Does THC-H Get You High? What THC-H Feels Like

Tetrahydrocannabihexol (THC-H) is something of a newcomer to the hemp market, and a naturally occurring cannabinoid that was only discovered a couple of years ago.  Its properties are unique, to say the least, and with THC-H products now making their way onto the market, it’s natural that hemp enthusiasts have a lot of questions.  

So, if you’re interested in giving THC-H a try, best to recognize ahead of time what to expect in terms of how this cannabinoid feels once absorbed into the body, both in terms of its psychoactive effects and its other properties.

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What is THC-H?

Tetrahydrocannabihexol is a minor cannabinoid found in hemp that was discovered in 2020.  It’s such a new cannabinoid that we know little about it, other than the fact that it attaches to the brain’s CB1 receptors at a very impressive rate, hence its extremely powerful effects.

Will I Feel High with THC-H?

Tetrahydrocannabihexol (THC-H) is, in fact, the second most intoxicating cannabinoid we know of, after THC-P (tetrahydrocannabiphorol).  We don’t know exactly how intoxicating it is by comparison, but overall, you should prepare for a very strong high that is significantly more potent than delta 9 THC.

What is the High of THC-H Like?

Tetrahydrocannabihexol’s high, like we just said, is extremely strong.  Besides its remarkable potency, we don’t know much about it, except that people describe feeling very euphoric, yet quite relaxed simultaneously.  It’s likely that THC-H delivers body high properties as well, offering relaxation to the muscles.

What are the Other Effects of THC-H?

For the time-being, there’s no real information about possible therapeutic uses for tetrahydrocannabihexol, since this cannabinoid is so new that there are no studies on this side of the cannabinoid.  But, as THC-H is a THC isomer, it probably suppkies at least some level of relief to things like pain, nausea and low appetite.

What Determines How You Will Feel When Taking THC-H?

Tetrahydrocannabihexol’s psychoactive effects are gonna be very strong, but at the end of the day, two people can have entirely unique experiences after taking it, due to a number of variables including the specific product that is used and the way in which a person’s body responds to cannabinoids in general.

#1: Your Body’s Tolerance of THCH

Our bodies are all different, and each of us has a unique tolerance to cannabinoids.  Some people may naturally feel a lot more intoxicated off of THC-H than others, and there are other factors pertaining to the endocannabinoid system that are unknown, which explain why different individuals can feel slightly different effects when taking any cannabinoid like THCH compound.

#2: How Much THC-H You Take

Of course, how much you take plays a big role in how you’ll feel.  Taking a high dosage amount or milligram strength of a THC-H would naturally get you ‘more high’ than consuming just a small amount.  Remember, THC-H is highly potent, more so than other cannabinoids, which means that in general, the amount that’s recommended is lower than delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, and other milder cannabinoids.

#3: The Delivery Method of THC-H Products

THC-H, like all hemp products, comes in a number of product types that determine the delivery method, aka how the cannabinoid is delivered into the system.  If you’ve used different delivery methods for CBD or delta 8 in the past, then you already have an idea of how the delivery method can make a significant difference in how you feel when consuming a particular cannabinoid.

  • THC-H Vapes: THC-H vapes, including both disposables and pre-filled vape carts, allow us to inhale vapor that’s rich in the cannabinoid.  Inhalation offers the fastest-acting effects that can be felt in just minutes, lasting for about 1 to 2 hours.  Because of how bioavailable inhalation is, the effects tend to be felt very potently as well.

  • THC- H Flower: THC-H flower is raw hemp flower infused with THC-H, and it’s usually smoked or vaporized.  The same principles of inhalation as a delivery method apply here, so you can expect fast, potent and short-lived effects.  However, flower offers a richer diversity of cannabinoids than most vape formulas, so your experience can include the properties of other cannabinoids as well.
  • THC-H Dabs: THC-H dabs are concentrates that are designed to be extremely potent, which is why they’re not suitable for beginners.  They are vaporized through a dabbing device, and the high potency is matched by the incredibly fast-acting effects that are felt.
  • THC-H Tinctures: THC-H tinctures are sublingual products that absorb below the tongue. The effects are usually felt in around 30 minutes, and even can last for up to 5 or so hours.  The effects are not as potent as inhalation-based methods, and this can be more desirable for certain individuals.
  • THC-H Edibles: THC-H Edibles like gummies produce the longest-lasting, and a uniquely powerful body high sensation, but they may take a bit longer to take effect as there are more ingredients that must be processed by the digestive system.

  • #4: Type of Strain You Choose

    Finally, the product’s strain you buy makes a big difference, too.  The strain refers to the terpene profile of the hemp breed used to make the product, and each terpene offers distinctive effects as well as a unique flavor and aroma.  There are three main types of strains, and within each type are many individual strains that you can choose from.

  • Indica: Known for having a mellowing effect on mood as well as the body.  They’re popular for evening and nighttime use.
  • Sativa: More popular during the daytime as they may be energizing and uplifting.
  • Hybrid: Result from crossing together an indica and a sativa, which produces a nice balance between the two.

  • Final THC-H Feeling Thoughts

    No doubt, tetrahydrocannabihexol has a lot to offer, especially for those users who crave a remarkably potent high.  That being said, it’s not for the faint of heart, so go easy if you are a newbie.  And, now that you’ve a good idea of what this cannabinoid brings to your hemp-filled life, you can explore Binoid’s awesome selection of THC-H productsBinoid carries clean formulas, coupled already with tremendous effectiveness for a fully personalized THC-H experience unlike any other.

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