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Forbidden Fruit Strain Review

Forbidden Fruit is one of those perfect hybrids, combining mouthwatering flavor with the ideal balance of effects according to many users.  Both uplifting and soothing, get ready for a nice journey that can take you out of your stressful life, even if it’s only for a few hours while just sitting back and enjoying the ride.  With its absolutely legendary parents, its lineage is nothing short of prestigious.  Plus, its taste alone gives users a reason to come back time and time again. You can get Forbidden Fruit strain vapes here.

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Forbidden Fruit Basic Profile

Forbidden Fruit Strain is the wondrous offspring of two legends that are as renowned for their flavor as they are for their effects: Cherry Pie and Tangie.  It’s a 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid that definitely feels like it.  Strain has somewhere around 23-26% THC, and that’s quite potent, so be mindful if you’re a beginner.  At the higher end, it rivals some,

Forbidden Fruit Strain Physical Characteristics 

The buds of Forbidden Fruit are big, fluffy and dense, with a pebbly shape to them that’s lopsided and rounded, and a bit lumpy.  The dark forest green color is absolutely striking in its vibrancy, with orange hairs here and there that are thick, to make the buds look like they’ve been splattered in golden amber hues.  A particularly thick coating of mint green crystal trichomes coat the flowers, giving them a shimmery, pastel appearance when held in the light.

Forbidden Fruit Aroma and Flavor

Forbidden Fruit is an absolutely scrumptious strain.  In fact, it’s so delicious that we recommend it for its taste alone.  

  • The flavor is that of fresh, juicy fruits including cherries, forest berries and citrus, with the lemon adding a hint of tartness that complements the mind-blowing sweetness of the fruitiness.  A note of pine grounds the flavor profile and brings it back to reality.  
  • In terms of the aroma, things get a little more earthy, but there is a surprising sugary quality that draws you in right away, with berries and citrus enticing you and making your mouth water.

Forbidden Fruit Strain Effects

Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain effects are just as tasty as its flavor, to say the least.  You’ll get that classic uplifted feeling that makes you feel like you have zero cares in the world, even if just an hour ago, you were dealing with stress or a low mood.  The uplifting effects sweep into a state of pure, glittering euphoria, with your mind practically tingling with pure and unmovable joy.  The high becomes stronger and stronger until it settles into a feeling of contentment, where you’ll find yourself smiling.

Meanwhile, a body high effect starts to really kick in, offering a strong, couch-locking sensation where each muscle is buzzing, and all tension is released.  Tingling along your spine can offer a pleasurable warmth that feels like a comforting hug.  Simultaneously, this strain can eventually make you feel extremely drowsy, and your blissed out state will be alert, but unable to care about the desire to stay awake.

Overall, Forbidden Fruit is an awesome strain for evenings, due its high acting as the perfect bridge between a difficult or demanding day, to a completely tranquil state.  Unsurprisingly, people find it great at bedtime, although it’s not the most bedtime-oriented strain out there since some may find the euphoric effects to be mildly stimulating.  We think that it’s absolutely perfect for watching a movie on your couch, and just giving into the warm and tingly wave that makes you feel like you can finally let your guard down and completely relax.

Growing Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain

Forbidden Fruit is a fairly easy cultivar to grow on your own.  It’s unfussy, and highly resistant to pests and disease.  It does prefer to grow outdoors, desiring a lot of light, warm temperatures and average humidity.  If this isn’t possible, grow it inside, but know that the yield will be somewhat lower.

The flowering time is about 10 weeks, and its yield is pretty moderate.  One thing to know is that its seeds can be somewhat hard to come by.  The plant likes to be topped regularly, and it does get quite bushy at the bottom, so regular pruning will be extremely helpful to its overall growth.

Forbidden Fruit: A Hybrid Strain That You Can Get Access To 

Forbidden Fruit Strain is a deeply delectable, absolutely gratifying hybrid that promises all of the properties that so many enthusiasts crave on a regular basis.  With a relatively high THC level, it also promises to pack quite a punch, giving even the most seasoned users something to write home about.  If you’re interested in adding this strain to your repertoire, look no further than Binoid’s HHC-O Vape Cartridge in Forbidden Fruit, which combines these luscious terpenes with pure HHC-O-acetate to introduce a psychoactive high on par with delta 9 THC.

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