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God’s Gift Strain Review

If there’s one strain that its users can agree lives up to its name, it’s God’s Gift, which is a powerful nearly 100% indica that promises everything you could want from an indica, including a sense of ease in the mind and a release of physical discomfort.  This strain is perfect for bedtime, and that is actually its most popular use. 

But, its profoundly heavy effects can be a godsend – no pun intended – when you’re ready to just sit back and totally turn off your awareness of your surroundings, making it an almighty way to escape for a couple of hours. You can get God’s Gift strain vapes here.

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God’s Gift Cannabis Strain Basic Profile

God’s Gift strain is a celebrated hybrid that’s 90% indica/10% sativa, and many people will say that given the way that it feels, it might as well be a pure indica.  These effects are enhanced by a phenomenal 27% THC level, which is extremely strong.  Because of this, it’s a strain that’s really only recommended to experienced users.  Otherwise, it can really knock you on your feet.  It’s the offspring of Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush, two absolutely all-time favorites on the market.  Basically, if you’re a fan of either of these cultivars, God’s Gift is thoroughly worth trying.

God’s Gift Cannabis Physical Characteristics 

God’s Gift strain is known for its fat, slightly lumpy, and dense flower buds that have a tapered end.  Because of their thick leaves, they’re often trimmed down to appear quite narrow, although this isn’t their true shape.  These are minty green with a heavy purple hue to them, and the more purple, the more likely that Granddaddy Purple influenced that particular batch.  There’s a glittery coating of resinous crystals that make the buds appear as though they’re sparkling in the light.

God’s Gift Strain Aroma and Flavor

God’s Gift cannabis has a flavor note that is the perfect middle-ground between its two parents, and also given the popularity and prevalence of both of them, chances are you know exactly what we’re talking about.  

  • Granddaddy Purple boasts a powerful, juicy and sweet grape flavor with incredibly pungent hashy, almost spicy undertones.  
  • OG Kush adds a nice kick of citrus and almost a chocolaty note that adds earthiness.  

Together, you get a really complex flavor and aroma to really intrigue the senses.

God’s Gift Cannabis Strain Effects

God’s Gift cannabis strain is, as we’ve already said, a heavy, heavy strain that will give you powerful indica effects.  So, consider this one at night, or even at bedtime, because it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do anything but lay down in a complete trance-like, hazy state.  The strain takes effect almost immediately after consuming it, offering a dreamy effect on the mind that makes your thought patterns slow down. 

In fact, thinking about any one topic might be difficult overall.  There’s definitely a euphoric effect that lifts your spirits, and even does wonders if you’ve had a particularly rough day.  This euphoria isn’t going to boost mental stimulation or increase alertness, but rather the opposite.  It’s a really faded type of cerebral high, which is often what we want late at night, especially if we’re prone to over-thinking.

At the same time, the body high takes effect in little time, making you feel absolutely glued to the couch.  Your muscles will let you know that they aren’t going anywhere, as they start to feel heavy, but in a way that can really help you with tension throughout the body.  Feel so content laying where you are that you’ll need to just let the soothing sensations wash over you for a couple of hours.  

Growing God’s Gift Cannabis Strain

God’s Gift strain is a strain that loves light, so that’s the key to a successful yield.  It grows well indoors and out, and, can be a fantastic option for hydroponic cultivation.  The more light, the more flowers.  Topping the plants on a regular basis will also give you really good results, so stay on top of that.

Overall, God’s Gift strain is easy to grow, and promises a moderate yield after about 8 weeks.  It wants to be kept at temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees, with low humidity.  It’s a heavy feeder, and some cultivators say that you can never feed it too much since it wants to grow quite big.

God’s Gift: Sent From the Heavens For You to Enjoy 

God’s Gift is an extremely potent 90% indica that does exactly what heavy indicas promise to do, which is put you into a lights-out state in which your mind and body feel absolutely at ease.  This strain is available at Binoid in the form of our God’s Gift THC-P Vape Cartridge, which blends the terpenes of the cultivar with tetrahydrocannabiphorol, an extremely powerful cannabinoid found in hemp that produces the strongest psychoactive effects that exist.  This way, you can experience a super potent high while getting the full effects that God’s Gift has to offer.

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