Grape Ape Strain Review

Looking for the perfect strain to enjoy at nighttime? Grape Ape cannabis strain is a legendary cultivar that has a reputation for offering the heavy effects so many of us seek out before turning in.  It’s so exceptional in this regard that any enthusiast will tell you trying to enjoy it during the daytime is not advisable.  Not only that, but its flavor profile alone is something worth writing home about.  If indicas are what you’re after, Grape Ape absolutely won’t let you down in the slightest. You can get Grape Ape strain wax dab here.

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Grape Ape Cannabis Basic Profile

Grape Ape is a 90% indica strain, and with so little sativa in it, you can expect it to perform mainly like a true indica.  It’s a cross between Afghani, Skunk and Mendocino Purps, and has long been a favorite on the market.  This strain yields between 18-21% THC, which is moderately potent, although this shouldn’t fool you as overall, its effects are very strong.

Grape Ape Strain Physical Characteristics 

Grape Ape buds are actually very striking in appearance. The buds are dense but fluffy, with a conical shape and a lumpy quality. The buds have an olive-green and regal purple hue to them, which comes from its Purple lineage.  Small, dense clusters of golden hairs add to the visual appeal of the flower, with a thin, frosty coating of trichomes.

Grape Ape Cannabis Aroma and Flavor

Grape Ape cannabis strain has a pretty straightforward flavor and aroma, and it’s also a big part of the strain’s success all on its own.  People just can’t wait to get their hands on something that promises such pungent notes of fresh, juicy grapes, in all of their sweet n’ tangy glory.  Those grapetastic vibes are powerful in both the flavor and aroma, and in both cases they’re balanced out by an undeniable skunky note that just adds to the powerful pungency that this cultivar has to offer.  Subtle notes of other fresh berries are in the background to add a bit of complexity.

Grape Ape Cannabis Strain Effects

Grape Ape can offer quite a profound experience and isn’t a strain to be taken lightly.  Could be better for experienced users because of how intense its indica-like effects can be.  While it’s not necessarily associated with paranoia, its powerful body high can be a lot for beginners to handle, and overall, it is definitely not a daytime strain since it can basically turn you into a “couch potato” who wants to stay put and put all your plans and responsibilities to the side.

Grape Ape strain almost instantly begins with a potent full-body high, and with each passing minute, your muscles will feel heavier and heavier.  This will make you want to just sit down and chill out, since you’ll lose all motivation to get anything accomplished.  At the same time, a sense of ease takes over the mind, and you’ll find yourself suddenly not caring about the things that were stressing you out only hours ago.

Maybe it’s not surprising that Grape Ape is a good strain for physical discomfort.  Its ability to melt away muscle tension makes it a favorite for this reason, and ca give you the timeout that you need when you’re feeling bogged down in the physical sense.  It’s also great for those times when you’re feeling overwhelmed with negative thoughts and need a break from the racing mental activity that can bring you into a spiral.  Overall, it’s potent, and it does what it promises, making it a safe bet, especially at night.

Growing Grape Ape Cannabis Strain 

Grape Ape is a great strain to grow indoors, since the plant stays somewhat short and compact, and because it offers a very high yield when kept inside under controlled conditions.  It likes to be kept between 68 and 80 degrees, with low humidity.  Obviously, not all of us can accommodate that outdoors, which is why indoor growing is so popular.

The strain flowers in 7-8 weeks, and is moderately difficult to grow since its conditions are somewhat precise.  Overall, its dense foliage requires regular pruning to keep away pests that can hide from your sight, as well as fungal diseases that can damage the plant.

Grape Ape: A Wild Strain You Gotta Try!

Grape Ape is a heavy, lethargic strain that remains one of the all-time favorites among nighttime enthusiasts.  In fact, most people find themselves completely couchlocked after having only just a little bit.  Basically, if your main purpose for grabbing hemp is to find something helpful at bedtime, Grape Ape is the perfect strain to try.  And, at Binoid, we deliver it like never before with our THC-O Wax Dabs in Grape Ape, which give you stunningly potent effects by taking the already-powerful THC-O-acetate cannabinoid and concentrating it to make it stronger than ever.

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