11 Severe Delta 9o Side Effects

Did you know that Δ9 THC-o or D9-THC-O-Acetate, more famously being known as “delta 9o”, is a fascinating cannabinoid that’s about to change the hemp market forever?  Well, now you do.  Made by adding an acetate to delta 9 THC, delta 9o behaves identically to delta 9 once absorbed into the body, as the acetate metabolizes right away. 

What this does is provide a federally legal way to enjoy all of the effects of delta 9, in any milligram strength that we would enjoy.  Plus, like all other cannabinoids that are derived from cannabis, delta 9o is considered nontoxic to the body, meaning that it is not associated with any kind of serious harm should you take too much of it.  

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Are There Delta 9o Side Effects?

Delta 9o’s potential side effects are just like those of delta 9 THC, and by going over them, you’ll know what you may experience should you take a stronger dose than what was intended initially.

#1: Being Too Happy

You know this had to be put at number 1. Delta 9o is known as a fun compound that provides a fairly intense psychoactive effects and many Delta 9o benefits including being happy, with usually less side effects than regular Delta 9 THC. Now, there’s no such thing as “feeling too good”, but we have to say that the most known effect of taking Delta 9o is feeling uplifting and euphoric.  Which isn't actually a bad side effect, right?

#2: Delta 9o May Cause Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth is commonly reported with basically all psychoactive cannabinoids.  Commonly referred to as “cottonmouth,” it’s not actually caused by dehydration, which many mistakenly believe.  It’s actually the result of the interaction between the cannabinoid and cannabinoid receptors that control our salivary glands.  And, fortunately, it is easily remedied with a glass of water.

#3: Sleepiness

Like all cannabinoids, sleepiness is a possible side effect of taking too much Delta 9o as it may relax you to the point of being sleepy. This is due to the effect of Delta 9o on your nervous system. That is why you should dose in waves to see how it makes you feel. 

#4: Delta 9o May Cause Dry Eyes

Similar to above, delta 9o interacts with cannabinoid receptors that regulate the moisture levels in our eyes, which is why many people notice that their eyes get very dry when they use certain THC cannabinoids, including this one.  The result is eyes that feel dry when you blink, and may appear red.  Some lubricating eye drops can go a long way to remedy this common, harmless side effect.

#5: Getting “Too High”

Most of us have, at some point or another, bitten off more than we could chew, so to speak, with a psychoactive cannabinoid.  We know that those with a low tolerance, and those who take a very strong dose of a THC compound, can end up getting more intoxicated than they planned for.  Getting too high can lead to a temporary feeling of heightened anxiety and paranoia, which usually wears off before the high itself.

#6: Delta 9o May Increase Appetite 

It’s not surprising that like delta 9 THC, delta 9o may cause “the munchies” – aka, the increase in appetite that suddenly has you reaching for just about any snack you can get your hands on.  Most cannabinoids have appetite-boosting properties, and this side effect isn’t cause for concern in any way.  The effect usually kicks in about halfway through the high and may even last for a bit after the high has worn off.

#7: Delta 9o May Cause Dizziness 

One of the more common side effects associated with taking an unusually high dose of a THC cannabinoid like delta 9o is a feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness.  You may feel like the room is spinning slightly, or you may simply feel a little weaker than usual and feel the need to sit down. 

This side effect can be exacerbated if there’s also alcohol in your system.  Actually, fainting while high on any cannabinoid is incredibly rare, but if you do feel weak or unsteady, sitting or even laying down is the way to go.

#8: Delta 9o May Cause Lowered Blood Pressure 

Another mild and short-lived side effect sometimes reported among THC users is lowered blood pressure.  That can contribute to the dizziness/lightheadedness we described earlier, and also cause an increase in heartrate that’s not actually dangerous, but may feel particularly uncomfortable due to how much being high on THC makes us hyperaware of physical sensations.  Again, you don’t really need to do anything about this but simply wait it out.

#9: Delta 9o May Cause Anxiety or Paranoia 

A more common side effect that comes with taking too much of a psychoactive cannabinoid like delta 9o is feeling a brief episode of anxiety or paranoia, which comes from the cerebral effects that can become overwhelming to the user.  It’s far from unusual to suddenly feel like something is “wrong,” or become extremely self-conscious due to a feeling of hypervigilance.  The good news is that these feelings usually pass before the high has worn off, once the cerebral effects have peaked.

#10: Delta 9o May Cause Drowsiness, Forgetfulness, Spaciness, and a Lack of Coordination

Grogginess, drowsiness and feeling “spaced out” are common with delta 9o acetate, as is a lack of coordination that makes you walk less smoothly than you normally do.  This is just a byproduct of being high on an intoxicating cannabinoid, and if you’re feeling very drowsy, there’s nothing wrong with laying down for a while, or even taking a nap.

#11: Inability to Drive

A person should NEVER drive while under the influence of Delta 9o, or any other type of THC compound for that matter.  Any intoxicating substance will impair a person’s driving and is very dangerous. 

What Is Delta 9o?

Δ9 THC-o was produced only extremely recently.  It’s considered a semi-synthesized cannabinoid, meaning that it is naturally derived (from hemp) but chemically modified to change its chemical structure and thus its effects and properties.  Delta 9o was intentionally made to mimic delta 9 THC as identically as possible, and from what we understand, those efforts really paid off.  

Delta 9o Side Effects: A Basic Overview

Binoid is always careful to talk about benefits of any cannabinoid without clinical studies that we can refer to, for ethical reasons.  That being said, there are no papers that have been published in scientific journals about the properties and effects of delta 9o, because the cannabinoid just came out, and there hasn’t been time for proper analysis by cannabis researchers.  

Still, if delta 9o absorbs into the body exactly as delta 9 THC, then we can guess that all of its effects are the same, and that is what its users are saying.  So, delta 9o may be useful when it comes to managing things like physical discomfort, nausea, low appetite, neurological irregularities, negative mood, poor sleep and pretty much everything else we’ve come to associate with delta 9.

Taking too much Delta 9o THC, like any psychoactive compound can cause intense side effects. Again, because the compound is strong we suggest smaller dosages first then taking higher doses after time once you get comfortable with the compound and effects. 

What Makes You Likely to Experience Side Effects?

If you’re worried about experiencing certain side effects, it’s important to know which circumstances/factors increase the likelihood of them that pertain to your usage as well as the unique nature of your body.

Factor #1: A Low Tolerance to THC

If you’ve a low tolerance to the general effects of THC compounds, most often due to a simple lack of experience with them, then you may be more likely to experience the side effects noted above.

Factor #2: How the Body Processes Cannabinoids

For reasons not fully known, some individuals simply process cannabinoids in a way that makes them more prone to certain side effects, likely due to complex biochemical factors that impact their endocannabinoid systems.

Factor #3: The Dosage Taken

As applies to all substances, the actual dosage that you take determines the risk of side effects, as higher dosage amounts increase the chance of experiencing them.

Factor #4: Quality of the Product

The quality of the Delta 9o product matters, as while Delta 9o itself may not be responsible for certain side effects, poor manufacturing methods can change the way in which the body processes the cannabinoid, and harmful ingredients used by shady companies can come with their own unwanted effects.

Factor #5: Delivery Method

Some people find that edibles give them side effects while other delivery methods do not. When cannabinoids are absorbed via ingestion, the user may feel a stronger body high that may feel immobilizing, and may even experience higher levels of paranoia as well.

Most Potent Delta 9o Products List

Let's go over the most potent Delta 9o products, with the highest potency and strength at the top to the lowest potency at the bottom. The higher potency products are most likely to have the worst side effects, with the lower potency having the least. 

1. Delta 9o Vape Cartridges (All Vape Products)

2. Delta 9o Tinctures (Under The Tongue for Highest Potency)

3. Delta 9o Gummies (Highest Absorption)

4. Delta 9o Capsules (Highest Edible Dose)

Where Is Delta 9o Legal?

Delta 9o legality is a tricky situation, because it is so new as well as in a legal grey area. Delta 9o is legal in many states all across the U.S. Because Delta 9o is hemp-derived, you can make a case that Delta 9o should be legal everywhere. However, some states have directly outlawed the use of Delta 9o products

What Is The Proper Delta 9o Dosage?

Delta 9o is a fairly powerful compound, with effects quite a bit stronger than standard Delta 9 THC. 

Delta 9o Dosage Chart Guide: 

  1. Beginner Delta 9o dosing (low tolerance): 3mg-12mg per use
  2. Intermediate Delta 9o dosing (medium tolerance): 12mg-30mg per use
  3. Advanced Delta 9o dosing (high tolerance): 30mg-70mg+ per use

As always, the best way to dose out Delta 9o is to try a little, then keep increasing until you feel what you need. However, be aware because effects may take 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in, and is said to be a sneakier compound.

Taking Delta 9o With Medications - What You Need to Know

You may experience side effects if combining Δ9 THC-o (Delta 9o) with a medication.  As a rule of thumb, if you’re taking any medication that cannot be consumed with grapefruit, as indicated on the label, you must talk to your doctor about whether or not it’s safe to take cannabinoids.  Like grapefruit, many cannabinoids inhibit the CYP3A4 enzyme that is critical to allow half the meds we take to metabolize.

The Bottom Line

Like we said, none of these side effects are life-threatening, but they can be unnerving or uncomfortable.  Of course, the best way to avoid them is to buy a high-quality delta 9o product from a trusted brand, as the cleaner the formula and the higher-quality the distillate, the less likely they are to occur. 

And, naturally, you should always follow the instructions on the label that tell you how much to take as a beginner, since side effects are far more likely to occur if you take more of the cannabinoid than your tolerance allows.  

So, opt for Binoid Delta 9o products, and in turn, you will be far less likely to encounter any of these side effects.  Instead, get only a pleasant and euphoric high from beginning to end.

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