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Do Si Dos Strain Review

If you’re all about strains that completely take you out of your surroundings, then Do Si Dos is the one to grab.  This absolutely glorified cultivar has risen to the top of the must-have list thanks to its ability to completely transport you into outer space, being the cultivar to reach for when you need a complete timeout from your stressful daily life.  Exquisitely heavy in both the cerebral and physical senses, it’s an evening strain that can help you escape when absolutely nothing else will do. You can get Do Si Dos strain vapes here.

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Do-Si-Dos Basic Profile

Do Si Dos, also known as “Do-Si-Dos”, gets its name from the popular girl scout cookie variety, which isn’t surprising considering that the extremely popular Girl Scout Cookies makes up one half of its lineage.  The other half is Face Off OG.  This is a 70% indica/30% sativa strain that acts as a really nicely balanced hybrid.  It yields between 28-30% THC, and if you know anything about cannabinoid profiles, then you know that this is a very potent cultivar.

Physical Characteristics 

Do Si Dos buds are known for their conical shape, similar to a Christmas tree, with a medium density level.  The buds are a vibrant olive shade of green, and the orange hairs that coat them are nearly neon in color, giving the flower an impressive look.  Purple leaves add to the almost trippy appearance.  A particularly sticky layer of trichomes coats the buds, giving them a shimmery white creaminess.

Aroma and Flavor

Do Si Dos is an absolutely glorious strain in terms of aroma flavor alone.  

  • Flavor-wise, is very similar to that of Girl Scout Cookies, unsurprisingly.  Has a very distinctive cookie-like undertone thanks to its notes of warm vanilla, buttery nuttiness, and rich creaminess.  Plus, a minty note on top, with subtle citrusy notes supporting it, all working together to satisfy your palate on a whole new level.  
  • Aroma-wise, offers sweetness, mint, and lime, with a hint of pine.

Do Si Dos Effects

Do Si Dos hits you right away with a powerful wave of euphoria that feels like it’s crashing into your mind, destroying all negative thoughts on contact so that you can just enjoy the present moment with a big grin on your face.  The cerebral effects are buzzing in the mind, making your brain feel like its tingling with ecstasy. 

At the same time, you  can expect to feel quite dazed and hazy, as introspection takes over and you completely tune out everything that’s happening in your surroundings. In other words, not the best strain for socializing. At the same time, there is a warming sensation that works its way throughout the body, starting at the top of the spine and moving downward.

This is a strain that will lead to couchlock, so rather than trying to resist, you’ll want to just give into the feeling of intense physical bliss. Offers an incredible sense of ease and weightlessness despite the couchlock, so that you can sit or lay comfortably wherever you are for hours, forgetting what physical discomfort even feels like. Makes for a fantastic evening or nighttime strain since it can be disruptive to daily activities, due to its heavy nature that can render your body virtually useless. 

Besides that, its strong mental effects can make it hard to really focus on much at all, as you will be extremely out of it for the duration of the high, which can last for a few hours.

Growing Do Si Dos Strain 

This strain has an 8-10 week flowering time, and a surprisingly generous yield. It’s somewhat tolerant to chillier nighttime temperatures, but overall responds well to a warm climate.  It wants a lot of sun and a decent amount of humidity, which can be hard to control if you live in an unpredictable climate. 

This is why so many people prefer to grow the strain indoors, where they can control the environment easily.  Temperatures should remain in the 70s to low 80s as much as possible.  But, bringing it down to the lower range in the evening can bring out the purple hue that’s a common trait of the flowers.

Do Si Dos: Perfect Way to End Your Day

Do Si Dos is one of the ultimate strains to end your day with, drifting you off into the clouds while your body feels cradled by a warm and tingly sensation that extends from head to toe. Cozy, comforting and uplifting, it can snap you out of any funk and slow down your thoughts to ease you into the nighttime hours.  At Binoid, you can experience this strain like never before thanks to our THC-O Vape Cartridge in Do Si Dos, offering a potent high to complement the strain’s dazzling effects.

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