Does CBD Oil Get You High? What does CBD Feel Like?

The quick answer is a resounding no, CBD oil does not get you high. All products that contain CBD, including oils, gummies, snacks, vape products or any type of ingestible CBD product cannot get you high. Not even a little bit.

I know, surprising right. For some this may be disappointing depending on your needs, but for most this is probably a great surprise and sigh of relief. At least it is for me since I have had paranoid, anxious, and down-right scary experiences with THC. Which if you did not know, is the part of cannabis that induces the high feeling. Like many people, I do not want to achieve a “high” (the major downfall of Marijuana).

There was not a solution for this until now, with the introduction of CBD oils and other products that purely contain the “medical part” of Marijuana and hemp. CBD oils are made with CBD extract and some type of base, usually coconut oil or MCT-oil. There is one caveat to this.

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CBD Oil May Also Contain THC

Depending on the type of CBD oil, either full spectrum or “zero-THC”, contains a small amount of THC. In fact, CBD oil must have 0.3% THC or less in it. This is for two reasons listed below. However, after the initial freakout of seeing the word THC on your screen, remember that this is less than 1% of THC in a total container. Think of this similarly to a 1% alcohol beverage. Just as a 1% alcohol drink will not get you drunk, CBD oil will not get you high. Unless you are interested in chugging down bottles and bottles of CBD oil, which that will still show very little effects.

Any normal dosage of CBD oil, no matter if you’re using a 5000mg CBD oil tincture or 500mg of CBD oil. CBD oil is known to be very beneficial, with evidence of zero to practically non-existent side effects.

Even though CBD oil will not make you high, one thing to keep in mind about full spectrum CBD oil specifically is that since they contain a small percentage of CBD, there is a chance they might show up on a drug test. This usually depends on the strength, dosage, and proper product labeling of the cannabidiol oil. Be careful with the type of products you use, and use due diligence before purchasing or using any type of CBD product.

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Why Does CBD Oil Only Contain 0.3% of THC In It?

This is due to two things. One is the natural limitations of the plant it comes from. Which is the hemp plant, the sister of the Marijuana plant. The hemp plant only has 0.3% THC in it naturally. When the CBD is extracted from the plant and put in oil form it usually has any range from 1%-2.7% depending on the method of extraction, quality of extraction, and what each company is trying to create.

Some do pure Isolate CBD oil with zero THC in it, such as Medterra. While others do Full Spectrum Oil with 0.3% THC or less, as well as other natural terpenes (essential oils), amino acids, and other beneficial ingredients.

The other reason why CBD oils only have 0.3% THC or less is simply because this is the legal and federal limit for any type of hemp-extracted CBD products. Because the hemp plant only contains 0.3% THC in it naturally, any more would define the plant as something other than hemp. Therefore they like to define the legal limit within the natural limitations of the plant.

The rule specifically calls for “Industrial Hemp” which is hemp that is legally defined under these circumstances. Non-industrial hemp does not fit the same jurisdiction, and is not allowed to be legally sold on the market. Industrial hemp products are, and are legal to sell and distribute in all 50 states. As well as some other countries. There is also another thing to keep in mind. There are three different types of CBD oil tinctures that you can buy today.

What Are The Different Types of CBD Oil? 

One thing that often causes the most confusion for CBD oil products that create the most confusion getting people high is that there are three types of CBD oil products. Not two that most people would tell you of. Two of them containing varying amounts of THC.

  1. Full Spectrum CBD oilOne is the usual hemp derived CBD oil, with less than 0.3% THC. This includes most of the popular CBD products on market made from growing companies such as CBDistillery, CBDfx, and Lazarus Naturals. You can find these products on an online CBD store, or in your local smoke shop. But beware that smoke shops usually increase their prices by 20% or more, and most times do not carry high quality or trusted brands.

THC Amount: 3% or less

Fun Fact: Full Spectrum CBD oils also other beneficial compounds such as amino acids, terpenes (essential oils), and other vitamins. This may include Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids depending on the brand.

2. “Pure” Isolate CBD oil: This type of hemp-derived CBD oil contains no THC. That’s right, 0% THC. I like to call these oils “pure” CBD oils, which makes sense, but most terminology calls them CBD isolate. Which isn’t as appealing in my opinion. Anyways, you would know the CBD oil is THC free by the label on the front of the tincture. They labeled on the front of the tincture as “zero-THC”, “Non-THC”, “THC-Free”, or “0% THC” depending on the brand. You mostly find these products on an online CBD shop or possibly a smoke shop. However most smoke shops only sell full spectrum CBD oils.

THC Amount
: 0%

Fun Fact: These products are made using Anhydrous CBD, which means CBD that has been crystalized through heating, pressure and temperature changes with no water. This separates the CBD from the THC and makes them contain zero THC. However, these oils also do not contain the extra amino acids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds that full spectrum CBD oils contain. But these are the best, and for most the only option for CBD oil products if you want to be completely sure you will pass a drug test. Full spectrum CBD oil is possible for showing up on a THC drug test.

3. Marijuana CBD oil: Note that these CBD oils come from Marijuana and hemp. The only place you will find these products are in dispensaries, as these are the only locations that can legally sell Marijuana-derived CBD. These CBD oils contain the highest percentage of THC, with a ratio of usually 20:1 CBD to THC. This equates to around 5% THC! Much more than hemp-derived CBD oils. These products are also much more expensive, which makes sense since Marijuana plants contain less CBD than hemp, thus requiring more plants to extract the CBD. Therefore making them more expensive.

    THC Amount: Usually 5%

    Fun Fact: Marijuana CBD oils can range in THC percentage. Up to 10% CBD or more. It has been clinically suggested that CBD in combination with a higher percentage of THC is more beneficial for people suffering from pain. As well, due to a higher THC percentage, you are much more likely to fail a drug test, and also have a higher likelihood of feeling a “high”. Those taking this Marijuana CBD oil should be looking for more psychoactive effects for their CBD relief needs.

    Note: If you see any product or name titling “Marijuana derived CBD oil” online on any website or advertisement, for purchase online, it is very likely to be completely fake or some other type of product. People labeling oil as “Cannabis CBD oil” may be be ambiguous for the sake of hiding the way the oil was extracted. I would be careful for these products unless they provide a Certification of Analysis and Third-Party Lab Results for proof of ingredients.

    What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?

    Since people do not get high off of CBD, many wonder what CBD actually does feel like. From personal experience and from hundreds of testimonials, you don’t feel much. You may feel one of these feelings:

    • Relaxed
    • Relieved
    • Less nervous
    • Better mood
    • Less depressed mindset
    • Thinking less pain
    • Feeling less pain
    • Less nauseous
    • Calm
    • Better state or mindset

    As well, CBD oil works better and better over time, meaning it gets more effective the more consistently you use the products. Whether taken once a day or twice at least consistently for a month or longer. At this point many people describe it as, “a feeling that you don’t notice how well or much it is working for you until you stop taking it, in which everything starts coming back”.

    This is the description from one of our frequent customers. That probably applies to most people as well. You are likely to not feel or notice the benefits of CBD oil until you stop taking it. In which you may start feeling much worse than when taking. The transition might be gradual and slow, but many have noticed immediate benefits as well. You may feel an initial “hit” from the CBD oil when taken, but this is likely to be a placebo effect.

    What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

    CBD oil has been said to taste bitter, and almost like a tea taste. Natural flavored CBD oil (usually brown colored) should taste a bit bitter, as that is what CBD extract tastes like, but much more bitter. The coconut or MCT-oil softens the taste of the CBD oil.

    What Is In CBD Oil?

    Like mentioned above, the ingredients of most CBD oils consist of a base or carrier oil. Which is usually coconut oil or MCT-Oil. But other options also include grapeseed oil or hemp oil, or hemp seed oil (especially for dogs). The other ingredient is the main one, CBD or as some companies label it “hemp extract”. Which both are the same thing, but some companies use hemp extract for strategic reasons.

    Some brands add extra flavors that work well with the oils, such as orange, mint, or lavender. Depending on the brand they may be natural or artificially flavored, but they may hide the flavor of the CBD extract.

    We hope this helped you learn if CBD makes you high, which I hope by now you know it doesn’t. If you want to see the best CBD oil products to take for your pain, anxiety, or sleep insomnia see our solutions here! We offer free shipping on all of our orders, and feel free to message us for any questions about the best CBD products for you. 

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