influence how a delta 9 product makes you feel.  This isn’t just in terms of the specific effects, but the potency as well, as some strains are just known to be more potent than others due to their compound configurations.  It’s good to research a strain ahead of time to get a feel for how potent it may be.

What is the Best Dosage for Delta 9 THC?

Here’s what we have observed to be the best dosages for delta 9 THC overall, for the general user who wants to enjoy what the effects can bring without getting too high.  If you’re a beginner who is particularly hesitant about delta 9, stick to the threshold dose recommendations.

Another thing to remember is that some products contain delta 9 THC as their only cannabinoid, while others combine lower volumes of delta 9 THC with other cannabinoids whether they be delta 8, delta 10, THCV, THC-P, or a combination of some of the above.  The dosing guidelines below can be applied to any psychoactive product that contains an active dose of delta 9 THC.

Delta 9 THC Vapes 

Delta 9 products are quite potent as they absorb very efficiently into the body.  Counting the milligrams when vaping a delta 9 cartridge or disposable is tricky, because how deeply you puff, the settings of your vape device and other factors can change how many milligrams you take in with each inhale.  That’s why we instead count the dosage based on the number of puffs taken.

Threshold Dose: 1 small puff

Psychoactive Dose: 1-2 puffs

Very Psychoactive Dose: 3+ puffs 

Delta 9 THC Tinctures 

With delta 9 tinctures, it’s actually easy to dose out the cannabinoid according to the milligram strength.  Just divide the number of milligrams by the number of milliliters in the product.  For instance, if you have a 1000mg delta 9 tincture, sold in a 30ml bottle, each milliliter provides you with 33 milligrams.  Then, you can use this to determine whether you want a full dropper, a half of a dropper, a quarter of a dropper, etc., based on how potent you want the effects of the cannabinoid to be.

Threshold Dose: 8.25mg (1/4 of a dropper)

Psychoactive Dose: 16.5mg (1/2 of a dropper)

Very Psychoactive Dose: 33mg (1 full dropper)

Delta 9 THC Gummies

Coming up with the dosage for delta 9 gummies is easy, because each gummy in a package contains the same amount of delta 9 THC.  Use the guidance below to determine if a whole gummy provides you with the dosage you want, or if you want to break up the gummy into individual pieces to lower the amount you consume.

Luckily, Binoid has amazing Delta 9 gummies available for sale on their website, with many different types of flavors and strains for you to enjoy such as Fruit Punch, Mango Madness and Black Raspberry. Each gummy comes with a potent psychoactive dose of 10mg THC per. 

Threshold Dose: 5mg 

Psychoactive Dose: 6-15mg

Very Psychoactive Dose: 16mg+

Delta 9 THC Dabs

Delta 9 dabs are extremely potent, as dabs are inherently a highly concentrated product.  For this reason, we do recommend that beginners avoid dabs until they’ve developed a good tolerance to the effects of delta 9 THC.  Those who do want to dab delta 9 will want to follow the same rules as are associated with vapes, since again, it’s hard to measure out the number of milligrams you’re taking in when inhaling the vapor of delta 9 THC.

Threshold Dose: 1 small puff

Psychoactive Dose: 1-2 puffs

Very Psychoactive Dose: 3+ puffs

Consider Your Delta 9 Dosage Wisely for the Best Possible Results 

While everyone has their own goals in mind when taking delta 9 THC, these dosage recommendations are standard, and will likely suit most individuals.  Just remember that since delta 9 is an intoxicating compound, you’ll need to be careful after taking it.  How?  By avoiding driving and operating heavy machinery, and also avoiding any important responsibilities for a little while.  Over time, you can adjust the dosage as your body gets used to the distinctive nature of this unique cannabinoid.

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