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The Biggest Benefits and Effects of THC-JD

THC-JD is the new trace cannabinoid on the scene, offering lots of promise.  And, for those who don’t know, THC-JD stands for “tetrahydrocannabioctyl”.  The “octyl” is derived from “octa”, meaning “8”.  Its name references the cannabinoid’s 8-carbon sidechain which references its chemical structure, and it contrasts the 5-carbon sidechain of delta 9 THC.  This increased number seems to be responsible for the incredible potency of THC-JD compared to delta 9.

Still, THCjd so new, we know very little about it – after all, it was only discovered in 2020.  Here’s what we know so far when it comes to its potential benefits, as well as any side effects that you’ll need to keep an eye out for.  Like other cannabinoid we’ve already explored, it is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is considered generally safe for the body.

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THC-JD Benefits

#1: A Very Potent High

What’s being reported is that THC-JD is far more psychoactive than delta 9 THC.  While its high isn’t considered to be as potent as THC-P, it’s up there.  Basically, this means that if you’re always chasing a stronger high from the hemp plant, THC-JD will likely scratch that itch for you.

#2: Calming Effects

While no studies have confirmed this, we have heard that THC-JD is a great “chillout” cannabinoid, similarly to delta 8 THC – only much more intoxicating.  In other words, it may behave a lot like an indica strain, meaning that it can help you feel more laidback and at ease with the world around you, bringing you into a state of bliss.  Keep in mind that these same effects may induce couchlock, as that has been reported with the cannabinoid.  Because it can be so soothing, many users are already choosing it as their cannabinoid of choice for bedtime.

#3: An Increase in Appetite

Some people have reported getting the munchies from THC-JD, which wouldn’t be surprising since this is something that we have found with many cannabinoids, including delta 8 THC and hemp-derived delta 9 THC.  Again, this has not been verified by researchers, but since this is a common cannabinoid characteristic, it’s likely to be the case.

THC-JD Side Effects

#1: Dry Mouth/Dry Eyes

Something that’s common with all THC cannabinoids is that they may cause temporary dry mouth and dry eyes, not because they’re dehydrating but because they work with cannabinoid receptors that control our salivary glands as well as the moisture levels of our eyes.  These effects wear off when the high wears off, and a glass of water can ease up cottonmouth, while eye drops can get your eyes back to their ideal moisture levels.

#2: Potential Anxiety/Paranoia

As is always the case, consuming too much of a THC compound can make a person feel anxious or paranoid, and the same goes for THC-JD.  This effect generally lasts for less than the duration of the high, wearing off quite quickly.  To avoid this, consider starting with a low dose as a beginner, and never consuming more THCjd than what’s recommended on the product’s label.

#3: Lightheadedness and Increased Heart Rate

THC-JD products, like many cannabinoids, can induce a temporary drop in blood pressure, which is not considered dangerous.  But, if you consume a high enough dose, you may experience this in the form of some lightheadedness/dizziness, as well as a faster heartrate.  Again, these effects tend to be very short-lived.

#4: Drowsiness

It’s not surprising that a mellowing psychoactive cannabinoid could make you feel drowsy.  Because of that, it’s best to take the cannabinoid when you have nothing important to do for a few hours.  Keep in mind that the drowsiness can be a desirable effect if you’re taking THC-JD at bedtime in an effort to fall asleep.

THC-JD: Another THC Cannabinoid That’s Certainly Worth Checking Out! 

Overall, THC-JD comes with a lot of promise, and we’re excited to learn more about it through the efforts of cannabis researchers as time goes on.  As it’s a cannabinoid, we’re certain it comes with many desirable effects that just haven’t been discovered yet, through its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. 

And thankfully, THCjd’s potential side effects are no more severe or varied than what we are used to from other cannabinoids that we’ve been taking for years.  So, explore what THC-JD can offer you here at Binoid!

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