Fruit Loops Strain Review

What’s not to love about a strain named after everyone’s favorite cereal?  Once you get past the tantalizing flavor, Fruit Loop products promises to give you a good time with balanced hybrid effects that lean toward sociability, making this the ultimate strain to enjoy with your closest friends.  But, it’s actually very versatile, and can be enjoyed at basically any time no matter what you have planned.  This strain is great for daytime in particular, and many enjoy it on a very frequent basis. You can get Fruit Loops strain vapes here

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Fruit Loops Basic Profile

Fruit Loops is a quite balanced hybrid strain that’s almost always going to give you a good time.  It’s classified as being 55% indica/45% sativa, but sometimes it can even offer a 50/50 balance, though this is harder to come by.  The strain comes from crossing Blue Dream with White Widow, and both of these parents are so prominent on today’s market that we’re pretty sure you have a good idea of what this offspring is capable of without even trying it.  THC levels hover around 18 to 20%, and this is awesome for beginners and experienced users alike since the THC never feels overwhelming, due to its moderate strength.

Fruit Loops Physical Characteristics 

The buds of Fruit Loops are noted for being quite small and compact, with high density.  They’re round in shape and have a rich olive green color that’s enhanced by shades of beautiful, vibrant and almost shimmering gold.  They’re covered in red to orange hairs, which add to their bold color, and this is enhanced even further with amber-colored crystal trichomes that coat them evenly, being fine enough to influence the hue without overtaking it.

Fruit Loops Aroma and Flavor

Fruit Loops is regarded as one of the tastiest strains in the world, and how can it not be?  It really does live up to its name, to a surprising extent, so that’s something to certainly look forward to.  

  • Aromatically, it offers a clear fruitiness that’s very sweet, and almost sugary, with blueberries and herbs offering freshness, and subtle earthy undertones.  
  • In terms of flavor, you will get fresh berries on the inhale, with incredible sweetness and sharp citrus, followed by pure sugar and cream.

Fruit Loops Effects

You’re in for a lot more than just delectable flavor with Fruit Loops.  The first thing that you’ll notice is a head rush that instantly makes you feel more creative, with a tingling sensation in the brain that gets those juices flowing.  Don’t be surprised if you feel more sociable than usual, eager to share your imaginative ideas with others.  At the same time, an unbeatable feeling of happiness takes hold, and lasts for the duration of the high. 

While you notice euphoria becoming stronger and stronger, it’ll take a mellow turn, smoothing over your thoughts to make you feel completely at ease, and simply incapable of feeling stressed out about anything.  You’ll be in a state of unmovable bliss that comes with a rush of warming effects through the body, to release tension in the muscles without knocking you out or immobilizing you.

As time goes on, you’ll probably find yourself feeling only more and more talkative.  But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this strain alone.  In fact, it’s the perfect thing to reach for when you have a lazy afternoon planned of light chores or some creative thrills.  Or, enjoy it on a hike, since it can help you appreciate nature even more.  

Essentially, Fruit Loops a solid daytime strain since it can give you a boost that makes it tough to pass out at the end of the night.  Also is a nice choice for early morning use, since it can get you into the right state of mind to conquer the day.

Growing Fruit Loops

You might have a tough time growing Fruit Loops, because seeds are extremely hard to come by, especially depending on where you live.  You may have more luck grabbing a clone, if that’s possible.  Overall, it’s a short and compact cultivar that grows almost anywhere due to its unfussy nature, making it very easy to cultivate.  It can handle chilly temperatures pretty well, within reason.  Grows just as well inside, and overall has a flowering time of about 7 to 10 weeks.

Fruit Loops: The Perfect Strain for Socializing 

Fruit Loops is a beautifully satisfying hybrid that doesn’t just taste absolutely out of this world, but promises an uplifting yet totally grounded high that can fill in the more mundane parts of your day.  At Binoid, you can explore this strain like never before with our THC-P Vape Cartridge in Fruit Loops, which combines this strain with the incredibly potent effects of tetrahydrocannabinol, the most psychoactive cannabinoid in the hemp plant, for an ultra-strong high that won’t let you down.

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